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  1. The In Touch Show by Betfred isn't too bad a listen either -
  2. They're up on the skysports website: https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/11745952/london-broncos-26-24-hull-kr
  3. By he had a little look, I assume you mean that he turned around 180 degrees... I agree with the ball steal point though, the tackle was already completed. It just never should of happened in the first place.
  4. Gotta say I feel really sorry for Matty Gee - I don't think he has had his name said once for any of his runs. It's always another player that's apparently carrying it... Luke Yates got credit twice, and then Nathan Mason gets a run before he's even on the field!
  5. So all of us in London should just pack it up? The dream is over! We once had crowds close to 10k, and now we're just about managing 1k. It must really offend you that the Broncos have managed to make it back into Super League.
  6. Seeing London do most things at half the speed must of confused me
  7. Our halfs are really trying to keep us in this game, it's great to see!
  8. Wire are just too quick for us. We really need some big forwards next season for us to be able to compete in the 8s. Our backs can hold their own though.
  9. It's a knock on for me, lost control after the initial touch,
  10. iirc, the touchie last year in the London v Leeds game had the same error that hurt London.
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