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  1. Sa Sam Burgess was much better than a moderate success in union. He became English union's most versatile ever player after just a few months in the game. I also seem to recall that he spoke very highly and fondly of RL whilst still playing union. I personally don't think SB would have dissed RL in any way no matter how long he stayed in union.
  2. I've lost about 1000 posts as well - what's happened to them?
  3. I had never heard of her until today when I opened the Mail on Sunday and it has given her a full page spread talking about her career and likes etc. To say she is steeped in union is possibly the biggest understatement of the year (yes, I know the year is not yet 1 day old!). She is so steeped in it she could be the lovechild of Stephen Jones and Dudley Wood. RL has got absolutely no chance with that publication whilst she is at the helm.
  4. That doesn't stack up when you look at soccer. Since the Premiership began, and with two very notable exceptions of Blackburn and Leicester, the title has been won by only 4 teams - Man U -13, Chelsea - 4, Arsenal - 3 and Man City -2. That also needs to be considered in the context of a 20 team league and still the grounds fill out every week at most of the premiership clubs.
  5. Great story. Whereabouts is Mexico on the M62 corridor?
  6. You really don't do yourself any favours spoofboyxyz
  7. World onion is flying a special envoy out to Mexico as we speak to have the ad producer imprisoned because Mexico union did not sanction the use of a Rugby player .
  8. Nice one Tex. I had to look up what it means but you are spot on.
  9. Darn - you just beat me to it on the name thingy
  10. Love it. Is that his real name or does he just score a lot of tries from chip chases?
  11. ......................ok, but what bits of the article do you actually disagree with?
  12. The nearest pub to your house