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  1. mick wilson

    Las Vegas

    Too many Americans love guns, I mean they really really love their guns & the average gun owner has multiple weapons. This guy was in a hotel armed with multiple assault rifles & machine gun type weapons WTF!!
  2. mick wilson


    Now being the only Cumbrian club in the higher league surely we can attract the best few W Cumbrians to ply their trade with us if they are in the positions we want reinforcing, Have a healthy number of Cumbrians as a core & compliment that with a few solid travelers & hopefully we can be competitive & stay up,
  3. mick wilson

    Jacket in Raiders Bar

    Someone really enjoyed their day ;-)
  4. mick wilson

    Barrow v Whitehaven

    Very nervous & tense listening too that, got the result in the end, hard luck Haven & thanks for traveling down in numbers. Great day for Barrow.......now build on this please.
  5. mick wilson

    Restructuring of league 1 next season

    Barrow suffered really low crowds by only playing the lower placed clubs with very little support at home this season & its cost them THOUSANDS as the locals got bored of whitewash score lines.
  6. Last 16 of the Challenge Cup, Won the I-Pro Cup, Played all the Division top 6 ALL AWAY, NONE AT HOME, Didn't use Duel Reg just our squad etc etc & Hopefully I can visit Toronto away next season ;-)
  7. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss get the fudge in there..............Barrow, Barrow, Barrow, Barrow
  8. yessssssssssssssss, Toaly in the corner, Dalimore slipped in the wet while kicking, missed. 10-6 Att: 3'128
  9. Barrow touchdown 1st, Toal in the corner, kick missed, 4-0....10th Min. 25th Min, The weather is winning here, Dropathon with the soapesq ball. HT now. 4-0 still. 44th min 4-6 now
  10. Hi Patrick, Don't think its being televised (I am i also in N.A) BBC Radio Cumbria will have it on mate.
  11. THOUGH 2/300 Is good id have thought they would bring more than that being a playoff final and all.
  12. Haven pit workers ate the Jam sarnies, didn't they?