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  1. That's probably why it died until you decided to post your opinion 5 days later.
  2. I recommend you not watch the following video if you do not wish to hear Burgess with his half aussie accent:
  3. We used to get 10k attendances. Not at Ealing we wouldn't in future though. There is plenty of interest for a successful London RL team. Just need to finally get that "successful" part right.
  4. How about between Catalans and Warrington fans? ?
  5. You can follow a twitter account from anywhere - it's no real indication of home attendances. Besides they seemed to be there last season ?
  6. What are you trying to say about our current day trophies?! Oh.
  7. Reading his quote and seeing the "World Cup and have done it with all purely English-born players." - I feel like it doesn't read particularly well - But he was clearly talking in the context of England and Australia - Our game isn't on an international level to start talking about players that have grown up in England, but were born or spent a couple of years in another country in Europe. I feel like he was clearly referring about those "Australians with English Heritage" playing for England, nothing else.
  8. I believe some of the Wheelchair WC is being played in London, and I think I am more excited to see that then the Semi in London
  9. Isn't it? Two clubs offered him contracts and he chose one over the other? If Wakefield had not offered him anything then it would not have been a "race"
  10. I think it was Jamie Langley that recently said in an interview when asked about Davies, that when he was coming through, it was always thought if his mind was in the body of a bigger player he would be playing for England in his early 20s. Shame, as he puts in 100% whenever he steps on the field, and has some skills with the ball too.
  11. Wakefield - it says it in what you quoted.
  12. Nothing happened to it.. I even referred to thinking he isn't as "elusive" as Papenhuyzen is, in my post.
  13. RL in this country only gets headlines if some fans acting like $%£^ or if England are doing well. That's how you get more people interested in SL, convert them from the international games to domestic IMO
  14. You just gotta get through that first 50 minutes without conceding too much then ?
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