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  1. I think cancellation of fixtures will destroy the clubs. I would personally like us to finish the season. Play until its done into the winter. Shorten next season by dropping cups and international comps maybe slightly delay the start.
  2. I think that was against skolars. The bloke gouged England in the eye. England stands up plays the ball and knocks him out ?. The bloke came and apologised to England after the game. I knew I remembered it. Watch this from 11.30 on
  3. Look at the original and you'll see the reason why it's running in that order
  4. Hello A very talented chap on twitter @rugbydesigns has made these, with a touch of input from myself. Just wondered what you thought. The white is a modernised Jersey from the wartime league winning team. The hooped is a take on a classic Rams Jersey. Personally I really like them and would for the first time buy both if they did a home away combo with them.
  5. Forwards very much grew into the game, was impressed with the new lads. Esslemont can tackle really well and I liked Scott's hard running. Backs not bad but need some catching practice waaaay too many drops under the high ball that ultimately cost the win. But it's only a friendly so encouraging signs that we won't be watching the pack getting beaten week in and week out
  6. Biggest surprise for me is how low toulouse is
  7. This is such a boring point, Lee said at the beginning we would have to rely on loans and Dr as the squad ye was given was likely to see us relegated. Judge him on the the team next year.
  8. Simply not good enough really. Far too many errors mainly being knock ons. The biggest issue for me is the pack we made less metres than batley the whole game. They where getting up to our 30 up the slope, when we where going uphill we struggled to get out of our half. Need some investment in the pack. Saying that Tom garrat was brilliant for us, can we clone him?
  9. This is what they say when effecting or attempting to effect a tackle makes contact with the head or neck of an opponent intentionally, recklessly or carelessly cant see why Garrets tackle would be penalised
  10. I would like to know the official rule for a head high penalty as I've seen lots being given when players have fallen or lowered their body into the tackle wether trying to step etc I thought exactly the same with Garrets it's a clear fall into the contact
  11. But people want to stand up so we should open it anyway......
  12. If it’s on where’s best place to park?
  13. I’m talking about density of support our average attendance will be higher than there’s bsj that’s a bit of a flippant remark, and that’s a terrible rugby ground to boot. I’m only saying maybe it would be better for the games that will pull a smaller attendance to pack out the north and Beaumont terrace rather than spreading 1000 or so fans out around the ground.
  14. Just more atmosphere generally BSJ. I think there’s something to be said for bunching all the fans up. Which is why away support is normally noisy.
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