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  1. Barrow's crowds would have been better had we actually played the other top 4 or 5 sides at home this season...Toronto at Craven Park would have easily been somewhere around 1600/2k IMHO
  2. Meanwhile, across the pond

    Something along these lines WILL HAPPEN EVENTUALLY but with the top U.K, AUS & NZ, Canada & U.S teams in it.
  3. Toronto by at least 20/25 pts Barrow should win but a good old Cumbrian derby means sparks will surely fly & may effect the result, calm heads please Shipbuilders. Others = Don't care.
  4. Red hall - leading the way globally

    There should be a Jeff Masters Trophy!! :-)
  5. cumbria

    As this thread proves every "Cumbria" topic gets dominated by Workington this & Whitehaven that & merger talks, Barrow gets the odd mention as does Carlisle, Penrith or Kendal. Yes I am biased about Barrow but feel I'm fairly grounded in my opinion if that's possible. Barrow has the 2nd highest population by some margin, If you factor in the Milliom area to the north & the Ulverston area to the East (Both play the game & both are in Barrow's catchment area) this combined area must be around 100/115k. If expanded to the Grange-Cartmel-Kendal areas, the furthest away is only 30/40mins away by road but with ZERO other sides to follow, this brings the potential catchment population up to 160/175k. Barrow fairly recently won the Championship & averaged 2,600 or whatever it was at the time & had a fairly well off local investor who bent the rules as (let's be very honest here) just about every SL club has at 1 time or other, But Barrow got hammered into the ground for it while the Wigan's of the world get put on the naughty step for 5 mins then get told to carry on reguardless. IMHO The best place in Cumbria to place a SL franchise would be Barrow when all things are considered. 1, Is there an exsisting club, Check 2, Do you already have an Amateur & youth clubs set up, Check 3, Historical & Present interest in the game, Check 4, Does the area still produce SL players, Check 5, Is the catchment area hampered by other clubs locally vying for the support, NOPE = Check 6, Is the local economy thriving, Check Thats all from me, Fire away.
  6. Home games are a huge advantage at more levels but especially the lower down you go, Barrow have been royally shafted this season by the RLF..... We are the ONLY club in the division who has to travel to Canada TWICE & play the other TOP handful of clubs AWAY but not a home, How is that FAIR?? Are gates are down massively due to people not being excited by playing the lower teams at home, We would have had anywhere between 1600-2k for Toronto at home & around 1300-1500 for Haven etc.
  7. Toronto Again

    Do we know when this fixture will take place?
  8. Whitehaven KO time

    I turned the commentary off as it was depressing me, bad day all round.
  9. Whitehaven KO time

    Come on the Barrow.
  10. New Raiders

    Shipbuilders or Sub-Marra-ners
  11. It was Barrow's third game in 8 days & 1 of them was away to Leeds, A hand full of players were suddenly denied permission to travel days before setting off, 1 of them at the Airport after getting the Visa. We have all the top sides AWAY & only 1 of them at home, I wonder why they're moaning?
  12. Players Visas for Toronto trip

    Hope all our Visa's issues are now cleared up for our possible return to Toronto or have they (Red Hall) moved the goalposts again?
  13. Wolfpack keeps winning

    Give them a bloody chance, celebrations when they are winning, how terrible ffs. it should have been obvious that they recruited experienced RL players to begin with & im sure as the seasons roll by they will begin to produce heir own domestic players then TGG wins as it grows in another sports hungry market. I imagine the short to medium target is to have a few N American sides playing over here then the very long term target will to have their own domestic leagues over there, Yes I imagine they're will be casualties along the way ( theyre would have been anyway without their involvement, See Bradford & York etc) but if in 10/15 or 20 yrs time we have Pro Canada & the USA League & better World Cups & thousands of N Americans playing & watching the sport & the British,French & European game grows as a spin off then the TGG WINS This was a very quick off the cuff post as I'm late for work
  14. 'haven v toronto

    Of course they will do everything in their power to smash their way into the next level & then try everything to repeat that right into SL.......That's the whole point isn't it....Success. Haven wouldn't try to make an occasion out of their meeting Toronto to benefit anybody other than themselves, With more spectators meaning more money swelling their coffers, Same for every club they are visiting, To think otherwise is bizarre.
  15. 'haven v toronto

    Hype the game up for weeks prior, Engage local Businesses to help part sponsor the "Event" Get a marquee in part sponsored by Jennings & The Nuclear people, Get the best 2 supported local bands entertaining the punters etc etc Its hard work but it could be done & market it as an event, Let's be honest there's not a lot of entertainment going on locally so you could have engineered one that appeals to the locals in a fifty mile radius.