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  1. Consultation with who? the WP? Or just the rest of the clubs in SL? As I am pretty sure the result would have gone one way. I will admit you were right on the TV money in terms of when they announced you wouldn't get any more, according to this: https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/super-league-chief-robert-elstone-on-tv-deal-toronto-and-league-structure-1-9998689 It was just before the MPG - Which again, was months ago. You're still going on like you found out about it yesterday with every post that links back to it. Sorry for sounding so amateurish on a forum, I should be more professional!
  2. You keep repeating the same point over and over again - How long have Toronto known that they wouldn't get their share of the TV contract? Because I remember reading this years ago. Stop going on about something like you have only just found out about it, it comes across as quite pathetic.
  3. Not sure if I am proud or not that i had to google " IACGMOOH " to find out what you were referring to.
  4. Haven't you just re-iterated the same points over the last few months? I am not sure your contribution was that much more.
  5. I am seeing this point come up more and more in recent months- We can't call ourselvesthe TGG as thatis arrogant. Really? Half the time it is tongue in cheek, and other sports also usetheir own version of it, be it "the beautiful game" or whichver else. In regards to your first point, you are right from my experience in regards to being insular. I would also add in most people that have a "main" sport tend to patronise others when they see them, as they don't enjoy them as much.It isn't an unusual thing to see. Football fans don't need to worry, as they haven't got the competition from other sports, they just attack eachother instead.
  6. Except that no one outside RL knows who Wagga is, and I am sure there are quite a few within it that still don't know who you're referring to.
  7. So they didn't buy the lease on Odsal to help the Bulls, they just gave them a £600k UNSECURED loan to help the Bulls?
  8. It doesn't hurt the WC not having the States there either. RL is completely absent in the USA. Magically pushing them into a WC where they get big scorelines put on them isn't going to grow the game back home.
  9. You keep repeating this same point over and over - But what is going to change the shallow playing pool, if it isn't expanding to new markets? You can't fault a new team for not having a ready production line of youth to come through the second they register at Companies House. How long did it take Melbourne Storm to start producing talented youngsters? How long has it taken London to have a steady stream of youth? IMO, if you don't expand into these new markets, then you will never increase our player pool, as the clubs in this country evidently don't care too much to invest in increasing it.
  10. What, you mean the average guy won't know who Rugby League's main commentator is, that retired in 1981? Surprisingly, I don't know who Footballs commentary was back then either.
  11. The shot clock goes off once both teams have packed down for the scrum, and the scrum half is ready. It is only about the speed to pack the scrum, rather than how quickly the ball comes out of it again. You're right, it does seem quite counterproductive.
  12. Again, no one has said that we will be "flooding" to Wembley - But we have had historically good crowds, like all the other clubs that are being talked about, and they weren't 50 + years ago that we have to go back to find them. Yeah, surprisingly people don't like travelling over to a Wedding venue in Ealing, who would of thought it? I am sure it is exactly the same as to if the team got to Wembley, and no one else would go to Wembley that don't go to trailfinders on a weekly basis.
  13. I think your true colours are starting to come to the forefront ...
  14. If you click on his name, his profile will come up, and there is a "envelope" box, which is a private message - If you send him a message with whichever details, it will only be between the both of you, and not forum-wide.
  15. Why does he need Couples Therapy for Depression?
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