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  1. Pretty sure the RFU were after him to switch and that was a carrot. If I remember correctly they thought both Sam and Joel Tomkins were switching codes but Wigan used the money they got for Joel to keep Sam. I think he's been a terrific player, perhaps never quite got to the level I thought he was going to when him and Kyle Eastmond played in the halves against Australia in 2009, but he wasn't far short. He didn't mention what his off field role will be but can see him developing into a really good coach
  2. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/61459/england-rugby-league-confirms-mens,-womens-and-wheelchair-head-coaches England men: Shaun Wane England Women: Stuart Barrow England Wheelchair: Tom Coyd Took a while, but we're there now
  3. I was just about to post that but wasn't going to name the team. Didn't know him but remember the name from when a mate used to coach there.
  4. Absolutely. I've always thought him a good player, just not one who had a major influence on the wider culture of the team. As I said, I really don't know why I thought of him like that
  5. Interesting that you should post this about Lomax. I was at a Kyle Amor testimonial event in Whitehaven shortly before St Helens flew out to Australia and Tommy Makinson described Lomax as the ultimate professional, he said that he is so well prepared that he even walks his dog up hill backwards in order to stretch hi hamstrings. Up until now I'd never considered Lomax as one of the agenda setters at Saints - I don't know why as you don't get to spend so long at such a successful club without bringing a lot to the organisation.
  6. It did get a mention on ITN news last night, which for Rugby League is pretty rare. The paragraph that the Sunday Times printed was so small that they needn't have bothered
  7. Just like any Grand Final or Challenge Cup Final, St Helens just needed to be the best team on the day, and they were
  8. In my life time, nobody even close. And yes I do realise what a big call that is when you consider players like Sculthorpe, Cunningham, Long, Graham, Newlove etc
  9. Always admired James Roby, this really puts into perspective his contribution to Saints over the years At 37 yrs old & in his 19th season James Roby has won the World Club Challenge making 49 tackles with only 2 misses. To put his mammoth effort into perspective he played in the 2007 WCC against the Broncos! What an incredible career. // #blokeinabar
  10. A little bit of the post match interview with Roby and Wellens https://fb.watch/iMTcV30DlL/
  11. Next year it should be in England - St Helens went to Australia and took it off them, if the NRL clubs want it back they should come to England and try and take it
  12. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/how-the-australian-press-reacted-to-st-helens-win-over-penrith-panthers-68562/?fbclid=IwAR2XGlQSFTqE3xXqCjjx2GEfUgQCAFY7HJj2fjo1XngZMDaeQi3doQ7Mz0Y
  13. Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Phil Gould @PhilGould15 Well done St Helens. That’s a mighty victory. Beat Panther to the punch early. Defended their lead with pride. Terrific stuff. Panther looked clunky but no excuses. They had months to prepare. St Helens too good on the night. Great result for Rugby League. 9:54 am · 18 Feb 2023· 46.9K Views 50 Retweets 28 Quote Tweets 862 Likes
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