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  1. London are playing for a home draw in the play offs though, if they win and Sheffield beat Braford they go up to 4th
  2. I can't remember the exact details, but some years ago a (now) former referee told me that in a game he was refereeing it was brought to his attention by a linesman that a team had used too many interchanges. I seem to remember that he said the offending team disputed this and the only way was to carry on and let the RFL sort it out afterwards. This makes me think that the onus is on the team to ensure they are within the alloication.
  3. There'll be several West Cumbrian players of a certain age who'll have fond memories of Roanne from when they used send a youth team annually, then receive them later in the year
  4. I can understand that, from a commercial point of view I'd have thought Leeds, St Helens or Hull would be the obvious choices
  5. Have ordered the book but it would be even better, from my point of view, if you did something similar Cumbrian legends. May not be as big names as Wigan but I bet you could get/ have got great interviews with the likes of Eddie Syzmala, Boxer Walker etc
  6. I was there for the last test and it certainly felt like that, the GB fans basically took over the whole area around Lang Park. A lad I grew up with, had by that stage been living in Brisbane for about 5 years, has since told me that it the only time he has ever felt homesick. Small anecdote on how well they were received, on the following Sunday I went to the Broncos game with my mate and all his Aussie friends. In the pub afterwards, I went to the bar to order 4 beers, probably XXXX, but they didn't have any so I asked for another brew (Powers?) None of that either. Jokingly I asked what kind of pub it was with no beer and got the reply "all you bloody poms drank it on Friday". My mate later told me that the landlord wrote to the local Brisbane paper saying it was the best night any of his pubs had ever had, with the best crowd, especially given that they were fans of a beaten team
  7. Haven't got the paper at work, but I think that article was about the Pennine league, which remained a winter league after most of the other amateur leagues moved to summer
  8. Well, I run a trip from the north but every year a mate of mine from London brings a bunch of mates who all follow union, 13 this year. Will be interesting to see which game they want to go to
  9. Its probably on after The Last Leg to catch those viewers If its as good as Take His Legs it will be brilliant
  10. If they are going with 10 teams, then I think that's the best way to do it
  11. Well, we've booked tickets to all 3 and I'm looking forward to it immensely, even if the venues are a bit underwhelming
  12. I've seen that, get some great pictures and comments. Think it is run by Jim Mills, he certainly responds to fans comments regularly
  13. Maybe kept the bars open where the finalists teams supporters were located? I'm sure they closed them where we were
  14. We're in Club Wembley and I still don't fancy all 3, though one of our party says he's doing them all. Will probably do the women's final then the main event and leave. If I remember correctly, last time the 1895 final was on after the challenge cup final they closed the bars
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