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  1. I am not sure if JJB is learning to speak more clearly, or I am just too used to him talking at this point that I can actually understand him*. (*sometimes)
  2. On the replay it showed that it hit his hand into Martin's shoulder before then going backwards. I don't think anyone saw that live until the replay to be honest.
  3. I don't feel like it all can be put down at my doorstep, cut me some slack.
  4. I know, there are only a few of us below 60 on this forum!
  5. Look, I am 32 - a Generation is a lifetime for me ok!
  6. What are you talking about? We have a poster calling him a once in a generation player, while also mentioning in the same thread that he doesn't pass to his winger. For a centre, that seems like a pretty key part of his job, but ya'know.
  7. Wow, that is at least 2 opinions in the same post, you really are moving up in the world
  8. God how embarrassing this all is. I am usually excited for any fixtures England get announced with, I would have more excitement for another Combined nations team rather than France mid-season. Not sure how many times we have to face them mid-year before we say it doesn't work. The majority of Catalans biggest players will withdraw in the weeks leading up to the game, as usual. And I don't blame them for it either, it is unfair for the whole of SL to get a week off, but Catalans are effectively all playing an extra game. Won't even go into the fact that Toulouse - Featherstone is the headline game apparently.
  9. How can you say you have only considered the facts and haven't given an opinion? The last 3/4 pages is you debating with others about YOUR opinion For someone who doesn't want to be likened to Gledhill you are not working hard to get away from some of the things he does.
  10. Isn't the whole problem with Yorkshire - Lancashire, is that no one really connects with Lancashire anymore? You hear lots of chants of "Yorkshire" at various grounds but you would never hear any chant for Lancashire. I know at youth level we still have a Yorkshire - Lancashire game, and that is probably where it should remain.
  11. Yup, he was one of the young players coming through at the time I believe, with Bryce Cartright, and a couple others.
  12. How did he play no part in the move whatsoever? He was one of the support players running through, and next to the player who caught and scored the try.
  13. He was within 10 metres of a Leigh player at the end, as far as I understand that applies.
  14. Wow, amateur stuff by Litten there. Especially as a hooker.
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