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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7932429/Curtis-Scott-arrested-Australia-Day-party-Ivy-nightclub-NRL-stars.html To be fair, sounds like the trouble was in Sydney, rather than Canberra I guess this is what happens when Aussies go out drinking with their English team mates!
  2. This was one of the top sports story on the homepage of bbc.co.uk https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51221254
  3. I think this is the key point - Just because something is more expensive, does not mean that it will be "funner" or you will enjoy it more. My family enjoy going on Canal boat holidays - We used to rent the BBC Club's boat every year for about 15 years until the parents bought one for their retirement holidays. It isn't cheap - especially if you are renting from one of those narrow boat companies around, but you see lots of friends going on holidays on them. We also had to change our habits after getting a dog, finding holiday friendly destinations for the dog is easy if you have a canal boat - Not so easy to go abroad. Money doesn't = enjoyment!
  4. It is very hard - especially for the younger generations now that their intrinsic worth seems to be linked to what phone they have, or what console they have. They can be outcast if they have a rubbish Android, rather than the new iPhone. I think it leads on from this into later life, where people view success and happiness in material possession, of who has the most expensive car, who goes on holidays the most, who spends the most on holidays, who has all the latest gadgets, etc. It is quite sad how the world has gone to this.
  5. This - It is a computer that goes through the videos to identify key parts that it can identify as being part of a "live sport" or some event that shouldn't be being broadcast. You see quite a few on Youtube of just re-uploads with the video flipped, or incredibly zoomed in to the point of it not even worth watching (depending on the video in question) Computers are getting very good at spotting them, it's a shame all the money seems to be on identifying these videos, rather than various other types that are all over, especially with Facebook as an example - They need to invest more to get rid of certain other content, but they don't seem to care too much!
  6. I remember picking up an Alcatel about 10 years ago when my phone at the time broke. I think it was about £30 as well. I actually quite enjoyed using it, and used it for longer than I was originally expecting when it was bought!
  7. You mean like every RL team has done for the last 5 years + now? The wingers/Fall back take the first 2/3 tackles, finally followed up by the forwards.
  8. Yeah - I remember reading about this a few years ago - Makes sense, they aren't geolocated, so it is a bit more secure !
  9. I am an an android user, never liked Apple of Samsung as overall companies. Currently got a Motorola that I have had for about 3 years? It cost me around £130 brand new, and is still going now, does everything that I could want from it, but it is a bit slow. I just can't really ever justify spending more than a £1k on a phone.
  10. To be honest - most of it is just paranoia, these companies are going to collect the data on you anyway !
  11. Facebook are all over that - Not so much on political lies though. Funny that.
  12. Turn off your location settings and such, so your phone isn't tracked by google.
  13. You can request and download all of your data from Google which is always fascinating, and quite scary!
  14. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/your-smartphone-listening-or-coincidence/ It is something that has been spoken about for years, but the companies deny that it is happening. I can't say I have experienced it personally - I think a lot of it is coincidence and your brain just likes to make the connections.
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