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  1. What's date is this game being played, May sometime isn't it?
  2. Hope your survey works out for you guys, There are a few supporters who follow both codes maybe asking them a assist you will help out. I wish many more people supported both codes in increasing numbers as both clubs would be stronger for it, Good luck.
  3. I'm glad Coventry hosted the event & by the sounds of it a fair few Midlands/Southern species had a chance to attend who probably wouldn't if it was in Newcastle, Cumbria or Hull etc. Some Northern based fans may have missed out but hopefully they will be more eager to attend any big games hosted in the North next time around exactly because they missed this one if you follow my drift. Hopefully these types will attend marquee games again & pop along to any local team nearest to their home, Hope the Bears gained several dozen newer fans. I'd like to see a few emerging nations tournaments that excludes the big 3 (they can play each other at a different time) IMO there would be interest in a tournament featuring France & The remaining home nations plus Russia or Serbia or who ever else is investing in the game, Get the Yanks, Canadians, & Jamaicans over every 2 years to help promote the international & their domestic game until all these developing nations across Europe &?over the pond can compete better vs the big 3 as closing the gap is vital internationally, Once these nations are stronger bring in PNG, Fiji & somora etc The money from major sponsors is in big international events like a more balanced WC featuring all the above & many more nations.
  4. Dalimore will be targeted from the off IMO., Head says Tolouse & heart wants Barrow.
  5. TO Vs Barrow RLFC it is then
  6. ######.....but you never know we still have a chance no matter how slim, if we fail we get those Cumbrian Derbies and a trip to Toronto
  7. Brilliant Result
  8. Really needed a win there to boost out play off ambitions which are now in the balance, Oh well Toronto here we come.
  9. Toronto RU Club, keeping it topical,
  10. Lost 21-18, Hornets game ended 28 all
  11. Losing 20-6 on 59 mins Great comeback (so far) from the Hornets after being 0-16 down to Toulouse, now winning 26-16
  12. Restricted access, viewing denied?? Got on my i-phone but obviously small screen.
  13. Any news, score, stand out displays, Att etc