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  1. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    well, he can play as much RU as he likes now.
  2. Benjamin Julien signs for Catalan

    nah, never a centre, his worst performances for us have come at centre, see the magic weekend game v cas in 2016. he got dropped after having a stinker in that.
  3. Panic at Catalans

    i seem to recall hearing from leigh fans last year that langi had experiences as a running stand off, and were wondering if he would be used there in the last few games of the qualifiers.
  4. 1 yr extension signed with warrington, along with a few other fringe players
  5. Nice of the widnes fans in the ground to be lobbing pints of beer at Kevin brown after he scored and lined up for kick off. Some of them need to get over it and calm down. It's a sport. Not worth getting yourselves arrested over.
  6. Ryan Brierley in The Guardian

    He might as well have said, I'm happy being a big fish in a small pond. Scoring hat tricks every other game against part timers and getting pats on the back for that is better and more important than playing at the top level. Fair play to him for accepting that though.
  7. The Unluckiest player ever?

    I'm sure I'm remembering correctly that wire played the bulls in the cup in 2010 and he did a knee in, out for the season, he then came back and we were playing them in the league the next season and he did anotherseason ending injury to a knee.
  8. Question, didn't the super league u23s used to play the team Of The year way back, northern Ford premier select? Have I imagined that?
  9. He was moaning like mad on the pitch, I'm usually very hesitant when watching to proclaim successful DGs but that would be one I was more sure over than any.
  10. overrated players

    Bateman isn't overrated, he's a horrible scrote of a player but plays above his size, he'll probably end up being a wigan great. As long as he doesn't go to the nrl or union as most decent wigan players do.
  11. SKY's refusal to mention Rugby League worrying.

    No I'm not being obtuse or making anything up, I was doing my weekly shop on the day in question and as usual had a look and they didn't have any sl branded ones in my local asda, still. And I've been making a point to look for it, as I have always tried to support SL based promotions because I'm a fan of rugby league. Eg short lived super league milk, And the Peter's Pies from a few years ago that were quite good actually.
  12. SKY's refusal to mention Rugby League worrying.

    Exactly. Just to say as well, go back to 1995 and the super league war, sky threw fat stacks of cash at the time to us, and since then we haven't moved. Compare to other sports,cricket, Formula One and ran rah have all moved around broad casters. Premier league/football rights have shifted around, BBC,C5, itv digital, setanta by sports, even motd ended once or twice iirc due to someone else getting the highlights rights. What's the only sport that has stayed in one place and not dared to look elsewhere?
  13. SKY's refusal to mention Rugby League worrying.

    I don't think they hate us, I think they take us for granted cos they know we're a soft touch. See the last TV deal.
  14. SKY's refusal to mention Rugby League worrying.

    Those are the exceptions that prove the rule Dave, yes they have started pushing done ads out for the final few weeks,and today's ad is in a great and probably highly sought after spot. But each year repeatedly Sky exclude us from their big super important portfolio adverts, this year's big summer for example, we're THE ###### summer sport for god's sake. Just going back to what was said about someone at the Rfl refusing to pay to get us on the side if sky vans, it totally is believable with the ppl up there, but it's OK since they're making deals with household brands like bachelor's mushy peas, has anyone actually seen any Co promotion by them on their products after nearly 8 months or so? No. Around the time of the "Dacia magic weekend" there was ads all over for their slightly odd looking 4x4s, I don't recall any mention of being a sponsor of Superleague on them. The guy above is right, we're small time, and we're getting smaller, no one wants to think big never mind big, they don't want to follow current standard practice in other sports. Really, when you think about it, we've got the corporate equivalent of the salary cap, stagnant, restrictive, for "our own good"