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  1. New Talk Sport RL show

  2. Thoughts on BT Sports?

    paid peanuts for it, and ideal for a early morning filler.
  3. Sky sports
  4. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    More interesting times ahead in 2019.
  5. murdoch sells Sky share to Disney

    from mlt11 digital spy. In short run, Fox continues along the regulatory path for its proposed takeover of Sky.Then:1) If Disney's acquisition of Fox assets occurs before Fox acquires the remaining 61% of Sky then Disney will obviously, at that stage, just acquire Fox's 39% stake in Sky.It appears that in this scenario, the Fox bid for 61% of Sky would either lapse or be abandoned.It is likely that Disney would then launch a new, separate bid for the remaining 61% of Sky. An open question would be the offer price - would it remain as before or would new terms be agreed?2) If Fox secures regulatory approval and completes its acquisition of the remaining 61% of Sky first, Disney would then simply acquire Fox's then 100% holding in Sky at the same time as it completes its acquisition of the other assets.NB. The view of the FT correspondent (and David Yelland) was that Disney would keep Sky News running.
  6. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    peaked at 2.03m (27%)
  7. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    not all the time, it genuinely is best to keep an eye on twitter.
  8. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    08:30: Rugby League World Cup Final: Australia v England - 1.56m (22.4%)* 09:00-11:30 only
  9. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    Australian figures.
  10. Media Watch World Cup

    correct. Given away for free, social media is the future and come Saturday the final will be trending on twitter for all to see.
  11. NRL coverage

    maybe a TV deal might be added.
  12. NRL coverage

    looks like the end of premiers NRL coverage.
  13. Best end to a game you've ever seen?

    one what sticks in my memory
  14. How do I get FreeSports?

    Not that bad really. weekly reach 362,000 .. FreeSports233, 000 . BT Sport Showcase (also on DVB-T2 Freeview)191, 000 ... Motorsport tv (not on Freeview but gives a pro rata comparison)109,000 ... Bike TV (last Weekly Reach before it closed)..49,000 ... Front Runner
  15. How do I get FreeSports?