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  1. I'm currently reading Tony Collins' new book, and according to him that has pretty much been the prevailing view since 1895
  2. You need to watch this You would then understand why he is held in high regard. I should add, that it is a very good programme and I would be really surprised if you don't enjoy it.
  3. For this very reason I always thought intentional knock ons weren't an offence, I don't think I ever seen a penalty given for one in Rugby League. I knew an intentional forward pass was
  4. Adam Hills donates the profits from "Take His Legs" to the PDRL clubs, what a great bloke and ambassador for Rugby League https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54282655
  5. If it doesn't get cancelled due to the restrictions in place, we are going to a sportsman's evening in early December where James Graham is the main guest. I've been to quite a lot of these over the years and I think Graham might be one of the best yet
  6. I tend to agree with you The original email in May postponing the final stated that they intention was to still play the final contingent on the public health situation and Government advice. A follow up email said it had been rescheduled for Saturday 17th Oct, that the venue was still to be confirmed Wembley had provisionally (my emphasis) been booked and once it was known if fans could attend a decision on the venue would be made. I got an email on 22nd Sept confirming Wembley as the venue but discussions were still ongoing with the Government and the relevant stadium and local authorities about the possibility of spectators attending. All this suggests that the RFL could have backed out of the Wembley booking at any time, though the costs could have course just been carried over from the original July booking. I'm with you on staying at a more prestigious venue and the decision may of course have been taken in discussion with sponsors who will want the best exposure at this time. I must say, the RFL have been very good at keeping those who bought tickets informed of developments and their options
  7. James Graham has announced the end of his international career https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/54327534 Thanks for all the effort you've put in over the years, it really has been appreciated
  8. Just had an email from the RFL that this years Challenge Cup will be now played behind closed doors, only to be expected I suppose. Next years final will be on 17th July and I have the option transferring my tickets to next year, requesting a credit note or requesting a refund. Up until now all our party wants to transfer until next year, so fingers crossed we are in a better place then
  9. This is the email I got from the RFL in July, 2nd paragraph says Wembley was provisionally booked, which to me reads that they could have pulled out so it may not be costing them much if they've decided to go ahead with it at Wembley We hope that you and your family are safe and well. We would like to inform you that the 2020 Coral Challenge Cup Final has been rescheduled for Saturday 17 October. The venue for this year’s Coral Challenge Cup Final is still to be confirmed. However, Wembley Stadium is provisionally booked and once we know whether fans will be allowed to attend the event, we will make a decision on the venue for this year’s Cup Final. Your ticket(s) will still be valid for this year’s Cup Final. Once we have the venue and fan access confirmed, should you not be able to attend the new date, you will have the following options: • Receive a credit note for the full amount paid, including booking fees, to be used for any other 2020 or 2021 RFL Ticketing event or the Rugby League World Cup • Receive a full refund of the ticket price that you paid Should fans not be permitted to attend this year’s Final, you will also have the option to transfer your 2020 ticket(s) to the 2021 Challenge Cup Final. We will contact you again once we have the venue and fan access confirmed for this year’s Final. At that stage you will be able to take advantage of the above options. Given the unprecedented current circumstances, we please ask for your patience and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Regards, The RFL
  10. If he does come back I hope he only does it if he has very high confidence of being at a similar level to when he left the game, maybe a couple of trial games would determine this. It would be a real shame to see him as a shadow of his former self.
  11. Didn't Jordan James go on Take Me Out and every lass kept their light on?
  12. James Graham was no slouch for a prop in his early days, if I remember correctly, there was more than once he caught backs chasing back
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