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  1. Mickael Goudemand

    Get him back on loan learn more in championship
  2. 2018 fixtures released.

    Nothing else to say. Looks like it's a night in bar compared to freezing your Cadbury cream eggs off in the North Stand. A positive you can now all book to Toronto.
  3. 2018 fixtures released.

    It's not a conspiracy theory it's what clubs have been told Go book if your that confident.
  4. 2018 fixtures released.

    Word is there might be no one going. It seems leigh and fax have told their fans to not book owt for the time being. Rumours saying their looking at playing most home games at odsal No doubt our enlightened members will get to the bottom of it
  5. 2018 fixtures released.

    Could do with 5 out of 5 first off.
  6. Van the Man

    One of if not the best of the best. R. I. P Van
  7. Nana Fox Pauline

    Sad news one of the old guard Pauline' just passed away. Some people become legendary just by supporting their team. This morning fans through out the Rugby League world especially Leigh lot will miss you mate .we remember your tale of when the team walked of the field at the old ground There's alot of good people waiting to buy you a drink. R. I. P Nana Fox
  8. Leigh

    There are some posh parts in Batley.
  9. Leigh

    Judging by the amount they throw at us they must buy it from Aldi. Lol
  10. Leigh

    Always the last to leave the rams. Nobodies inviting people to drink drivel. people go elsewhere to drink after the game it's those we need to target.
  11. Leigh

    It's not the likes of leigh we should be bothered about. The lads from leigh will put more behind our bar then the majority of rams fans.i got to Hanging heaton and on a match day if anyone puts more behind rams bar they are doing well. It's those that go straight home on full time that need converting. We know about the bar work it's the members that put hands in pockets
  12. Leigh

    It's a shame piglet we couldn't have met in the final 4 wins would have been a rounder number.
  13. Leigh

    Alot of twists before next season. One thing when leigh fans that have just got relegated. Go on line and state a positive is they will be coming to our gaff next season. Makes you proud to be Dewsbury proud to be a ram. Look forward to seeing our mates.
  14. Next Season

    Ffs fella we've got a only just finished this season and the negative vibes are flowing.
  15. Catalans

    Somebody in the club whose opinions are held in great esteem.