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  1. When we have an half back on loan to Keighley why cant we recall him. That was a shambles ,would have looked bad on a park pitch. Batley wernt good but they showed heart guts and spirit. That team of ours nothing. It was like men against boys.
  2. Won't be much in this We will just edge it.Might be a draw.
  3. 16 16 what a prediction this is going to be,
  4. Theres plenty of teeth left in your dogs yet.
  5. Cheers fella always a top day with you lads,be Lucky if 10 turn up.
  6. If its immediate no problem
  7. and we know how thats ending.
  8. Waiting for silence of the Rams the conclusion .Think I know the ending.lol
  9. Despite the doom and gloom brigade think we will push them close
  10. Now that's the banter we should have .On a downer heard they had a Leeds player pushing the Fev mascot out Wernt enough Fev lads about.lol
  11. I always think were in with a chance. Remember my Toronto prediction by the way
  12. No point posting on here. Were doomed on here no matter
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