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  1. Beat me to it Davo, not forgetting Barrow Island, Askam, Millom and Hensingham also in the NCL
  2. They are great when they are competitive, many of the players have worked together or went to school together and are friends, as are many of the spectators, so it makes for a real rivalry. This weekends game between Egremont and Wath Brow should be a real humdinger. I would have Egremont as slight favourites but it could go either way.
  3. Probably because banning rugby will allow it to get on its soap box but have virtually no effect on sales whereas banning football would absolutely decimate sales. To say The Sum are being disingenuous about this is an understatement, whatever misguided assurances the RFL might have given The Sun knew they were banned from Anfield and almost certainly knew that this applied to all events. As others have said, boycotting The Sun would be easy for me as not only will I not buy it I wouldn't even take it when they were giving them away for free in the newsagents a few weeks ago
  4. He wrote a similar piece in his Times column today There is also a caricature of Johnson as Churchill title "Not his finest hour" with Johnson/Churchill saying "We shall hide in the broom cupboards , we shall hide under the bedsteads, we shall hide behind the sofas until we're dragged kicking and screaming to face a TV debate"
  5. It's a fair question and the answer is probably not, though I'm not sure who would do it. I haven't seen this at Whitehaven as I tend to go home straight after the game but I seen it on a very few occasions at amateur games and it always makes me cringe
  6. I was at the game and thought Coventry played well and after the first 10 minutes were the better team in the first half, and that wasn't because Whitehaven were poor but because Coventry moved it well. It was the same last year when it took a late score from Forster for us to beat you. As for Charlo, I wouldn't take things to heart. I've known him a long time and he's always been a bit like that
  7. Maybe Harlequins are anticipating a poor season and need someone to blame
  8. He's as hard as a coffin nail that lad, which sometimes isn't the best thing when it comes to saving yourself from further injury. All the best to him, I hope he makes a full recovery as he's earned the right to go out on his terms
  9. Good article on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48327428
  10. I've enjoyed Magic whenever I've been to it but have often wondered if 3 double headers in different cities may work better, this gives a bit of what Magic does with multiple fans and also a bit of one-the road games. If each of them was on a different Saturday the combined attendance may be higher too.
  11. That's actually a great point and possibly more important than breaking the SL record
  12. Yes, that's one of the reasons on why I thought the crowd would be lower at Espanyol rather than Camp Nou, the other being that I know several people who went specifically because of where the match was held. To clarify my original post I meant book the Camp Nou again to play the Champions next season
  13. Except it probably wouldn't have been 26241 in the Espanyol ground. Be great if they could book it now to play the SL champions this time next year and break 30,000 to get some momentum going for the occasion.
  14. If I remember correctly Offiah scored 2 (or 3) tries in the game that followed and Oderyun didn't get anywhere near him when chasing
  15. I don't think anyone was tipping any of the present top 3, names that seemed to be getting mentioned at the start of the season were Newcastle, Oldham and Workington
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