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  1. Does that include throwing milkshakes or telling remainers that they will be signing their death warrants ?
  2. No because the EU aren’t stupid whereas the GB government are. As both MD and SSoutherner point out the very simple point that the EU even without GB are stronger than GB means they are negotiating from a stronger position. Any Brexiteer can dress it up in whatever way they like but the the fundamentals remain the same and it’s all unicorns in the sky. The EU, being rational people understand this.
  3. Erm yes we have. I know that the Tory government have been worse than useless in regards to Brexit but I’m pretty sure that even they would have thrown that into negotiations. Plus the fact that the EU, unlike the UK given have actually prepared for it - source given here. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-12/eu-says-it-s-ready-for-undesirable-no-deal-brexit-on-oct-31
  4. Hitler regretted Munich principally because it denied him a limited European war that he could propagandise the hell out of without seriously jeopardising Germany.
  5. Definition of madness is trying same thing and expecting a different result. What about that position do you disagree with ?
  6. Lose ? Apart from a slight semblance of reality? THE EU WONT RENEGOTIATE get it into your head Giant that the EU are not beholden to the desires and wishes of a state that wants out, wants it cake and eat it over and over in a delusional pique of what we once were centuries ago. Oh and the whole world looking at us and thinking ‘here is a country in turmoil, ready to look for any port in a storm and roll/bend over and take what it can get....
  7. I’m not watching - overruled by MRS AND mIss PBC - what has he said ?
  8. Tell you what how about you just answer it on the Brexit thread ?
  9. How will you solve the issue of the Irish backstop bearing in mind all of the points made in relation to this highlighting the socio-political and economic difficulties that such an eventuality will entail ?
  10. Its not an insult. It’s an observation. Any update on your answer to giving a damn about the people of the island of Ireland? I thought not.
  11. I think you’ll find the EU, unlike the complete shambles which is the Tory Party, didn’t need to be there because their position on negotiation is done and dusted, despite what the delusional fools in the Tory Party and other idiots like Corbyn think.
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