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  1. Think people need to remember Paris, Crusaders etc before dreaming about this wonderful league with Toronto, Montreal, New York etc. If we just bin Widnes (as suggested above) and Wakey etc, we will have a league of about 6 clubs ina few years if these new clubs lose interest and go bust. Or the alternative, the North Americans do so well, they have their own league and we are left with a bunch of bankrupt pert-timers to fill the SL. Yes, we should embrace the new boys, but slowly and carefully.
  2. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Said this would happen as soon as he announced that he was going to walk. The club won't be in SL next season. At best, they will be part-time, at worst, will no longer exist. Needs sorting now or it doesn't give anyone time to step up
  3. The first one they conceded was probably not a penalty. Catalan scored. From then on, Leigh just lost their heads. The fans went quiet and the tide had turned. I imagine that the Catalan team that starts in Feb will look very different to the one out there today. Thought Bird was probably the main difference today
  4. Without a new investor, I can't see how a community club can survive with the current losses. Could this be the Catalan get out clause? Community Salford going part time?
  5. Plus he left Salford due to poor crowds. Leigh are never going to be dealing the 10k barrier. MK is lost to the sport. Why do we seem to lose investors so easily. Must be a reason why hardly any of them stick around. Salford relegated next year then. Nailed on cert
  6. I think that clubs have chosen to do so for money. Should be the choice of the club. If Toulouse were told they had to play elsewhere that isn't right
  7. What a game. Come on Cas. Best team all season. Hope they win this
  8. Tierney has been awful, though often he is played out of position. For Catalan to have any chance, they need to complete sets (dropped the ball so often this season) and they must give fewer penalties away. I don't buy the poor attitude stuff. The players have given their all. Sadly their skills and tactics have been wanting
  9. Yes, give Toulouse one less home game. Very fair
  10. People saying the middle 8 is unfair. It's no diff to the play offs and grand final. Sky pays the bills so wants this kind of format. I'm a supporter of teams having the chance to go up so then someone must go down whether than be relegation or mpg. We can't make expansion teams be excempt. Imagine if Toulouse, Toronto both went up. Got to be fair for all. Having seen virtually all the Catalan games this season I can say without a doubt they have no chance next week. People saying they might do a Hull KR, they might equally do a Crusaders. Not sure what the answer is, but their loss is hugely damaging to the sport. The championship is far more appealing next year than the M62 Super League. I hope sky take notice
  11. If I were Sky I'd be ditching the M62 and getting more games from the global Championship
  12. Presume that is the first time you've seen Catalan then.
  13. That final play sums up the season. No plan. No set plays. As good as down