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  1. you say that, but didn't we close out a game last week against cas, no points or much attack for the last 20 minutes, but we defended well and kicked well to complete sets.
  2. Do they not? Which teams had players ruled out for the year in pre season that applied for dispensation and didn't get it?
  3. 2 to 5 are the same for all teams
  4. Yeah that sums it up, he got away with so many shoulder charges in 2016 it was unreal. Didnt tackle anyone but didn't get penalised for them.
  5. Chris sandow was appalling and Tyrone Robert's was pretty bad, his scramble defence was pretty good although that was usually cos he was chasing back on a tackle he had missed.
  6. I think theyve took a cop out here. Inconclusive footage on the bite, despite both the ref and touchy seeing the mark(including the headset camera) because it's so obvious what Powell's actions are. It's easier to do this, than charge him, and give Leeds the right of appeal and then go all in pointing out what a scrote powell is.
  7. If I get time tonight, I may peruse this thread and get a collection of those wanting Blake to be strung up.
  8. Theres nothing in it, for all the kr hand ringing, McGuire doesn't react, he's setting up the next play and zero players run in aftwr the tackle to lamp austin. They didnt think it was bad, the ref didnt call anything, the TJ didnt see anything either. Austin got binned because of the injury, Liam moore also had a very loose interpretation of the obstruction ruling yesterday as well.
  9. It's the one the kr player did shenton in for the season first game a few years ago, there was outrage as he only got 4 games and cas lost their captain for the season, since then theyve cracked down on it.
  10. i think a lot of wire fans are a bit fed up with him doing this, after 15 years of having briers who had perfected the art of 'managing the ref' to have chilly just yelling at them is frustrating, and he's probably lucky that he's not been marched 10 metres on more than one occasion.
  11. Well, in fairness to our slow start last year, it was down to us only having about 13 players for pre season, we had so many come back late after the world cup, it took a while to get them all 9n prices same page
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