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  1. I can't see Man City moving to a new ground now though
  2. ....and Bradford. I can see the boating lake in Harold Park being used for the sailing events. Not to mention the main athletics events next door at Horsfall playing fields. Jobs a good 'un.
  3. Not a "Dickie Bird" of a chance. There will no doubt be some form of "Boycott".
  4. Was it George Formby?
  5. The "Wembley of the North" finally delivering. Hopefully, the Bulls will also get some much needed revenue from this as well?
  6. Obviously not - pass the Hob-Nobs
  7. Why don't you go and sit in a library and brush up on your subject. You are clearly uninformed and I love beef.
  8. My balance tends towards Rugby, which is why I post on a Rugby fans forum. Not sure why you are here though.
  9. Your knowledge of union is then somewhat lacking. Perhaps you need to brush up on the subject before coming here to discuss it.
  10. What? Where did that come from? If you spouted Jones types views I would probably despise you, yes. If you chose to be more balanced than your posts suggest then I might tolerate you.
  11. There you go just proving me correct again. I couldn't care less - do you know all 4 billion union fans? Have you asked them? Perhaps you could do a survey next time they all cram into the union wc final.
  12. Well whoopee doo. Where were Ford, Lancaster, Farrell and the 57 old farts? Why weren't they standing up for SB - England union's most versatile ever player? For every article that made a wishy-washy apology there were possibly a dozen that utterly condemned SB. Do you remember Arsey Darsey's comments for example?.
  13. Whenever, we complain about Jones - and believe me, Jones is only the tip of the iceberg - we get union fans telling us that nobody takes him seriously and we shouldn't get uptight about it, as if that somehow makes it alright. Well, guess what - it doesn't make it alright. I couldn't care less what union fans, including you, think of him and his ilk. The fact is these so called journalists are allowed a platform in the international media to continue their campaign and get away with it. I am also sure that the vast majority of union fans who have little to no knowledge of the handling code lap it up and believe every sordid word.
  14. You only need to look at the despicable treatment of SB by the union media and all manner of union people - players, ex-players, coaches etc., to see union's attitude to the ball handling code. "Good Riddance" - a typical headline from an ex-England unionite now masquerading as a journalist.
  15. Only when that opinion is completely uninformed and ignorant. As I keep saying, you need to brush up on your cross code history before setting yourself up on a pedestal to debate the subject. Otherwise, you are likely to fall off.