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  1. Do we know when this fixture will take place?
  2. I turned the commentary off as it was depressing me, bad day all round.
  3. Come on the Barrow.
  4. Shipbuilders or Sub-Marra-ners
  5. It was Barrow's third game in 8 days & 1 of them was away to Leeds, A hand full of players were suddenly denied permission to travel days before setting off, 1 of them at the Airport after getting the Visa. We have all the top sides AWAY & only 1 of them at home, I wonder why they're moaning?
  6. Hope all our Visa's issues are now cleared up for our possible return to Toronto or have they (Red Hall) moved the goalposts again?
  7. Give them a bloody chance, celebrations when they are winning, how terrible ffs. it should have been obvious that they recruited experienced RL players to begin with & im sure as the seasons roll by they will begin to produce heir own domestic players then TGG wins as it grows in another sports hungry market. I imagine the short to medium target is to have a few N American sides playing over here then the very long term target will to have their own domestic leagues over there, Yes I imagine they're will be casualties along the way ( theyre would have been anyway without their involvement, See Bradford & York etc) but if in 10/15 or 20 yrs time we have Pro Canada & the USA League & better World Cups & thousands of N Americans playing & watching the sport & the British,French & European game grows as a spin off then the TGG WINS This was a very quick off the cuff post as I'm late for work
  8. Of course they will do everything in their power to smash their way into the next level & then try everything to repeat that right into SL.......That's the whole point isn't it....Success. Haven wouldn't try to make an occasion out of their meeting Toronto to benefit anybody other than themselves, With more spectators meaning more money swelling their coffers, Same for every club they are visiting, To think otherwise is bizarre.
  9. Hype the game up for weeks prior, Engage local Businesses to help part sponsor the "Event" Get a marquee in part sponsored by Jennings & The Nuclear people, Get the best 2 supported local bands entertaining the punters etc etc Its hard work but it could be done & market it as an event, Let's be honest there's not a lot of entertainment going on locally so you could have engineered one that appeals to the locals in a fifty mile radius.
  10. How do you expect a fledgling club to instantly produce quality local players to fill their team in a non RL playing area? Give them time.
  11. How do you expect a fledgling club to instantly produce quality local players to fill their team in a non RL playing area? Give them time.
  12. How do you expect a fledgling club to instantly produce quality local players to fill their team in a non RL playing area? Give them time.
  13. Why do people think that if Toronto fielded a handful of Canadians they have never heard of & these players are currently not a skillful as the British lads then more people would attend the games to see this weaker product?? Give Toronto a chance to produce quality domestic players, I'm sure the domestic lads are still on the learning curve and will be selected as & when they are deemed READY
  14. Don't under estimate the Work ethic they do as standard, There's a saying here that to be classed as a specialist in what ever you do you need to put 40K Hours into it. Grid Iron is similar to RL on a fair few levels, RL is growing here generally in geographical clusters so more lads are already playing & improving at a rate far faster than you'd think due to many training for 15/20 hours every week, Working Class kids put there heart & soul into their sports as a possible free ride into a top College/Uni & all those A Football kids who don't get into College just stop playing.......RL could be the closest sport that is opening up routes into not only continuing playing sports but a pathway to being a Semi Pro & FT Pro Athlete. Things gather momentum very quickly over here, You only need to see how Soccer is exploding onto the sporting mindset & the MLS is growing faster than any other Pro Soccer on the Earth, Atlanta is the latest MLS Pro club & their 1st ever match drew 55'000 fans with 40'000 ST Holders.......The British view point is still, "The Yanks just don't get it, What do they know about Soccer" I'm sure they will wave enthusiastically as they pass us by.
  15. BINGO.....It's not just RL folk who moan & groan & use excuses why things can not be done......It's a British thing IMO N AmeriCANs Have the can do attitude & look for solutions firstly instead of moaning their lot, huge difference. Example All my kids are thriving out here as they have grown up in this system & took to it naturally, They (N Americans) Try to be the best they can be, So they work very hard to reach their goals, In the school system the clubs, teams or organizations practice every day in their chosen sport/discipline & weekends & evenings when tournaments are to begin. Do any British school teams practice at 6am before school then again after school & then w/e's? Texas gets very hot in the Summers & it's not uncommon for the School coach to make Mandatory training sessions at Midnight when the temperature has dropped into the high 80's from the day time 100's. My Daughters Select club team trains 3 sometimes 4 nights per week & due to the vast distances travelled to play in some tournaments often play a game on the Friday Evening then 2 on the Saturday & 2 on the Sunday if you've been successful, 7am K.O.s to 8pm K.O.s are the norm, Imagine driving 8 to 10 hrs round trip & we have done some 20 to 22 hr round trips then having those schedules to contend with. It took some adjusting too I can tell you but it's normal to us now.