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  1. Paid 7 euros for a pint in 2009 in one particular hostelry, so god knows how much it is now! Big wallet and a big patience definitely required this year. Toulouse 66-6 Batley
  2. I think you mean Sir Gary!!
  3. Rochdale 12-14 Batley Another absolutely dire game in the making no doubt.
  4. His extensive League 1 experience may prove valuable for the coming seasons!!
  5. How about a certain former coach, who is currently plying his trade in League 1. He’ll be available before too much longer too.....handy that
  6. In all seriousness though, I think we’ll keep them to about 50-60 points!!
  7. Good chance of winning too
  8. I see Dewsbury play their game in hand this week!!
  9. Official attendance 817
  10. This could depend heavily on which Saints players they have access to. If Richardson et al, are back in I`d go for Leigh by 18 if not and they`re lumbered with a few injuries, I`ll go for a surprise Batley victory 24-18.
  11. If we play like last week against an understrength, dual-regless Doncaster outfit it will be 40+ points, but we`ll have a bit of a response. Nevertheless I`ll go for; 28-10 Rams.
  12. London away has always been a favourite!!
  13. vitocorleone


    Yeah everything will be just fine......
  14. Don’t bank on this being a forgone conclusion.....
  15. I couldn`t agree with this more. The chopping and changing isn`t going to help anything. Confidence and morale is that low at the moment we could bring in Jackson Hastings in and it wouldn`t make much difference. Although Jouffret has been fairly abysmal in recent performances but he needs a run in the team with Brambani, (who surely is in his last season now) to at least try and gel. Yates might be a decent shout off the bench. Back on point, who is/are Diskin`s assistants at the moment? Is Moxon still at the club or is it just St. Hiliaire? Who is the motivator?
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