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  1. I think these are both fair points. Could we get more than 25-30K against Tonga, I believe with a decent lead in we can. I'm less certain of getting those numbers against the other nations but would be happy to try. What I would like to see is home tests for 2022 confirmed ahead of the world cup, if Australia are dithering then invite Tonga and maybe another nation and get them in the diary, they could even have warm up, mid week or end of series games against any of France, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.
  2. I've thought this for a long time. All 3 are probably the easiest to get to in their respective regions, get some consistency in where the matches are played and build but the relationships too. Etihad Stadium, Elland Road & Tottenham for Australia and the Kiwis, and if we ever get Tonga, Fiji, Samoa or PNG over for a 3 match series maybe scale down a bit but keep them in the respective areas - Wigan, St Helens or Warrington for the west, Huddersfield, Headingly or Hull for the East. Not sure about smaller London stadiums
  3. This is an absolute must. We always seem to have less than 12 months run in. At every Magic, Challenge Cup Final and Grand Final we should have next years tickets on sale, possibly with a one day only or limited number special discount. An example, for the last few years we've been to the Rebellion Festival, the first thing we do after collecting our wristbands is go and buy next years ticket.
  4. Mate of mine's a fireman, before that he was a miner, he tells me that while the comradery in the fire service is great it isn't a patch on when he was a miner. Said he still be doing it today if he could
  5. The Haig Pit one overlooking one of the pitches Kells play on is still standing (first photo). There's also an one at the former Florence iron ore mine on the outskirts of Egremont.
  6. I think Kyle Amor was a printer before moving from Whitehaven to Leeds and going full time pro, he certainly worked for a specialist printer
  7. I admire your dedication in ensuring that you are well informed
  8. There are plenty of days when you won't see the Isle of Man or Scotland, or the hills of the Western lakes on a really bad day. The good days make up for that though
  9. Think we were at that game, though we didn't see any trouble, but we were in the area and decided to go. We had Whitehaven shirts on and headed into the Leigh end, several people thought they were Featherstone shirts and tried to direct us to the away end - this was done in a friendly and helpful way. When we explained they were Whitehaven shirts we were made more than welcome. This kind of thing has happened at several other grounds too
  10. This. I've been to quite a lot of NCL games where there have been some Superleague players watching, and not necessarily at the club where they started. I think it's a credit to our game that players at the top level still watch the lower levels and mix with the crowd. For the most part other spectators are generally friendly and polite with the players, speaking but not invading their space, this is reciprocated by the players. I think a lot of this is to do with players still being friends with the lads they started playing the game with as kids
  11. Kirklees council have agreed a deal to purchase the George Hotel according to Love Rugby League https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/kirklees-council-agrees-deal-to-purchase-george-hotel-after-national-rugby-league-museum-bid/?utm_content=buffere99f9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer&fbclid=IwAR1g3Wdv4QI62aVxcRBYERObg0tuKnHfyf1varlWISHv7hyWDaXNyWwuzk4 Even if the National Rugby League Museum bid fails its still got to be good news for the building
  12. In the Bill Bryson book, Notes from a Small Island, he recommends when in a British town or city, lifting your eyes above the plate glass shop frontage and you'll see some beautiful buildings. I've found this to be very true.
  13. The sub-titles are great, at least twice Sam Burgess comes up as some birds
  14. They played this at the end of the Pink Floyd exhibition that was held at the V & A a couple of years ago and I thought it was a magical finish.
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