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    Leuluai and Samkins at the RFL Disciplinary...

    Because Tomkins is needed for the NZ series and Moi Moi wasn't needed by anyone other than Workington?
  2. Yes that is what ultimately will determine if he was the correct person for the appointment but you would expect to see some improvement over 12 months which is why I suggested the judgement process should start, rather than say now, when any changes he has started making have yet to take effect
  3. The time to start judging Elston is probably this time next year when he has had the winter to put his plans into place and the a season to see how they have panned out.
  4. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Grand Final Crowd

    Earlier in the week if you logged in and clicked the middle block of the top tier it showed the seating plan and seats available even though it was greyed out. You can't do that now so it is likely at least some of the seats have been sold possibly on deals or through clubs
  5. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Grand Final Crowd

    That's what I fear, can't understand why for a game like this where they are pretty much assured of 65-70K they can't just show the status and let people decide where they want to sit Edit: just re-read your first line, while the top tear is shown as not on sale if you hovered the cursor over at least one of the blocks on the RFL website a few days ago it showed tickets available, though there were very few so this tier may indeed be sold
  6. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Grand Final Crowd

    If the graphic is accurate there is barely a ticket left in the Wigan end but still a few in the Warrington end
  7. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Malcolm Andrews

    Very sad to hear this, I wondered if he had been ill due to his column not being printed recently and none of the NRL reports carrying his name. Loved reading his column and the humour that went with it and miss it greatly. RIP Malcolm
  8. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Rugby League's Black Players

    Wasn't Hanley the first black coach of any British national team too?
  9. Cumbrian Fanatic

    London in Superleague

    Just been mentioned at the end of the sports section of the 10 o'clock news on BBC 1, no reral detail other than they have made it back to superleague and the details could be found on the BBC Sport website
  10. Cumbrian Fanatic

    What now for Toronto?

    They regroup and go again next year, they came top of the championship going into the Super 8's this year and surely must start as favourites for next season. As Futtocks says above, this could be a long term bonus, as today showed they weren't quite ready for pressure matches and Superleague. Another season in the Championship will allow them to better prepare
  11. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Could OurLeague become a subscription service?

    Maybe they are using the recent live streams to test the waters in terms of viewer numbers and iron out any difficulties to see if it is a viable option ahead of negotiating any future television deal or, possibly more likely, the one after next.
  12. While it doesn't expressly say so This gives the impression that they own their own club, ground and training facilities
  13. Cumbrian Fanatic

    England ticket deals?

    I'm assuming this is the OP having a laugh based on what has happened before, but if it isn't the RFL can hardly be surprised
  14. Cumbrian Fanatic

    England Knights

    Jack Hughes as captain, some real talent in there some of which will surely one day play for the full England side
  15. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Toronto's Home and Away

    Blocks of 2 or 3 would be great in my opinion. I hope to take in a Toronto game in May or June, to be able to do 2 would be brilliant
  16. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Grand Final 2019

    Nothing on the RFL website. Bit frustrating as I'm trying to get a trip organised and can't give anyone any info
  17. Signed a new contract until the end of 2022. Good news for Huddersfield and their fans
  18. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    Hasn't the reduction of 1 game in the league programme been more than taken up by the play offs going to a top 5 which takes 4 weeks to complete rather than a top 4 which takes 2 weeks to complete. So they've actually extended the season by a week
  19. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Rail Strikes 13th October

    The RFL have many faults but they have had some real bad luck with the public transport for this years 2 show piece events
  20. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    The fans won't care if the Wolf Pack are successful, just as Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool etc do't seem to be too bothered at the lack of Englishmen in their sides
  21. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Getting to Old Trafford

    Just a thought but Travelodge's are generally cheaper at the surrounding towns, you may get a good deal somewhere else that's on the tram route
  22. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Getting to Old Trafford

    The Quadrant pub is usually ok before matches, gets full but not so full that you can't get served and they don't charge for entry. After the game a service bus goes back to the city centre from right outside and there's usually very few on I, but I think they ony go every hour. As others have said about 40 minute walk to Deansgate
  23. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Belgrade apply to enter 2019 Challenge Cup

    Now that they are getting sorted who is entering maybe they'll get around to announcing when and where the final is so that those of us who run trips can get them arranged.
  24. Cumbrian Fanatic

    Belgrade apply to enter 2019 Challenge Cup

    BBC reporting that a 3rd round entry along with League 1 clubs is likely, no mention of whether the game would be played in the UK
  25. Cumbrian Fanatic

    L'équipe front page

    Good show. Is that a first, Rugby League being on the front page of L'Equipe?