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  1. Squash ladders I play in used to have 14 divisions now have 5. Maybe it is widespread. Maybe the growth in the corporate gym chain is to blame. People get their exercise when they want, not every Saturday at a set time. Schools being forced to care only about exam results and treating staff badly = less fixtures. There are loads of things to blame. It's complicated. The RFL may be hopeless but I'm not sure there is any way to stop the decline of competitive amateur sport
  2. Massive game for Halifax next week now. Middle 8s could be very competitive. Could two get promoted?
  3. Got to cut out the cheap penalties. Was a fairly even game but Catalan are their own worst enemies
  4. If Cats have any sense they will play the youth team. Save the bodies for the middle 8
  5. So so sad
  6. Smith getting sacked tonight surely?
  7. Not a huge fan of Hicks but is Phil Clarke just trying to be controversial. Anyone with the Clarke surname should be banned from the sport
  8. McGuire still arguing with the ref. Send him off
  9. Why is swearing at the ref yellow and not red?
  10. That might seal the relegation. Could be a disaster for Cats. Need to bring in a new face or two or try will be seriously outgunned in the middle 8
  11. They won't make the top 4
  12. Hardly word beaters when he HAS played. Needs a major rethink in the off season regardless of which division they are in. I'd start by having a long look in the mirror if I were Mr Gausch
  13. Need a manager in NOW. This side with this set up are going down. They need to be able to beat Hull KR and Toulouse in order to stay up and I can't see them beating either
  14. I've seen virtually every Catalan game this season and mostly we are awful. Hull KR are better