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  1. Super League Viewing Figs

    Week ending 11th March Thursday. 150 (main) 30 (arena) Friday. 154 (arena) Saturday 86 (arena)
  2. Super League Viewing Figs

    Week ending 04th March Friday. 162k (Action & Mix)
  3. WatchNrl.Com

    apologies if already posted.‏ @rugbyleagueontv 3h3 hours ago More Sky will be taking the entire Fox Sports broadcasts for "Thursday Night League" and "Friday Night Footy" when they broadcast those slots from March 8th. Wouldn't expect any Channel 9 Coverage bar Origin and possibly Grand Final.
  4. Premier League rights value falls

    Just on the remaining packages (F and G) the EPL have cocked up badly on these packages. If Sky or BT now bid to get these packages (Sky one package) they will get them a lot cheaper than the EPL wanted, unless they were to bid aggressively, but i doubt it, has the is no decent picks in them. Two points to add, taken from another thread... "In the last financial year, Sky's rights deals for the Premier League, Football League, Formula 1, Super League and ECB cricket were worth about £1.634bn a year, 45% of Sky's UK&I programming budget. Assuming Sky do not bother picking up one of the remaining 2 PL packages, their costs for the same contracts (which are now all nailed down on long term deals) will rise to £1.725bn annually by the year ending June 2021, an average rise of 1.4% a year. The financial analysts must be very happy with this." "My prediction at the moment is that Sky are not (seriously) bidding for packages F & G. I think they are perfectly happy with what they have and if management can show a clear cost reduction it will win them serious brownie points with owners (and potential new owners). Their share price is now at 1094 - above the Fox offer level. Mission accomplished IMO."
  5. NRL: That’s my, erm, team

    Eels. when we started to get them micron videos, with Sterling and Kenny playing for them. As you do i picked a winning team.
  6. New Talk Sport RL show

  7. Thoughts on BT Sports?

    paid peanuts for it, and ideal for a early morning filler.
  8. Sky sports
  9. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    More interesting times ahead in 2019.
  10. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    from mlt11 digital spy. In short run, Fox continues along the regulatory path for its proposed takeover of Sky.Then:1) If Disney's acquisition of Fox assets occurs before Fox acquires the remaining 61% of Sky then Disney will obviously, at that stage, just acquire Fox's 39% stake in Sky.It appears that in this scenario, the Fox bid for 61% of Sky would either lapse or be abandoned.It is likely that Disney would then launch a new, separate bid for the remaining 61% of Sky. An open question would be the offer price - would it remain as before or would new terms be agreed?2) If Fox secures regulatory approval and completes its acquisition of the remaining 61% of Sky first, Disney would then simply acquire Fox's then 100% holding in Sky at the same time as it completes its acquisition of the other assets.NB. The view of the FT correspondent (and David Yelland) was that Disney would keep Sky News running.
  11. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    peaked at 2.03m (27%)
  12. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    not all the time, it genuinely is best to keep an eye on twitter.
  13. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    08:30: Rugby League World Cup Final: Australia v England - 1.56m (22.4%)* 09:00-11:30 only
  14. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    Australian figures.
  15. Media Watch World Cup

    correct. Given away for free, social media is the future and come Saturday the final will be trending on twitter for all to see.