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  1. 2016 Shirts

    On Saturday we revealed our alternative (away) and Inspired by Heroes Cup Competition Kit! Here was the moment we showed off both kits to Hornets Members! Here are a better view of what the kit looks like in the flesh!
  2. 2016 Shirts

    Alternate video of our new 2016 Rochdale Hornets Home Shirt #NextGeneration #StingEmHornets
  3. 2016 Shirts

    Hello guys & girls here is the 2016 Rochdale Hornets Home Jersey
  4. Traditionally Rugby League International teams are named after an animal synonymous with the relevant nation e.g. Kangaroos, Kiwi's, Kumuls etc (although its not written in stone) The Mustangs I believe is a great name as the Mustang has an image of a wild, fast animal. It is synonymous with North America and you also have the added "power" imagery of the car! Its not often I post on here, mainly because of some of the style of postings, this thread being a classic example- " these are all rubbish". No explanation, no alternative no narrative to the reasoning. For the record the original USA Rugby League Team took the name "The All-Stars". Great book on the subject No Helmet's Required.
  5. If you are on Twitter, I will be posting the score as it happens for Sundays game

  6. Hornets RL have a limited number of Challenge Cup Final tickets for sale priced