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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51999190 Article on BBC news
  2. It's now decided to start buffering.. Kind of. Oo, maybe it looks like it is fixed now !
  3. https://www.rugby-league.com/livestream It started by not buffering, and now it says that the stream is offline.
  4. Small in comparison to what? Sorry, when were London hugely successful, the 2 seasons where we finished 2nd and then got to the CC final back in 1997/1999? Other than those seasons London has never been hugely successful. We had a few seasons where we just about got into the play offs and other than that we were with the other bottom clubs.
  5. 120 years of trying and crowds of 3k. What is your point? London is a city of millions, you think there isnt 10 thousand in there somewhere that may enjoy RL? Clearly London and the SE have some appetite for the sport, as we keep producing players for it. How many of those football clubs have been around for only 30 years? They've been supporting their team before they were born and grown up around it. London RL doesn't have that luxury, it also hasn't had a propery successful one since its inception either. Besides, if tribalism in football teams in London was so big you wouldn't have as many Man U supporters as you do down here. Invest properly in a London club that will compete consistently at the top of the table, playing good RL and the crowds will come back, it's not like we've never had any before. Playing out a wedding venue that is hidden behind a bunch of houses in Ealing isn't the most attractive venue for the general London public.
  6. I think their coverage and Skys coverage could merge with the best bits of both to improve them both. Just 1 of example - Sky does too many replays, and they don't seem to understand that you could put a replay in the corner, or even keep the live action in the corner while showing the other. Whereas I often find the NRL don't do enough replays of certain errors or great plays (they're very hit and miss when they decide to show replays I've found)
  7. I always enjoyed the Full Eighty Minutes - was great listening to some of the insights from Harrison on a week to week basis - He was bias towards his own players, but he regularly mentioned that they were signed to him, so it wasn't sly I didn't feel. Was great to listen to him and Gledhill(sp?) just talk about "Positive Rugby League" !
  8. If you spent any time on the game threads when hes ref'd them then it probably isn't a huge leap
  9. You could.. But that doesn't change what I said. Did Hull play that badly last night because of the way Warrington played? I thought Hull were just woeful and it had barely anything to do with how Warrington were playing.
  10. So what part of my post do you disagree with? Toronto played well, they played what was in front of them. Huddersfield also played poorly, they got nilled. I don't think you can perform well in a game and fail to score a try.
  11. Congrats on Toronto's performance. 18-0 - Well deserved victory. Huddersfield played poor but Toronto bossed that game from what I saw. First win of their SL era!
  12. Have you tried to get it on your phone this time? Haha. Yeah, I remember our conversation last time about this ! Yeah, this is the first problem I've had with OurLeague this season TBH. I used to have problems with it before I moved over to Fibre about a year and a bit ago. But since then its mostly been issue free!
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