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  1. Most Americans I've met think I'm Scottish, my mates from London but he likes to use Cumbrian phrases (mainly to confuse other Londoners) so they might have thought he was an Aussie. If I remember correctly, there was an Aussie there, there was certainly an Argentinian
  2. I received my tickets through the post last Thursday, so they have started sending them out
  3. For mine Knowles' is worse the Welsby's, it was a deliberate act rather than getting it slightly wrong
  4. If something's hard to do it's not worth doing - Homer Simpson
  5. Pretty sure there is a fan zone on Newcastle quayside during the opening weekend of the world cup Not strictly World Cup but MJK Sports Events are doing an audience with Gordon Tallis with special guest Terry O'Connor, refereed by Barry McDermott (Flyer says Brian McDermott) - 4th November Keighly, 11th Whitehaven, 18th Warrington After the World Cup Mal Meninga is being interviewed by Emma Jones in Whitehaven on 26th Nov, I think there are other shows but not sure where or when they are
  6. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/60887/rugby-league-to-show-respect?fbclid=IwAR1c3ufFncq5RQ7mQtnP0Zv6_yCaAHfkVXPfODzv1_HsrU3weDjX9lZSmEw
  7. I seem to remember reading somewhere that a funeral would be on a Saturday and all sporting fixtures would be postponed, I believe there were already provisions for our World Cup final to be played on the Sunday
  8. Harry Newman just been on Sky talking to John Wells saying he is 100% confident that he will be fit for the World Cup and that Shaun Wane knows this. Good news for England
  9. Don't think you'll be too far away with that team if they are all available. Maybe Jordan Johnson at hooker and Harvey Hill might sneak into the 17
  10. Was told about this at work yesterday by a Whitehaven player, reckons everyone is up for it - he certainly is, and coaches are Paul Crarey and Jonty Gorely. Other than that, he didn't have much detail
  11. Just switched the match on and caught Jenna Brooks saying that James Roby has confirmed he will not play in the World Cup. Understandable, but still gutted
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