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  1. I love the lady commentator from Featherstone.
  2. seems a good effort from Swansea University, Can anyone add more information?.
  3. Thank you for your time and effort. Toulouse look hot.
  4. Thank you. I enjoyed the highlights and the commentary which concentrated on the game without silly exchanges. Who was the lady?.
  5. I prefer the BBC intro. It is fast and funny.
  6. If Cunningham thinks that Saints were immense he needs to take a long hard look at himself.
  7. Pray for the Ironmen.
  8. another excellent game that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. Come on Sky move Rugby League to Saturday or Sunday afternoons.
  9. IMO we are spending too much time debating the tries or not and the referees decisions. Let us be proud of two excellent English teams. And what brilliant entertainment it was on television
  10. Excellent. Well done BBC. Keep it up. I thought Tanya Arnold did a great job.
  11. Good news. Steboneath is an excellent little ground with two bars and a café. My only problem is who the Raiders will play this season with the collapse of the Conference South.
  12. NO. NO, I attended the double header in Coventry in early November. If you had been there you would not even suggest playing in the winter.
  13. That's dedication.
  14. Not many non-regular RL fans in the south will travel up north for an international, just for the event. We travelled from Swansea to see the Final (and Coventry). and spent an excellent weekend in Liverpool following the Beatles.
  15. I lived within sight of St Helens ground and was a season ticket holder of the All Whites Rugby Union for many years. In 1994(?) A charity Shield match between Wigan and Widnes was held at the Vetch field (soccer ground). I attended and was immediately converted. I well remember Emosi Koloto thundering to the try line like a train. I have been a loyal supporter of Rugby League ever since.