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  1. Eyes Down

    Here we go Neds barmy army rides again. Melting Pot here we come.
  2. Oldham game

    Can't wait to see our oldham mates
  3. Bradford Bulls Game

    If we wernt fired up for your mob it will be damage limited.
  4. Nilled

    Little things please little bit minds
  5. Bradford Bulls Game

    Always the tailors dummy anyway Bradford no question. Since its their last night away might be bring a fee
  6. Batley Game

    True silver but 10 games ago we would have bit your hand off to be here. Looking on the bright side Toulouse will be either a real celebration or one hell of an end of season bash
  7. Batley Game

    Trouble is it costs a lot to watch it. If we go to Tolouse then with a full side and do the job. Then the under strength showing against your mob will be worth whole
  8. Batley Game

    Opposing inbreds.
  9. Batley Game

    How can we be dejected when we knew what the outcome would be If there was 50 rams there was not many more inbreds
  10. Batley Game

    Nearly put the cash to toulouse but you can't miss the slum dogs away
  11. Batley Game

    To post an ignorant reply. Probably no moore no speak man. The guvnor trying to get a few duels in. Be a great performance to make it 4,1 however the slum dogs seem a bit nervous.
  12. Batley Game

  13. Batley Game

    Ignorance is bliss..
  14. And next up

    Would have gone higher but I know how you struggle with numbers
  15. And next up

    You by a canter. Would have taken 3_2 and our league position 3 month ago.