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  1. It was just blooming cold this morning in Kingston. But no snow.
  2. Sadly not. I'm going to be at a friend's wedding. Sneaky checks of the BBC website on my phone for me.
  3. Sad news - Terry Newton

    A dreadful shock. He was probably my pantomime villain of the game - like many Saints fans I felt he was obviously talented but veered towards cheap shots that lessened his overall game. Some of my feeling was undoubtedly due to how well he could perform against my team! Like others, I had thought he was doing OK after the ban and adjusting to new life with his pub and work with the RFL. Tragically that clearly wasn't the case. Re: the comments of this being "the coward's way out", please cease this. It's an easy thing to say this when life is good; however it's obvious that anyone who feels tormented enough to take their own life is not going to be thinking straight. Rest in Peace, Terry. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
  4. Keiron Cunningham

    Sigh... Cunningham never had to prove his Welsh qualifications for rugby as his full brother did about 20 years earlier. I'm pretty sure I remember Stevo showing the relevant birth certificate on Boots n All after the WRU lied about his Welsh qualifications.
  5. Keiron Cunningham

    No, it's the player who seriously considered a higher pay offer but decided he loved playing for his home town club and nothing could replace that - much like Radlinski. The "not Welsh" thing was a smokescreen by the WRU as they found it unacceptable that they'd been turned down and invented a reason.
  6. I think they should get Chris Warren in for that.
  7. Harlequins should move here

    Yay! The London Reading. Now what kind of a sport would do that?
  8. Lowes to be Head Coach of Quins

    I too was worried by it, then I realised it was a Daily Express fact*. Much happier now. * as in: not a fact.
  9. BBC Four Nations Games

    If the BBC did have the rights to the whole tournament, they would probably tell us that they didn't and that rugby had sold its soul to Sky anyway.
  10. Christine Cullen

    What a terrible tragedy. Rest in Peace.
  11. "Rugby"

    Or afterwards, if they wish. Personally, I like it when a rugby club is simply "FC", as with Hull FC.
  12. Naff all in London. Some attempt at snow earlier, but sunshine now. I blame referees, muslims and global warming.
  13. It's snowing down here in London and South-West London. A pain getting into Waterloo from Surbiton and BA have cancelled most flights to Munich. Hopefully the fact I'm on the first flight there tomorrow will help...
  14. I was really annoyed with them, getting me in to work like that. Gits.
  15. You lucky buggers. One lousy inch of snow in Kingston. So I'm in work. Meh!