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  1. Yup, it says a test.. At least test some footage of RL...... Can't believe it's STILL up. It's a joke right?
  2. Can't believe it's still up... Someone is completely inept at their job...
  3. You don't think getting more players that are exciting to watch playing RL will benefit RL long term?
  4. You mind posting your homework? As I find it incredibly hard to believe that Child has a "major problem" with Wire. The man is a professional, and he will blow penalties if teams offend, which they do.. Surprisingly ......
  5. I never assumed that, I just thought Zaks vocabulary was awful and that's all he could say, as he's an idiot.
  6. So you are in the boat of that we should just accept whatever little effort they put into RL?
  7. I guess the question is how long after you take for example, cocaine are you impaired for your driving? If you do a line on Friday, and say on Sunday you get pulled over driving, I would say you wouldn't be under the effects of it still (I can't say that for 100%) but it will still come up in a test on Sunday.
  8. Except that all those fullbacks that Australia pick can actually catch and pass. Bateman struggles in this aspect - he has a good offload, but his catch and pass isn't amazing. He can do a "job" at centre, but we shouldn't even be talking about him at centre, all he does is nullify the attack on that side of the field, as people have already said. It's all well and good him getting in the face of his opposite centre, but he can do that at SR, as he'll be most likely tackling that centre anyway. His one-on-one defense also isn't great, and I think he can get found out very eas
  9. She was literally already rich, and was an actress. Not sure what you expect ...
  10. Just on the subject of the NRL's popularity here, if SL stopped and we just had NRL, I imagine I would watch it for awhile, but my main team in the NRL is Canberra due to the number of English players - That would stop if there was no RL playing here, so in a number of years I'd imagine i would stop watching the NRL as there wouldn't be English players playing the game over there anymore. As much as I love watching the NRL, personally I can struggle to watch a full match with 2 teams when I don't care for either team. Prefer to be invested in the game I am watching so I can fully enjoy i
  11. Absolute rubbish. Boxing is a huge sport that millions world wide take part in. Just because you look down upon it doesn't mean it sends wrong signals. It's a huge boxing fight that will be watched by probably more than RL will get. It's Warrington's career, should he just stop boxing now in honour of Burrow?
  12. I feel like you are doing somewhat of a disservice to the amount of money he has put into the academy to ensure we have great juniors coming through. That is somewhat about sustainability But I agree on other areas.
  13. Google what the Honduran flag is, and it might give you a clue
  14. BetFred is a national company.. Living in London I had no idea that it was based in the North, who really cares if it is, as long as it is a national company?
  15. Might have the ability, no where near has the resilience to make it in the NRL, needs to do it week in, week out, and he just can't - He would probably be dropped before he was able to have one of those games that make people actually notice him.
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