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  1. Ryan Hall 2 tries in 2 minutes with just a few minutes to go to break the SL try scoring record Glad I switched over at half time now
  2. According to the RFL website it's the ABK Test Series. Nice to see them retain a new sponsor
  3. I booked post out tickets before Christmas and received them Friday, I added another in April as a print at home, that one came 2 weeks ago. Assuming they are not in your junk mail, I'd phone RFL ticketing tomorrow morning, they may email them straight away or pick them up at the stadium
  4. That BBC programme was a hard watch but I'm glad I got through it. Just when you think you can't admire someone any more than what you do they go and top it. The courage to show yourself when you at your lowest is beyond words that I have.
  5. Just got in and switched the television on just as the news was starting only to hear this as the headline story. As others have said, knowing that it was coming doesn't make it any easier. RIP Rob
  6. I hope I am wrong, but you'd think that if they were genuinely closing in on 70k sales that they'd start opening up other blocks. There again this is the RFL
  7. Great Clifton is just off the A66 Cockermouth to Workington road, but closer to Workington. I've never asked anyone, but doubt that anyone from Clifton would consider themselves from Workington. Some of the clubs mentioned, Salterbeck, Westfield etc are from in the town of Workington, but generally the long standing clubs with history, their own club houses, junior set ups etc are from the towns and villages near Workington. I may be wrong here, but I think most of the great Cumbrian players who have played for Workington have come from Maryport area, Broughton, Seaton or come up the road from Whitehaven
  8. Broughton Red Rose is pretty much on the outskirts of Cockermouth, maybe 1-2 miles if you use the country lane. Broughton Moor is between Cockermouth and Maryport, probably thought more of a Maryport club
  9. Anyone received their tickets yet? I've received the extra print at home one I ordered a few weeks ago but not the physical tickets from my main order. Getting a bit close to the day for comfort
  10. I agree, reserve 10-15000 for the finalists behind the goals, including seats club Wembley and all other available tickets on general sale.
  11. Got an email from Wigan today (seems like I'm on a mailing list because I once bought a shirt off the website as a present). It seems there are loads of sections on the Wigan site on sale, including club Wembley, that are not on the RFL website. Might be of interest to anyone going as a neutral
  12. They seem to be under the impression that creating a perceived scarcity of tickets leads to a fear of missing out and a rush to buy despite all evidence pointing to people not bothering if they can't get seats near where they want. I looked on the site a couple of nights ago a if I was looking to book now I just wouldn't have bothered, the only seats showing were towards the back of the upper tier when we all know come game day there will be empty seats in many parts of the ground
  13. It really is pathetic, every year that same and they never learn. FFS just get all tickets available on sale
  14. They tried offering coach travel for the challenge cup final a few years ago. Not sure there was much take up
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