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  1. West Wales Raiders start from the bottom. The only way is up. I will be there.
  2. Tom Johnstone

  3. Predictions for league 1

    Big oaks from little acorns grow. Come on Wales.
  4. Predictions for league 1

    I am with you all the way. Come o Wales.
  5. League 1 2018

    I will look out for you. Really glad that you are coming. Do not forget to visit Wind Street in Swansea.
  6. Northern & Pariochal

    Thank you. An excellent video.
  7. New idea from Wales RL

    Enjoyed. If that video was in real time those ladies were a bit nippy.
  8. Bobble hat

    Having booked tickets for the Grand Final I got one too. Not conservative enough for a Senior. But it is the thought that counts.
  9. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    Will it succeed in Wales. I do not know. But I hope so. I have supported Rugby League In Wales since 2006 at Bridgend. I will continue to support the game that I love next year giving my money to West Wales Raiders. Come and join me.
  10. Post-World Cup blues!

    Good to have you with us. See you in 202.1
  11. Post-World Cup blues!

    Can.t wait for February. Looking forward to supporting West Wales Raiders. Come on Wales.
  12. BBC to show the England v New Zealand 2018 series live

    Also the transport arrangements at Anfield were very good. They are clearly used to big games. There is much to do in Liverpool. Make sure that you visit the Cavern and the Beatles museum The transport from the game in Coventry 2016 was appalling.
  13. BBC to show the England v New Zealand 2018 series live

    I was at Anfield In November 2016. Good atmosphere and good ground. I think that there were many neutrals there.