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  1. Too many different terms can be used, depends on the mood. Are you sure you're not chippy as well ?
  2. And once again I am simply, and as far as I can tell, quite politely too, asking if you could be more specific about these websites, because I am a pretty keen reader of union stuff but I never happened to find them.
  3. If you think this thread should be only about Saluzzo why do you keep going at my history as a poster here ? Anyway, in your last line you say you were referring to single users, while in your previous post you talked about union Web sites talking about league only to denigrate it about doping issues and violence. Do you remember what you wrote ?
  4. You say you've read my old posts but if this is true you need to better your knowledge of English language. I have spent months asking about dominant tackles and scoot, and every single term I did not know. I have stayed away from every bit of union for months, until I found out how many wrong and ill-informed things were written about it. I have no need to defend union from anyone, but when some wrong, or silly, or plainly offensive things are written about union fans, why should I let them go ? Would you like to be pointed out as a potential fascist just because you like union ? It has happened to me and you would know it if you really read my posts. Some league fans are used to express their hate for Union in unpleasant forms. They are quite a small number so I don't stop being curious about the game. Some union fans show contempt for league and this is regrettable, but your description of the attitude towards league in Italian union sites is unfair. I wonder why you do so. I could name you a couple when you could hardly find a single word less than respectful about rugby league.
  5. If people enjoy playing and watching rugby league in Italy, good for them. If they think the only way to support their game is to deride union, like sometimes happens where rugby league is strong, then some stiff reply will be understandable. Looks like you have lived on another planet in recent years. Never heard something like "kick and clap", "aimless scrums", and other such nonsense ?
  6. If you don't want to write about people and their fb accounts it's ok, but you could be a little more precise about "italian most famous rugby sites". I read them and I post on forums, and I never read something like "league is useless". Very often people say they don't like it, but I wouldn't be surprised about that. Maybe on other international Union sites you can find unpleasent remarks about league, but they're hard to find on italian ones.
  7. Could you give me some details about these "hysterical comments" ? I guess we were too busy with our performances in 6N to pay attention to this. Some union forums or just posts on fb ?
  8. I always wondered why, in limited overs cricket, if at the end of the second innings the two teams happen to have scored the same number of runs, they play a super over to break the tie, instead of just looking at the number of wickets taken. In test cricket they have to win 20 wickets to win the match so why is the number of wickets irrelevant in ODI'S and T20s ? I see they are different forms of the game, but still I miss something.
  9. Sorry for my bad English, I hope the meaning was clear
  10. I am sorry, Sir, but talking about the Vegas video is exactly what I have been doing, but a lot of people answered me bringing in things like Stephen Jones, the Vichy regime and so on. None of them was kind enough to stay on the subject. And by the way, don't you feel embarrassed to express the same opinion about that video with me ?
  11. if you think my opinion is uninformed and ignorant, well, it's your opinion and I'll live with that. However, I'll take some comfort knowing that I can share this fate with the moderator of this forum. He has no need to brush off anything to post on here, and nonetheless his opinion about the Vegas video is EXACTLY the SAME as mine
  12. If you think my opinion is uninformrd and ignorant, well, it's your opinon and I'll live with that. However, I'll take some comfort knowing that I can share this fate with the moderator of this forum. He has no need to brush off anything to post on here, and nonetheless his opinion about the Vegas video is EXACTLY the SAME as mine.
  13. Rugby League is just Rugby here, this is obvious and if sometimes I forget it, there's no intent to upset any of you. You may think whay you want about Union, but the moderator shares my views about the video, so I guess you don't need to be a union fan to think it was a bad advert to rugby league. Are you so obsessed with "Union evil" to think no Union fan is able to express an opinion worth listening ? Even when happens to be the same opinion expressed by your moderator ? But if this is your choice, fair enough. If you read carefully, I paid little attention to Union about the video, as I was more focused on other sports. What about them ? They don't have an old history in insulting Rugby, as far as I know.
  14. Maybe you are the one suggesting that the moderator has something to do with Vichy. He said The vegas video was bad. Highly suspicious.
  15. I am saying the moderator said that the Johnny Vegas video was a bad advert for the game of rugby league, just as I did. What Vichy has to do with that ?