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  1. 3 Sections to a club.The most important is the fans and where was you today .No vocal support just stood around waiting to give negative comments instead of supporting the team. On Wednesday the team will ge support from a fraction of fans then turned up today.Its time to stop moaning and lets get behind the team.
  2. Good squad if were going to beat em this is the squad.
  3. That's a steal get on it.Would say Batley will take em.
  4. If Franky wins remaining 2 there won't be a club never mind a.match. lol
  5. We havnt finished below you yet and jf that's the best you can do we probably wont.
  6. The result seems half decent compared to the Sermon On The Mount.
  7. Lets be right that performance from them would have put 2 or 3 teams in S.L to the test. They were deffo on a mission probably putting in one in for their ex chairman. All those additions can fit in the team but adding so many at one go makes it difficult.A few little gems shone through yesterday looking good for the future.Fair play to the lads kept trying to give it ago.Hopefully no injuries and we can look to leigh and Widnes.
  8. Good luck boys play for the shirt that's all we ask
  9. Finnys not going don't think Iggy or Rob.Might have to play Syksy. Anybody going my advice take your boots.
  10. sorry mate no way did I mean to suggest you was having a go at the coach
  11. If fev and Widnes had off days against us than so did we against Batley swinton Now Batley was embarrassing and I spouted as did a lot Its funny yes we hear when we win its always our opponents form Widnes and fev played as good as we allowed them But on a reality check its the first season the coach did well to put a squad together. His first aim was to compete against all teams all be it an handful of games we have. Stop up we will and we will pull another surprise out of sack trust me There will have been worse seasons than this.This coach knows where he wants to be and I for one back him.
  12. Need to win this and need to win it badly. Forget the dizzy heights of Wembley .The team needs to get back to the mentality they had at fev and widnes. Win this and we get a lift for Barrow and Rochdale.
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