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  1. Thursday and Fridays games are on arena and main event. Saturdays game is on action. the main event coverage starts at 8pm
  2. what will happen is in the sky/superleague contract, they will get a third party such as telegenic or televideo (i think it is telegenic at present) overseas deals will be done between super league and the RFL with all money going to them. current deals include osn,foxsports us, sportsnet,foxsports aus,beinsports and skysport NZ televideo do the Toronto games played in the uk.
  3. it's looks like it's aimed at trying to get people who wont pay for the full package, mainly those who don't have the sports package. the big losers are BT
  4. action and arena are said to be in the same pack.
  5. Confirmed channel numbers Sky Sports Main Event – Channel 401Sky Sports Premier League – Channel 402Sky Sports Football - Channel 403Sky Sports Cricket - Channel 404Sky Sports Golf – Channel 405Sky Sports F1 – Channel 406Sky Sports Action - Channel 407Sky Sports Arena - Channel 408Sky Sports News - Channel409 Choose one channel for £18, two for £22, three for £26 - or get it all, plus our brand new Main Event channel for only £27.50 extra a month
  6. taken from "mlt11" SPI should update later today with first full week - ie 22 July to 28 July.However there has been a further update of the previous week which has the first 4 days of the new system.The following has been added to SS1:- England v South Africa Test- T20 Blast- Super League- WWE- MLSThis looks like further confirmation that SS1 will be the main channel with best content across all sports.SS1 first 4 days:18 July - Live Eng/SA cricket, live WWE (1am)19 July - Live PL Asia Trophy, live Open build-up, live T20 Blast, live MLS20 July - Live Open golf, live Super League21 July - Live Open golf, live Super League, live MLSSS1 is also showing Sky Sports News at Ten.
  7. taken from "mlt11" OK - looks like SPI has revealed all:From Tuesday 18 July:- All programming on SS2 is Premier League related - includes PL Asia Trophy live, PL archives, "PL Daily" etc- All programming on SS3 is "Other football" related - includes EFL and SPFL archives, La Liga and WC qualifying highlights etc- All programming on SS4 is cricket related - first day has final day of England v South Africa Test live- All programming on SS5 is golf related - first week has The Open liveNote that SS1 continues as before - this also has the PL Asia Trophy and The Open - both live in full - simulcast with channels as above.I can't see any listings yet for SS Arena.Listings are also available for SS Mix - looks similar to what it is now.But from this it APPEARS that SS1 will continue as the channel with the biggest events across all sports - though what this will be called is unclear.So it LOOKS like:401 - "Main" channel - biggest events across all sports402 - Premier League channel403 - Other Football channel404 - Cricket channel405 - Golf channel? - SS F1? - SS Arena? - SS Mix
  8. For a 30 second advert on sky sport 1 is £60 - £750.
  9. They also to have to abide ofcom rules, with BT who only have SS1 and SS2. So a big event would have to be broadcast simultaneous with its dedicated channel and one what's available to BT. My guess would be rugby league would be mainly on arena with some, such as the grand final on one that keeps ofcom happy.
  10. on tv.
  11. i hope your not classing me as a conspiracy theorist. i would not cross the road to vote for either of them. just bored, rugby finished, football season finished, and happen to follow mike Smithson on twitter. follow him for spread betting purposes.
  12. Lord Ashcroft‏Verified account @LordAshcroft 28s29 seconds agoAverage of the 4 Sunday Polls. CON 44.50% LAB 35.75% LDEM 7.50% UKIP 4.75%.. CON lead 8.75%..
  13. look on the other thread.
  14. ORB poll for Telegraph has CON lead down to just 6% CON 44 (-2) LAB 38 (+4) LD 7 (=) UKIP 5 (-2) Mike Smithson‏ @MSmithsonPB 6m6 minutes ago More The CON lead in the ORB poll is smaller than the 6.5% vote margin that the party had at GE2015 Mike Smithson‏ @MSmithsonPB 3m3 minutes ago More CON lead up from 5% to 7% in tonight's YouGov for Sunday Times