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  1. Good article and he called last night's game just right - "....won't be a landslide by any means but I think the Roosters will be too strong."
  2. David Wild

    Great RL Photos

    I thought it was - my comment was tongue in cheek....
  3. David Wild

    Great RL Photos

    Where's the video ref - his foot must be in touch......😎
  4. Eddie Tees - great fullback pre- another great fullback at t'Northern, Keith Mumby.
  5. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    The only one flogging a dead horse is chippy you kiyan. Get over yourself 😊
  6. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    You are getting chippier with every post kiyan 😅
  7. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    You do sound rather chippy kiyan 😁
  8. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    Thanks Kiyan - not sure what question you are referring to in my earlier post - I didn't ask one!. Also, as advised, I have just checked the definition of chippy again and it remains as I stated earlier. HTH.
  9. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    Not the "chippy" cliche insult Kiyan. I thought you were better than that. It is trotted out by union fans every time they feel union is being criticised, no matter how justified that criticism is. I have just checked the OED for the definition of chippy and it states, "any union fan who feels compelled to post on a Rugby fans forum due to deep rooted insecurities about his / her own sport" HTH
  10. It might be worth exploring though. calling a fat person fatty or a bald person baldie is insulting but factual. Referring to them as rapists when they are not is defamation.
  11. Isn't that classed as an "hate" crime?
  12. The NRL must sue the arris off this low life piece of ####.
  13. David Wild

    Josh Charnley

    It doesn't take much reading to quickly learn that the ball in union will be with the spectators for most of the game. It will certainly throw some teams in RL when he starts popping up in the stands asking if the spectators have seen the ball. That would be unexpected.
  14. David Wild

    Very Sad News

    Really hope he pulls through . God bless.
  15. Barry Seabourne and Steve Nash were both brilliant SH's