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  1. A very successful ex GB and Super League coach will be head coach of this team too. A lot of the comments on here are not far off the mark in terms of they anticipate playing in blocks, and also paying for the travel for teams travelling.
  2. poorest standard I've seen since i started playing in 1999.
  4. HAs anything been decided on divisions / new clubs etc? Nothing on the website
  5. Apparently another drugs ban story about to come out . Not good at all .
  6. carlos

    Pennine League strcuture

    Vics rangers buck the trend becuase they are throwing all sorts of cash and freebies . This is fact as they took some of our players which had a major impact on our demise. Having played pennine league for the last 15 years and worked all the way up, the last 2 years have 100% been of a lesser standard than years gone by. You only have to look at some of the players who have stuck at summer or now defected to union to see the standards have massively dropped . Having played all of those teams in the premier , most wouldn't have won a game in that league 2/3 years ago.
  7. carlos

    Pennine League strcuture

    If queensbury could get the clubhouse finished, then they would have the facilities, they also have the numbers, given they run 3 teams whit a thriving junior set up too.
  8. carlos

    Pennine League strcuture

    Sharlston have been a shadow of recent years sides for a while now looking at their first team line ups. Who are their ineligible players? As sad as it seems, I can't see the Pennine league continuing much longer, a quick look down each weekend results highlights the vast amount of 30-0 and the lack of depth with teams playing in the premier and championship etc who wouldn't have got within a million miles of those leagues a couple of years ago. real real shame. Think i retired at the right time this year.
  9. carlos

    Pennine League strcuture

    Such a sad situation and sadly its only getting worse. Having played in the Pennine League for 15 years through ebery division, the standard is poor this season and only getting worse. Without wading into the summer/winter debate, it is now clear what damage the Summer RFL regime is doing to the winter game. A number of quality players have gone to Union clubs over the winter qith the intention of returning to Summer clubs, but there is no gauarnatee that this will happen, further diluting the talent pool.
  10. carlos

    Pennine League strcuture

    Can only see Dalton as a club from other areas based on a quick glance. Still lots of interest in winter but some of the top sides looking to move summer , notably Wibsey, Hunslet OB , we (bank top harriers) sadly folded . My new club, queensbury , had over 50 players at each session which shows the strength of winter still.
  11. The final revision for the Pennine League strcture is below. I will happily take that as the final standings too : -) Fixtures
  12. carlos

    Jaxaxe promo

    Mate of mine playing at 9 for em out there. Loving it
  13. yeah, remember watching this and its just his remorse that comes through. He doesnt actaully answer any of Brians questions as he just wants to get through how sorry he was. Brian was trying to get out of him the actual process of taking this stuff but couldnt get an answer. Love to know which player supplied the stuff, he has a lot to answer for
  15. carlos

    Gonna be tasty at leeds on Saturday

    FFS all this McGuire cheating is really geting on my nerves. Having to read over and over again about his "blatant" cheating. It was so clear that mcguires knee gave way as he tracked back and stood on carmonts foot. as he tries to break his fall he grabs the only thing he can, the player. It was a cowards act of ridell to stand over a player clearly in agony. more to the point no one seems to realise that as play went on and richards kicked BEFORE being tackled, said kick rolled inoccuously in to touch, carmont nor richards nor anyone else would have got on to it. As a bradford man i hate to see leeds win, they "cheated" their way to a win at millenium, but big deal, every club gets calls and doesnt get calls.Had Richards converted any of the other relatively kickable goals then no one would be having this conversation, its just the fact that Wigan lost. No doubt wigan will now win at headingley with leeds 2 main players out injured and all this will be forgotten, until come 4 nations time when we could have really done with McGuire. Clarke is big time out of order as was riddell, to slag over a fellow player in such a way is disgraceful. End of rant
  16. hes simply asking the question as to whehter another saints leeds final is good for the game, it a vaild point. The fact is it does become stale watching the same sides year after year unless you support those sides. Why was the crowd 8/9000 down last year. I go every year and I really hope wigan get there against saints just because im a neutral (bradford aitn gonna get there for a long while again!)and the atmosphere will be fantastic. Some people , quite rightly will go every year but its a fact that some will stay away if its the same two teams.
  17. carlos

    World's ten best full backs

    its a fair post though as anyone of those 10 would probably get picked at FB for england at the moment.
  18. carlos

    Ellery Hanley

    he still live up that way? i remember as a 14/15 yr old i used to clean his shogun at the carwash my grandad had on meanwood road. it was his mum and aunt who used to come in every week whilst he was in oz
  19. Hmmmm, not sure what to make of this . bit of squad depth i guess
  20. am sure the stats back up the work he does. the plays you refer to are set moves, we use them in my tea,, call it 21s. two props run hit half back who hits the next half. its quality play and skill
  21. carlos

    bulls sign....

    think its just to add some depth, cant se ehim getting in second row ahead of Elima, Hall , Whithead, donaldson should be fit and Langley, but good back up if we get decimated by injuries like thi yr
  22. yep. good deal now he seems to have found form! Another one of the Bulls Bull***t rumours that are wrong!!!
  23. I know its now on BRADFORD RUMOURS thread, but it was never a rumour so popped it on here in case anyone missed it. solid player. similar to Scruton, hopefully he can have same impact as hes improved for us no end What do saints fans think as youve signed Mccarthy scarsbrook to replace
  24. carlos


    no better than hargreves at present but playing in a better squad may help him become a better player