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  1. That thought did occur to me. While they refer to it as Physical Disability Rugby League, that's the only time the 'L' word is mentioned in the Critics Choice column, though it is mentioned in the listing so I was giving them the benefit of the doubt
  2. Just to give a shout out for the Adam Hills documentary about Physical Ability Rugby League (PDRL) on Channel 4 Friday 13th December at 11:30 pm Should be a great programme and it has even been listed as Critics Choice in the Sunday Times Culture magazine.
  3. Went to see him in Whitehaven on Friday night and he was tremendous, very open and honest about his time in the game and told some great stories.
  4. On the basis of those performances I think I'd be tempted to give Austin a run at 6 next week, at least he can beat a first man.
  5. Dave Woods said maybe we should start every game with 20 minutes to go. No we should start every game with Clarke not Hodgeson
  6. Good luck with the plans, I hope they are successful
  7. Already been on the phone to a London mate about the game at Tottenham and he's asked me to hold off getting the tickets right away as he reckons there'll be a fair bit of interest from his mates down there
  8. Assuming the Aussies are still coming next year it would make sense to bring Tonga in 2022. Unlike 2013, we need to have some home internationals the year after the World Cup to build some momentum, and who better than Tonga if the can maintain their current success. Its been said before but we really do need to get to a stage where not only are internationals known a couple of years in advance, but the venues a nailed down an the tickets are on sale at least 12 months in advance
  9. Just to add to that, this may just see many more players with Pacific island heritage opt for their ancestral countries as a first option for many years to come thus creating that upward spiral. Taumalola and Fifita should be awarded whatever the Tongan version of a knighthood is for services to International Rugby League
  10. Just finished watching it so haven't read all this thread. We have a pack that puts us on the front foot, not really dominating but taking us forward, then nothing. We seem to have cured the blowing up after 60 minutes and conceding 20 points, but surely we have to have a bit more attacking ability than was shown today.
  11. Always sad when any player has to retire through injury and can't go out on their own terms, especially so when the are of the stature of Sam Burgess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygbAhXUjWxI
  12. England in 2025 Saw this on Love Rugby League and thought it would make and interesting topic. There's some real raw talent there and it would be great to see them all fulfil their potential
  13. Disappointed as a Great Britain supporter, but as a rugby league fan that is a great result for international rugby league. Best team won the game and even when we started getting more ball and field position the Tongan defence was superb, though you'd have liked us to have asked a few more questions of that defence. I can see no reason why Tonga are not invited to play here, especially if Australia are reluctant. It could be a 3 match series with other games against the home nations or France, or, as with the RU autumn international, bring a few teams over and play everyone once. Bet there's a few Tongans in NZ who wish they'd gone to that game now
  14. I think I've just took a breath for the first time in 40 minutes. Tonga have been sensational. Thought we had weathered the storm and were starting to get back into it when Tonga scored, which had a little bit of luck to it, but they had to be good enough to take advantage of it. GB probably need to try and get at least 50% of the possession and move the big Tongan players around the park to tire them out. Easier said than done as Tonga will be well up for it
  15. I've had a few contract positions through Morson, and over the years several other recruitment agencies and Morson are the best I have worked through by some distance. I think it could be a great deal for Salford and hope it is successful and last for many years
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