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  1. Agreed, Stop moaning about the referee and enjoy the game. I never see this problem in Union which is far more complex,
  2. Swansea Jack

    League 1 predictions

    Ever the optimist I am excited to watch West Wales Raiders.
  3. Swansea Jack

    Who is your 2nd team?

    I enjoy watching most teams, My second(?) team is West Wales Raiders and I am optomistic for 2019.
  4. Swansea Jack

    Which NRL team will you follow in 2019?

    Brisbane Broncos. I have good memories of Anthony Seibold when he coached South Wales Scorpions.
  5. Swansea Jack

    West Wales points deduction

    Signs off the field are promising.
  6. Swansea Jack

    West Wales points deduction

    Have a look behind the scene.We may surprise you.
  7. Swansea Jack

    West Wales points deduction

    West Wales Raiders have learnt a lesson the hard way. See the statement from the Chairman. We now have a full time coach from Australia and significant new signings on the close season. WATCH THIS SPACE.
  8. Let those at this level simply enjoy participating in a great sport. I am old enough to remember when Rugby Union teams in South Wales played for pride and bragging rights with no league tables and it was more enjoyable.
  9. I do not subscribe to Facebook. Too old. Is there an alternative way of watching?.
  10. Swansea Jack

    Clubs' Websites

    Hopefully Raiders will do their talking on the field.
  11. Swansea Jack

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    West Wales Raiders are showing signs of progress on and off the field. For me it would be a great shame if the Championship 1 folded.
  12. IMO both at Twickenham and Cardiff many people attend only because it is an event. My local Rugby Union side the Ospreys have a home attendance of 7000 on average. Where are the rest?
  13. I too got bored with the Union International and turned it off. Rugby Leagues supporters only have themselves to blame. We do not turn up in numbers to support our game which at the highest level is a great product. Union supporters are lemmings. They support even though the game is inferior. 80 minutes at Twickenham with only one try scored., The wining team did not even score a try.
  14. I totally agree. Let us hear more from these commentators. I enjoyed it.
  15. No Lloyd White or Gil Dudson.