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  1. I'd always assumed he was because of his presenting style. According to his Wiki page he's an Hull FC fan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Chapman_(broadcaster)
  2. The one where he stopped him dead in his tracks on the try line and then drove him back? Think that was Graham Eadie
  3. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/rlwc2021-make-tickets-available-for-key-workers-28399/?fbclid=IwAR0Y1UiyTA6m38ssob8vxvjzWcDbOg7TW8rVzOfHcRuY-0RgE7c1V-eyknE Giving 20, 021 free world cup tickets to health and social care and other key workers. Great gesture
  4. I remember in a test match an Australian going over for a try, Brad Clyde I think it was, and Gary Connolly hauling him back from behind as he was on his way down. Probably not the most spectacular tackle, but for sheer strength and determination to stop a try its the one that has always stuck in my mind
  5. I'd forgot about Peter Gorley paying at Whitehaven, talking of which, 2 other sets of brothers that played there together are Phil and Steve Burney in the 80's and Garry and Robert Purdham
  6. Paul and David Hulme brothers at Widnes, Les and Peter Gorley at Workington
  7. Beat them after playing a Friday night Superleague game then travelling down, where the bus broke down if I remember correctly
  8. Funny enough I watched this again the other day and actually laughed out loud when Garry Connolly flattened Dalaglio, I think the ref gave high tackle because he felt sorry for him
  9. According to this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/52003096 it is now suspended until at least 1st May
  10. When Great Britain were playing Australia, Darren Lockyer or Andrew Johns. In this country Offiah or Hanley
  11. Just a random (so probably stupid) thought. I wonder what the possibility of these games being played behind closed doors is? The financial hit to the teams will be less as none of these are planned for games, crowds tend to be less for the Challenge Cup and income is shared after expenses. The calendar for the cup is maintained should restrictions be lifted, it's also one less game to be caught up (assuming the cup is still played for). Broadcasters can be offered all the games as a bit of goodwill so hopefully maintaining good relations Not sure what mass gatherings mean in terms of numbers but if England is following the Scottish government lead the 500 tickets can be given to season ticket holders - 250 each. Of course player welfare has to come first and medical advice followed, so maybe not feasible.
  12. My first ever attendance at a Challenge Cup final, what a way to start. I've enjoyed every single one of them but that one is still the best
  13. You are correct about Smiths switching codes but they were based in Whitehaven, playing at Bransty. St Bees used to have a team but it was a separate club with Paul Charlton being one of the founders. I'm not sure about this, but Smiths may have switched after St Bees folded as they had a few players who had played at St Bees. Whilst RL may not have the presence it once had in West Cumbria it is still the dominant code, with 5 Copeland teams in the NCL
  14. Indeed, as long as I've followed this game I've been impressed by the bravery the players at every level of the game show, but there wasn't a player on the field that day that could hold a candle to Lizzie Jones.
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