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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    No but he who laughs last my little piglet friend
  2. 2018 Squad confirmed

    2 more additions and we will be ready to rumble.
  3. Stadium naming rights

    The piglet stadium.
  4. Roy Powell trophy

    The first win was perfect then to only win our next two against the noisy neighbours. Was worth all the anxiety over relegation.
  5. Roy Powell trophy

    Bearing in mind we all well the losers always dismiss the Boxing Day match as irrelevant. It always seems a bit sad due to a a trophy being at stake and particularly as it's named in memory of a good lad and decent player. Would it be better to move the trophy to Good Friday and so give it a bit more importance
  6. Boxing Day - any hope?

    No worries mate but I didn't expect Ainscough to eat them all
  7. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Don't you just love noisy neighbours.
  8. Boxing Day - any hope?

    On last year's showing wouldn't pay brown out in fox's bickys
  9. Crowd tomorrow.

    What do we reckon 3k if we're lucky. Depends on the noisy neighbours we know they don't like travelling
  10. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Bit of festive cheer give the minnows the mince pie one and then kick their backsides the rest of the season merry Christmas to all those on the dark side of the valley.
  11. Season's greetings

    Beautiful post mate.
  12. Oh dear

    It's disgusting and now angies gone it will get you worse.
  13. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Is it worth ruining the Christmas festivities.
  14. Mickael Goudemand

    Get him back on loan learn more in championship
  15. 2018 fixtures released.

    Nothing else to say. Looks like it's a night in bar compared to freezing your Cadbury cream eggs off in the North Stand. A positive you can now all book to Toronto.