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  1. Halifax predictions :

    That's how every club in the rugby league exist.Theres a difference between ambition and suicide spending.
  2. Halifax predictions :

    its the same as last season once the injuries kick in we havnt the quality in depth to replace. The truth is its down to ambition once again we seem happy to aim for 6th or mid table and its not good enough. From the top board level to the office people just seem to amble on.We need to get another bod in at the top to help Mark Its a shame because a lot of good work is being carried out. until we come out show a real ambition for the club to go forward the stay the absentees wont come back .All that advertising for the Toronto game and the result was a crowd equal to us doing nothing we know there are full time teams but we competed with London and we have competed before with teams. If the aim of the club is to labor on mid table then we will have to put up with it and except the standard of rugby.One thing for certain is Ned wont be here next year if attitudes don't change.
  3. Toronto predictions and team :

    didn't see any aliens where was he stood.
  4. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

  5. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

  6. Doggies away..

    AS at Whitehaven beaten by a team that was slightly better at playing basic rugby. From being a decent looking outfit we've sunk to a team equal that started last season. Completion rate dire kicking average and as. for penalties... Can somebody please why we have an ex ref on the books. On a positive note is forecast heavy snow fo r Sunday night
  7. Doggies away..

    Thought for a minute this was the dogs board however if we defend like we did on Sunday it will be mt unpleasant
  8. Toulouse predictions and team

    Doubt it pm you will be sat on your clapped out sofa listening to your clapped out radio hearing about London putting 50 past your clapped out team.lol
  9. Barrow v Dewsbury

    It seems bad news on Barrow facebook site nowt official yet.
  10. Barrow v Dewsbury

    Depends on how quick we ditch the travel legs .Could just pull it off.
  11. Barrow v Dewsbury

    Believe bus delayed by an hour till confirmation is received
  12. 2018 Squad confirmed

    information lol
  13. SWINTON (H)

    for both of us.
  14. Challenge Cup draw

    get em now before they decide on a coach change.
  15. SWINTON (H)

    50/50 mate I would think the barrow away could be more in doubt. Summer Rugby.