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  1. Giving the Chinese Control. It was on the side of a bus.
  2. This is fine. Remind me what the current President of the US has been accused of multiple times and what he has never challenged in sworn court testimony from his ex-wife?
  3. Yes, it was embarrassing watching the entire Conservative government kowtow for promises that have yet to materialise. Still, I'm sure they've learnt their lesson.
  4. All this. Still, it's been weeks since we had a serious post saying that the underdog in a match shouldn't be penalised as much as the bigger team.
  5. Really sorry to hear that Hindle. Obviously not much any of us can say to make everything instantly okay but, in our own gruff way, we're always here with something approaching a manly nod of understanding and an ability to listen.
  6. How has he helped Britain during his time as President?
  7. Laws are laws. We can't choose which ones we get to follow. One must expect the full fury of the mojito mob to follow.
  8. Nobody chooses anything with 47% budget cuts. But I'll get on and tell Tory controlled East Sussex - the ones with the illegal budget, like Tory controlled Northants - and tell them that their ability to raise council tax by 3.99% will solve everything.
  9. There we go. China's the greenest country on earth and committed to becoming greener by 2030. Is another way of reading the exact same stats.
  10. Next time just say you didn't read the thread, it'll be simpler.
  11. Your opening seems so balanced but then the end is ... useless. Nobody is expecting a state solution, although creating a situation where schools sell off playing fields, where walking and cycling are unsafe, where councils cannot maintain parks nor can they afford to provide activity sessions to kids and families who wouldn't get them otherwise, and where rates are so high that sellers of loose fruit and veg are few and far between ... that's not ideal, is it?
  12. Now that it's been useful to mock the leftists, neither leftists nor mockers seem to care about human rights abuses in Guatemala.
  13. I have a very itchy trigger finger for people who remove all structural issues and put everything down to individual actions. Apologies if I went too far with that.
  14. Random Tuesday morning, I guess. On the UK version of the BBC Sport page there are 14 main stories in the central box. Three aren't football.
  15. Not sure I'm reading you right but I think we have far fewer penalties for offside than we used to have. Seems that way, anyway.
  16. And with due irony: the cost per adult at Portsmouth is ... £23.
  17. [1] Except we can. I break the speed limit every time I'm on the dual carriageway section of the A21 and every time I am overtaken by cars going faster than me. [2] Agreed. We should use Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson as our exemplar here and suffer punishment equivalent to him. So I reckon that's most of the prison population out with a "oh, stop japing" reprimand for their benefit fraud and the like. [3] Do explain how on earth this works. [4] I love them and think we should have far more of them in this country, whilst also having far more opportunities for Brits to go abroad. It's why I'm very keen on freedom of movement. You were once, when you worked in France. But now, in your dotage, want to pull the drawbridge up. [5] Why? As noted elsewhere, the ULEZ got through in spite of bitter opposition from the London Tories who are also opposed to any extension, and who repeatedly block any other moves to remove traffic from the streets. London's air is toxic and several reports say it is killing people. That's not a bad place to be protesting. [6] None of us leads pure lives untouched by human failings. Except me, obviously.
  18. The scorching hot takes will set the moorlands ablaze.
  19. You've acknowledged it. How would you fix it?
  20. And I was point blank told that nobody was saying this. Fatness is a punishment on the lazy and morally weak, apparently. *also notes who liked the post*
  21. Opposed by the London Tories who oppose any further extension. Indeed, highly likely to campaign on scrapping it altogether.
  22. Please do give a more detailed response when you do have time.
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