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  1. 3 possible 4 - 1 priceless.
  2. There is going to be no relegation so it dont matter what state they are in.
  3. Toulouse at home is the hard one yet we have done them once.all the others very winnable.Never know might be able to get a tin pot trophy yet.Tongue in cheek people.
  4. we need the 4 home games.
  5. theyve signed 3 from Saints
  6. Didnt hear much from your mob.It was down to you to introduce yourselves.
  7. Look on your lots faces well the few that was there at the end..Priceless.
  8. The only possible weak link could be the left side.Alex will get peppered to bits.
  9. spot on .
  10. Funny but this is the one i feel most confident about.To be right whats the odds on a four nil lead going into the play offs.
  11. Thought we had decided wipe out.
  12. agreed But Big Sam sorry Ned as put in the best showing so far.
  13. Agree with serious rugby.If we have a decent end to season. Neds got to be number one contender.His name might be penciled in already.
  14. What a nice comment their not a bad lot.We have to rescue them when it gets bit etchy.