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  1. Superb game. Great win for Saints and some tremendous performances from youngsters in a Wigan side lacking so many players.
  2. Another negative thread. One of the reasons I despair about this forum. There used to be constructive discussion instead of constant sniping. I guess this is rugby league but I think I'll look elsewhere for my RL fix.
  3. It was previously called the Wardonia (or Ward) Cup in the 60's.
  4. A disgrace and terrible for the image of the game. Not sure who is responsible but the Kiwi was just running round the line encouraging defenders. Rarely used the water bottle.
  5. The newbies near to me seemed to enjoy it. Whenever there was something to clap or shout about they were keen to get involved. They loved it when the Canadian guy was taking his layers of England tops off and joined the It's a try" chorus. I was behind the posts where the Kiwis attacked in the first half and they were excited by England's goal line defence. It wasn't a good game by our standards but the newbies probably enjoyed it better than us. The stadium facilities are great, it's relatively easy to get in and out, Westfield has shops, restaurants, food hall and a couple of pubs on the doorstep so it's not all bad. I agree with the need to resurrect the band and the England supporter group is also a great idea. That could be built on as we approach the 2017 World Cup. For those that can afford to go, it would be great to be buying tickets as part of a supporter group regardless of whether you are travelling in an organised party or not. I think OP is far better than Wembley and will, hopefully, improve when West Ham mound it into a stadium more suited to football. My only complaint was with the tannoy system that was hopeless. We struggled to hear any of the announcements.
  6. The New Zealand guy was on the pitch throughout the second half. Disgrace. When will rugby league get a grip of these guys.
  7. Brilliant news. England Rugby League getting stronger for 2016 Four Nations with, hopefully, Sam and George joining Tom in the squad.
  8. Superb salt of the earth journalist and a great man to listen to. RIP Colin.
  9. Let's hope it's a better atmosphere at OC. The wave simply sends a message that the crowd is bored IMO.
  10. Same again
  11. Excellent appointment. Welcome back Sally.
  12. I would go with Andrew Voss who is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining. He is the sort of personality that could attract new viewers rather than sticking with members of the current crew.
  13. Could have gone with either Hardacre or Walmsley. Both would have deserved it. Three good contenders this year.
  14. Would be great to see a strong Oldham again. It's a step on the ladder. Well done.
  15. Classic Stuart Maconie. Might ruffle a few feathers down south. The Guardian letters column should be interesting on the next few days.