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  1. Bit of a cycle race going on tomorrow.Just to be on safe side.Stay on m62 to junction 28.The follow Dewsbury sign.
  2. As an old highway man once told me.Take the money and run.No injuries priority.
  3. Once we took the lead it looked only one result a bit of over exuberant attacking play brought em back in it.I cant decide whether we were not bothered about the cup.Or we thought we could score anytime.Cant wait till we get a fully fit side.
  4. Pound to a penny its Widnes away or Barrow away
  5. When our coach stands up and says even though its the dogs he would have taken a loss. Two attitudes from our players we either believed we could score when we wanted or they wernt bothered about the game.We were so laid back unbelievable.
  6. give em this and take 4 off em in league. Dont forget its got to rain Batley Beck will already be full .Dont think some of the die hards can take two on bounce. lol wait for it.
  7. can he play 7
  8. Well done your lass a dog that talks sense.lol
  9. thats super league for yer.lol
  10. would swap you positions and throw in the cup tie.
  11. To be fair to the lads i think after Fridays first win we all expected a bit too much.To go to their gaff on a quick turn round was a bit much.Last Thursday we would have taken 2 out of 4 points over Easter.Its starting to turn round hopefully in time.Ned said it was not a quick fix we need the scalps of those just up the ladder from us.All we can do is turn up and support like we did last night.
  12. The showing of both H.W teams would not be out of place on the Rocky Horror show never mind grandstand.ripped apart second half on a wide pitch.Tonks a battering ram when he comes on.Trouble is hes having to put it to use at the wrong end.Keep saying it were in an identical situation to last year the only difference is the teams thats come up can play a bit.which puts us deep in the mire.Sooner or later when you only settle for mid table season after season this would happen.
  13. disagree mate dont think he would have made much difference.Anyway lets hope the Easter Egg comes today.
  14. One rule in any sport you dont change a winning team.