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  1. You coming tomorrow fella.??
  2. You dont know whats in them.Have you ever seen an animal walking up to the Mount.
  3. We need 100 if we cant get this total its a disgrace. Get to this and this could be your contribution to the war chest.
  4. Wish they were sending a bit stronger squad for the gate.Yet the governor will be able to see whats on offer with their fringe lads.
  5. Would not care but for once the casual wear is decent.Might get one for Toulouse IF READY.
  6. Its a disgrace go on the official site.No promotion on official site.Last years shirts tops nothing only the season tickets surprise.Should have kept Raven sport better the devil you know.
  7. could be and i quote seeing is believing lining up a decent 7
  8. Depends which dual reg we can grab from Wakey. A 7 is a must.The point i have the halfbacks should have been the first penciled in.
  9. No way am i saying your on the fiddle its you thats all fired up.I just said there was clear evidence from witnesses that a turn style,was not working.I also said Batley would have informed Rams if there was a problem.
  10. How does it go. Do you want to be in my gang my gang tattoos HMP Newhall
  11. That was at least 1900 to 2200 plus the not working turn style.<its a joke>
  12. simmer down fella may be the turn style was not working and may be Batley had a counter on the gate and they have informed our club.
  13. Its clear that at least one of the turn styles was not working.Now that IF TRUE could benefit the home side considerably on a shared gate.Lessons learnt send our own counters next time.We used to have to do it at Keighley
  14. Keighley used to do the same.Half hour before kick off turn style counter would go down.Perhaps we should have done our own gate count.
  15. Be interesting to know what the official attendance was.It seems at least one of the turn styles adjacent to the main stand MAY have not been working correctly.