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  1. My mistake, saw the squad and presumed it was team and subs. If Gigot did start, it proves how much need Catalans are in
  2. I'm not really sure that any of this tinkering addresses the real issue. The game has become stale. A lot of the safety rules have sanatised the game. I'm not saying they should not have happened, but the consequences are not good. We banned the biff as we were told it was putting kids off the game. Numbers still drop. We banned the shoulder charge, but I'm not sure it has seen any decrease in injuries. We banned any sort of contact on high kicks so that most at of six now end with either a penalty or an uncontested turnover. Add all of this to the constant penalties for incorrect play the balls and the penalisation of good kicks with the foot over the line rule, the game has become less and less appealing
  3. Gigot on the bench. Broughton was good until a series of injuries. Hope he isn't injured again. Catalan just keep signing players who can't hold onto the ball. Think they are heading for bottom spot, but what does it matter since the new format should keep them in the top flight
  4. SKY Deal

    We are not football. We are not so much in demand that we have waiting lists for tickets. Rugby fans will sit at home and watch on the telly. Clubs will die. We do need more exposure but putting all games on TV is the end. Getting games on free to air is more important
  5. SKY Deal

    Best way to kill of attendances and hammer the final nail in the coffin.
  6. Don't like the guy, comes across as as very egotistical. Reinforces the northern stereotype. Not really sure what this brings
  7. I hate the chopping and changing. I understand why it happens but it's plain wrong. It also results in a silly situation where a side like Tonga could be 3rd best in the world this year, yet back to being an also ran next year. If that bath player wants to play for Tonga RL, what is to stop him if he is good enough. Would his bath contact prevent him playing for Tonga RL? If the union situation is correct about only playing for England if you play in the English league I can only presume they make up the possible lower than France salary by getting large international appearance sums. Otherwise, surely we would have a bosman style ruling to allow the policy to be overturned. Didn't Johnny Wilkinson play for England whilst at Toulon?
  8. Total panic every time they get near the line
  9. Pointless playing a team with an Aussie ref
  10. Are Australian RL Fans

    I think maybe the question is about RL fans, not just NRL. Is it to do with finance of the average RL fan? Or lack of passion? You look at some football matches on a Friday night where 1000's have traveled the length of the country to watch their team, then look at most M62 sides who take a bus load at best to a neighbouring town.
  11. I thought it was written for us to lose when man of the tournament McGillivray lost that ball with seconds to go. Crazy loss of head
  12. Bet these were the same clowns who thought Ryan Hall didn't get his finger to the ball 4 years ago