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  1. Just because London are a full time team, doesn't mean they have a huge wage bill. The London team in SL was very, very different to the squad in the championship this year. I don't understand why you keep bringing them up at all. I would be very surprised if London were spending as much when we were in SL, compared to Leigh this year.
  2. Quite often, I've been to both since we've been allowed back to matches.
  3. Were they though? Trailfinders still isn't a ground for a professional team in any sport imo.
  4. Was there an atmosphere at Trailfinders? As I've never experienced it.
  5. He's playing OK, not offering too much, playing at FB mostly, but he suffer from an injury in yesterdays game. On another note, I went to yesterdays game at trailfinders, and still hate the ground.
  6. What about it? I don't understand how Hunslet has world wide fame, as another poster said I doubt most people in the UK would even be able to place it on a map.
  7. I highly doubt a thread on a UK RL message board is going to impact his contract negotiations ..
  8. What hypothetical fans have been prioritised for the last 30 years exactly?
  9. Yeah, hopefully they sort it for the second half !
  10. Online streaming platform, mostly for people to play games on. It has a huge viewership base, mostly with younger audiences
  11. Just be prepared for the sexiest and fat shaming comments too!
  12. I've got it on my computer, but it's always interesting to see people who are new ask questions and things around what's going on
  13. I've been a big fan of having RL on twitch since they first started doing it, currently on 17k viewers due to Twitch putting it on the front page, so a lot of new viewers to the sport, but they really need a mod team for the chat, as it is a mess
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