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  1. Have you seen what is already in Super League?
  2. Theres a lot of bands out there, they don't have to go down the 90s indie route
  3. I got a pop up notification yesterday to my phone about it, so I checked it out. There were a few polls, one was about scarves/hats, another was about pins, and the design of them. If you go to the "polls" section on OurLeague, they should still be there. But they were hidden behind the "try of the week" poll.
  4. Though Thought it was quite interesting that yesterday OurLeague put up a poll for people to vote on what "extra" merchandise they would purchase, and some different designs of scarves and hats. You don't usually see polls for fans to choose which design they prefer for a national team's kit/accessories.
  5. Can this thread be locked yet? It has just descended to arguing if Climate Change is real or not.
  6. They couldn't of tried very hard if they had to go to Shed 7 as their most "modern" band.
  7. Just as a little run down of some of the numbers for One Republic - Their current most popular song on Spotify is "Rescue Me" with 162,836,943 listens. Their "counting Stars" is their most popular song, which has 896,452,091 listens on Spotify. So compared to shed 7's 7 million listens for their most popular song. I think it tells the story quite well with those numbers.
  8. You mean the NRL are actually using a band that is still relevant in todays society? Rather than one that had it's two hits in 1999, and anyone under the age of 30 probably hasn't heard of them? I did like some people mentioning Razerlight, etc earlier - At least they were quite popular!
  9. You were doing fine until you linked it to the TWP. TWP has many people that watch it that haven't been Rugby enthusiasts, especially not Rugby League ones. To say TWP isn't expansion is just stupid IMO.
  10. You ever read some posts and just hope that they are tongue in cheek, and not to be taken literally? Yeah, that's half of this thread.
  11. Love people gatekeeping other people to not having opinions on a subject unless they do X and X.
  12. Their biggest hits were from 1999. No wonder I haven't heard of them before. Glad to see Rugby League is playing to it's demographic
  13. I remember a few podcasts discussing it about a month or so ago, but nothing since
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