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  1. Away record

    I always thought to have a decent away record must need a very good team spirit (the amount of fans we take away helps) but i've just been looking and apart from the write off at leigh last season we have won a massive amount of league matches in the last few seasons. In 2010 we won them all, 2011 lost only one and won our first two this time round since the start of 2010 away Played 22, won 21, lost 1. for 711 against 338 for the record our home record during the same period is played 21, won 18, drawn 1, lost 2 for 976 against 384 overall since 2010 played 43, won 39, drawn 1, lost 3. for 1,687 against 722 We've won our last 11 away league matches on the bounce too which must be some sort of club record i fancy. well done to all and long may it continue.
  2. player stats

    Can anyone post the player stats for the season, on the website they only go upto the end of August Tahnkyou
  3. hi miss

    Did you manage to put me a ticket to one side for the presentation?

  4. Mindset

    Just seen this on the Widnes site, sounds like Betts is gonna have his work cut out getting his players in the right fram of mind to play this Sunday when most of them know they have to seek employment elsewhere
  5. moving on

    Rugby league is a sport played on a grass pitch usually about 100m x 60m teams consist of 13 players on the pitch at any one time with 4 replacements who can be used a total of 12 times throughout the match. A team plays with their own goal line behind then and tries to cross the opponents goal line where they place the ball on the floor.... this is known as a try. to get to the goal line the usual route is to throw the ball between your own players and hope that you find a gap between the opposition players, this is where it gets complicated, you must throw the ball to your players backwards, i know it makes no sense when you are running forwards to throw it backwards. Some players throw the ball forward to one of their own players and although they should have the ball taken off them dependant on which player or which team does it the officials ignore it and the tv commentators say things like...... it's momentum or the ball went forwards but he threw it backwards...... now we all know that this is impossible but just humour them. when a team is defending all the players line up and are supposed to be 10 metres away from where the last tackle took place, the referee will take them back to where they need to stand, however some slightly over weight players or just down right cheaters won't bother to stand in line with the ref, some even have the audacity to stand right in frony of the referee, occassionally they ref will penalise someone for this offence but very rarely. if you are a player who completes a tackle on the opposition there are a number of things you must do, first you need to do is get the opponent on the floor, use any tactic as the officials aren't that bothered, a good head shot is the prefered method as it can cause serious injury and rarely gets punished, once the player is on the floor a member of your team will also jump on him just to make sure he knows who's boss. after the tackle is completed the ref will say "held, move" after you've laid on top of the opponent for a few seconds while looking at the ref for confirmation that you do have to move. at that point put one hand on the ball and try to lever it out of his grasp, if it fails put your other hand in the middle of the players face and push yourself up to your feet while rubbing his face into the soil next??
  6. a lift

    I have spaces in my car if anyone wants a lift tonight, setting off at 6.
  7. game tonight

    a tad ungrateful considering they were playing at Salfords ground!!!!
  8. Hi mate i've got an idea to increase crowds and revenue hopefully acheiving the ticky box for the attendance criteria, my number is 07958 791861, if you want give me a call and i could even come down to the ground to discuss



  9. Oh i'll still come mate no problem there, if fev ceased to exist i'd be there every week, the people are friendly lovely traditional ground and always a great laugh. My biggest issue with the comments is that they aren't warrented and just gives the arrogant fax and leigh fans more ammunition. I hope we meet in the gf it would be a fantastic day with 2 sets of great fans and a classic match

  10. Hi paul , dont get upset with our forum , its not representative of batley fans opinions , most decent fans dont post on it , after Gary Thornton saga , when they were slagged off for stickin up for the club , there is still some decent posters ie me , distantdog , chairman laos and a few more , so still come to batley and enjoy your rugby mate


  11. Your info...... Next seasons Cas coach?

  12. Haliclowns

    The game turned on its head when Hardman dropped the high bomb and Branighan scored from it, i saw the energy drain out of the players and the heads go down, there was only going to be one winner from there on in. Not that its Hardmans fault we lost before anyone starts...... i don't think one game in over 2 weeks before the final, in a passage of one game in 7 weeks helped either but what can you do?
  13. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    again.... i'm not going into details of the incident but during this vcious and cowardly attack which you didn't happen to see there were around 30 jubilant (and quite right) fax fans jumping around taunting a single rovers fan...... not being aggressive towards him just giving him a bit of stick for supporting the losing side........everyone would do the same.................... no other rovers fan was within 50 yards So was the incident you didn't see, really a cowardly and vicious attack?? Again, i'm not saying on here whether i witnessed an assault or not, what i will say is that too many people are quick to jump on a bandwagon where only a few know what actually happened. and none of them are the posters This thread should not be open any longer until after the Police have said what evidence backs up or dismsses the possibility of a crime taking place to stop people tarring the name of featherstone Rovers, once an official crime is being investigated then and only then can a perpatrator be spoken of
  14. Why Kick to Halifax

    the fire.... from the horses mouth as i was in the tunnel away from the fax fans, i was standing with the Stadium managerwho was speaking to fire officer it was a lit cig butt thrown over a door in the public toilets which was locked but had a gap top and bottom, the cubicle however was being used as a storeroom with boxes in it...... so who was the firestarter??????
  15. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    i was very close to the alleged incident, i have been in touch with cheshire police regarding what i personally saw and feel this thread should now be closed until the facts of what actually occur materialise. I'm not saying on here who may or may not have been involved but it appears from the general tone of the thread that Rovers fans have been villified without anyone even being spoken to about an assault