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  1. Tough one to call this, it could go either way and a mistake or great play could make the difference, lets hope its the latter. Greg McNally out of the Whitehaven squad, which takes away an attacking dimension, but replaced by Karl Dixon who's having a great season an certainly won't weaken the team. I think it will be either Dixon in at centre, Mossop on the wing and Walmsley to fullback or Dixon at 6 and Jouffrett to fullback. Think I'd prefer the latter. Pushed for a prediction I think Whitehaven by 4 due to recent form
  2. Playing? but now I can't play anymore watching is a pretty good 2nd best.
  3. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/james-roby-announces-international-retirement/ Love Rugby League reporting that James Roby has announced his retirement from International Rugby league. What a great player and what a pity he didn't get to bow out at the world Cup this year. I think he could have done a great job this year but possibly next year would be a year too far, so probably the right decision. Nothing to be proved or gained in playing him against France, time to give a younger player a chance.
  4. On the face of it it would look that way. Thinking about it a bit more, I think at the start of the season most people would have put Halifax in the top 4 whereas nobody would have had us in the play offs - I thought we'd avoid relegation but never thought we'd make top 6. Halifax will probably repeat their performance next season, whether we will, will most likely be determined by how many of the squad we can keep together. Walmsley has not hidden the fact that he came here to try and get into Superleague, maybe he sees Halifax as a bigger shop window to get exactly what he wants. That said, I'd love Whitehaven to be his shop window again next season.
  5. Serious about rugby league reported Wigan, I've heard rumours of Fev, Halifax and even Widnes. My mate asked him at the JJP Testamonial do on Friday, but he wasn't telling. He's been outstanding all season, whether on the wing or the few games he played at fullback
  6. You don't think the games mattered to the 3 teams fighting for a home game in the first round of the play offs? Whitehaven's form since the end of June, I would suggest all the games mattered, and not just to Whitehaven York - June 27 Swinton Halifax Oldham Newcastle Dewsbury London York Widnes Batley Halifax Bradford - September 19
  7. If Haven win today they'll have beaten Batley, Halifax and Bradford in they're last 3 games, 2 of them away.
  8. When I see the dark clouds I know I'm getting near, when it starts raining, I know I'm back in the county.
  9. 2 year deal according to Serious About RL https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/warrington-prop-chris-hill-makes-shock-move-to-rivals-43084/?fbclid=IwAR27JYQjnVW7YBK5EdzXjt8_wk_YI46J-WSb43XSGJgKetFlIWsCl_KcMew
  10. https://fb.watch/7IZkcRWLWR/ Didn't see this on sky but an interview clip with Eddie Jones
  11. After being underwhelmed by some recent games, that half of rugby has just reminded me of why I watch this game. A good vocal crowd also makes a massive difference to the atmosphere on television too
  12. This is what it says on the RLWC2021 ticketing website, I haven't clicked through as I am waiting for the full schedule to come out hoping to retain all my tickets - though I have bought a student ticket for someone who won't be a student in 2022 Want a refund? When we first went on sale, we made a commitment to support our supporters by offering a Refund Guarantee on all tickets. Due to the postponement of this year’s event, ticket holders are now eligible for a refund. Please note, our Refund Guarantee covers the full face value of any tickets bought, plus any delivery fee paid. Transaction fees, Ticket Plan refund protection and any other donations paid will not be refunded. Please note, once a refund has been authorised and processed, the tickets will be released from your account and made available for purchase by other fans during the next sales phase. For those looking to request a refund, you can begin the process by logging-in to your ticketing account below.
  13. I would guess because they have fixed the dates for the opener and the final and thought it prudent to get some communication out early
  14. An email I got this afternoon states: Work now continues to release a full revised match schedule by no later than the end of the year. I suppose they want to get all the venues for all the games tied up so they can release the full schedule in one go. Looks like you have a few weeks to wait
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