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  1. Will you keep saying this claim without any evidence to back it up? If that is really the point you think he was trying to make ... Like I said earlier, people see what they want to see
  2. Surprising amount of people seem to have started trying to defend what Barber has said in the last 12 hours. People can really just see what they want to see sometimes
  3. Broncos Vs Dragons used to get a bit feisty at times
  4. Not a follower of Barber so can't actually see his tweets - probably a blessing by the sounds of it.
  5. It's embarrassing seeing that decision - i have no problem if a ref awarded that or similar live and you then see it shouldn't have been, but to go to the bunker and still get it so wrong ...
  6. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/championship-and-league-1-to-introduce-golden-point-extra-time-in-2020/ It explains the rules here in terms of the golden point which I assume is the "bonus point"
  7. Except London and Fev are offering to replace Toronto for this season, saying they have squads that are ready to step up. They're not talking about 2021.
  8. How many tournaments do you know taking place right now and will conclude before the SL season restarts in roughly 2 weeks?
  9. This years sky tv deal was negotiated before TW were ever in SL or SBW was ever in the minds of TW. As far as I am aware, Sky pay to broadcast X amount of games a season, we easily cover that already. We may have had a problem if we were like the NRL and televised every game, but we don't.
  10. Just reading some of your posts on this thread, it almost comes across that you view Toronto as an attack on French RL in some form. Journalists have been asking questions about TW from the beginning, I am unsure if you've missed all the articles over the last 4 years? You could probably start at the beginning of this thread.
  11. I mean this story came out almost a week ago: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-union/international/owen-farrell-contract-england-captain-eddie-jones-saracens-championship-a9622266.html He isn't going anywhere
  12. You're talking like there is a huge queue of clubs in the lower leagues that even aspire to SL. There is really only a handful.
  13. I mean sure, but that is a different topic all together. What we have has shown to develop players to a somewhat reasonable level.
  14. Exactly - English clubs have the ability to easily transfer young players and older players between each other, that doesn't mean they're doing better than Catalans are because they have more English players. All of those French players came through Catalans, I'm not sure how seeing 16 players that have come through their ranks or developmental systems as a bad number. Can you imagine what it may be if there were more French clubs in our competition?
  15. Quite selective there Hela - Catalans have 16 French players with squad numbers, how many came through their ranks in comparison to the 23 English born players that Cas have? I'd wager that some of those English born players didn't come through Cas's academy and came from other clubs. I don't think that could be said to a lot of those French players.
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