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  1. As with everyone else, I view this as great news for the game and opens up many other opportunities. Something else occurred to me, C4 often repeat programmes on E4 or More4 so there may be a chance to catch even more casual viewers at another time
  2. That could be an interesting conversation Martin, I assume you'll be reporting it in League Express?
  3. Just been on the 6 o'clock news on the BBC just before the weather.
  4. Well £3 million appears to be the target for a Peerage, so with this and the 7 marathons in 7 days that number has been exceeded. So you are correct, it should now be Lord Kevin Sinfield. On a more serious note, what an achievement and what a man. Oldham, Leeds and Rugby League should be immensely proud that such a figure is associated with and has graced our sport, irrespective of what he does for a living now
  5. Yes I know that, but when I bought the tickets it was explicitly stated that the Anfield game would be the England Quarter Final should they get there, I wouldn't have bought those tickets otherwise. Moving that game, along with the England V Canada women's game implies the same - it is that bit that has not been explicitly stated this time. If England come 2nd in the group and do not play at Wigan I suspect there will be thousands of fans who, like me, rolled tickets over from Anfield, will be mightily disappointed Just to add to this, if you do a filter against the England Team on the ticket website, Wigan comes up as a QF venue, so they are still selling this as an England game
  6. I can't find it written anywhere but I bought tickets for the Anfield game on the basis that it would be the England Q/F assuming they got there. These tickets have now been transferred to Wigan, so that indicates it'll be the England game - I'll be pretty annoyed if it turns out England are playing at a different venue.
  7. For anyone not on Facebook but may be in a position to help Workington Town Rugby League Football Club 4h · Stephen Holgate. Unfortunately earlier this week we learned of the passing of Stephen and we are trying to assist family members who would like to wear the Town strip associated most from his fantastic time at the club. (See image) If you have this shirt and are prepared to either sell it to or allow a family member to wear it on the day of his funeral then please comment on this post or email info@townshop.co.uk and our board member Kerry Harrison will contact you to arrange. We are looking for Large or XL sizes ideally. Thank you.
  8. St Bees, you won't believe how far the tide goes out
  9. Struggling to find it on my phone, but I'm pretty sure I've seen somewhere that the other 2 match days affected refer to date changes rather than venue changes. I'll see if I can find the source when I get home tonight
  10. I doubt he is naïve or lacks knowledge about the inward looking mentality of Australian RL administrators, especially after his dealings with them over the last several months. His optimism probably goes with the job, at least outwardly he has to show optimism - I mean what would it look like if he was constantly moaning about how nothing was going right - it would be very Rugby League but a pretty bad showing for the tournament
  11. Just received an email from RLWC2021 SCHEDULE AND TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 19 NOVEMBER The road to the rescheduled RLWC2021 officially begins today, as we can confirm that the 61-match schedule will be revealed in full on Friday 19 November at 9:00 (GMT). In a unique and busy year of international sport and events, staged both domestically and overseas, only five RLWC2021 fixtures (four match-days) have been affected during the rescheduling of 61 matches staged at 21 iconic venues across 18 host towns and cities. We are delighted to confirm that all 32 teams across the 21 competing nations participating in the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments have fully committed to the tournament in 2022. In line with the full schedule reveal, general admission tickets and hospitality experiences will go back on sale from 9:00 (GMT) on Friday 19 November.
  12. Love Rugby League are reporting that only 5 matches have been impacted by the 12 month delay, the double header at Anfield presumably counts as 2 and the wheel chair game at Liverpool Arena, so 2 others affected. That's great work by the team to minimise the impact to such an extent. Looking forward to the news on Friday https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/wigan-to-host-world-cup-quarter-final-anfield-unavailability/?fbclid=IwAR0cva-E6lnO8Graf_cScWFcFFcbBZU8PDaTC4EloGV4bQyafDVh2YpN3mQ
  13. Headingly works for me. Modern stadium in city worth going to, and in these difficult times, it has the added advantage of keeping the money spent within the game.
  14. We had tickets to the Anfield quarter final and, while not too disappointed it is not now being used, I'd have thought the aim for the England quarter final would have been to try and get a crowd of 40000. If the only change at the q/f change is Anfield for Wigan then I'd have thought that that would be the England game due to the transfer of tickets. A little underwhelming, my preference would have been the Etihad, but none of us know which stadiums are available next November, so I'll still go and I'll still enjoy it - assuming England win
  15. When looking for something and finally finding it, why do people say "It's always in the last place you look" of course it is, you stop looking once you've found it
  16. There is a team at Hull FC but they are currently in the Women's Championship, finishing in the bottom half of the table. I would imagine that they have ambitions to make the WSL but will have to improve and earn it by promotion - I'm assuming that there will be promotion/relegation between the WSL and Championship
  17. Not a great performance by England, but fair play to France, once over at 20-0 down after 20 minutes they'd have just rolled over. Irrespective of England dropping off credit must go to France for improving. I don't think this game will have solved any issues for Wane, but I think a few players are probably going to be ruled out going forwards. Probably more positives for France and I think this shows we should persevere with playing France in France each year for the foreseeable future
  18. Just got home from watching this in the local rugby league club, not willing to trawl through 24 pages of opinion on the game but just wanted to say what a fantastic advertisement of our sport. After it finished the television in the club was switched on to the England football game and it was like switching to slow motion.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/rugbyfootballleague/videos/901258100800217 Link (I hope) for those on Facebook
  20. Great item just been shown on The One Show about Learning Disability Rugby League in general and Warrington Wolves setting it up in particular. Great advert for the inclusivity of our game
  21. It was so full I'm sure I remember people standing on the road outside looking through the gaps between the stands in one corner
  22. Tough one to call this, it could go either way and a mistake or great play could make the difference, lets hope its the latter. Greg McNally out of the Whitehaven squad, which takes away an attacking dimension, but replaced by Karl Dixon who's having a great season an certainly won't weaken the team. I think it will be either Dixon in at centre, Mossop on the wing and Walmsley to fullback or Dixon at 6 and Jouffrett to fullback. Think I'd prefer the latter. Pushed for a prediction I think Whitehaven by 4 due to recent form
  23. Playing? but now I can't play anymore watching is a pretty good 2nd best.
  24. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/james-roby-announces-international-retirement/ Love Rugby League reporting that James Roby has announced his retirement from International Rugby league. What a great player and what a pity he didn't get to bow out at the world Cup this year. I think he could have done a great job this year but possibly next year would be a year too far, so probably the right decision. Nothing to be proved or gained in playing him against France, time to give a younger player a chance.
  25. On the face of it it would look that way. Thinking about it a bit more, I think at the start of the season most people would have put Halifax in the top 4 whereas nobody would have had us in the play offs - I thought we'd avoid relegation but never thought we'd make top 6. Halifax will probably repeat their performance next season, whether we will, will most likely be determined by how many of the squad we can keep together. Walmsley has not hidden the fact that he came here to try and get into Superleague, maybe he sees Halifax as a bigger shop window to get exactly what he wants. That said, I'd love Whitehaven to be his shop window again next season.
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