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  1. Sickening.
  2. Good to hear. So maybe the issue that has been raised above could be addressed?
  3. Fair play to Haven they played some real expansive stuff which made for an entertaining game, As far as I`m concerned a win is a win and we are in the hat for the next round and that`s all that matters.
  4. I heard the scoreboard had been anchored into that position. Not sure if this true, but if it is, it seems a waste, we were told the purpose of buying such an expensive piece of equipment was to move it, so the club could show "features" on it. I wonder if anyone from the club could shed any light on this?
  5. Hope we can spring a surprise but With injuries rising at an alarming rate and a full time Eagles outfit with two days extra rest than our charges, it`s difficult to see anything than another defeat really. Eagles by 8 for me, to be played out in front of another disappointing home attendance of 747.
  6. On behalf of everyone who travelled with the Woodman bus on Sunday, I`d like to say thank you to Neil at Featherstone WMC for the hospitality on Sunday and wish Rovers all the best for 2016. P.S. The pie and peas were excellent.
  7. After Sunday`s marvellous victory against Leigh join us at the Woodman Inn for our trip to Featherstone Rovers for what promises to be a real humdinger. We are meeting at the Woodman at 1130, hoping to depart around 12, where we will make our way to Featherstone WMC for a pie and pea dinner and some other liquid refreshments. Bus fare is £7 for members (£9 non-members) and membership cards can be bought before departure. Will anyone wishing to travel or require any further information, please contact either Mick Gothard on 07516302655 or Mick Binks on 07581158177.
  8. Apologies. Just checked the main website and its on there. Claimed £92.
  9. Does anyone know if it was claimed and what the number was?
  10. Jc

    Campbell made his debut in late 2008 under the stewardship of Gary Thornton, so in effect 2016 would have been his 9th season at Batley, very nearly in testimonial range.
  11. How about Jacob Morgan Nick07? Is there any word on the youngster?
  12. A great achievement.... So it is!!
  13. What's the situation regarding Jacob Morgan? Has he been released or is he "work in practice"?
  14. Is he going to be a direct replacement for JC or an addition to him? The latter I hope. Everything seems a bit quiet on the Campbell front at the moment is this because Bradford are still actively involved in the season I wonder?
  15. Campbell was signed by Gary Thornton I believe.