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  1. Wasn't the issue to do with Huddersfield moving the game to Weds to accommodate football? Hardly Catalans fault.
  2. I see he has been named as the lead of Liverpool's Commenwealth Games bid. Good news for Rugby League? Given the fact that he used a rugby union ball on the photo shoot, I'm not holding my breath. What does he actually do for his salary again?
  3. I meant 5 mins on the video highlights
  4. I was about a foot behind the touch judge for that try on 5 mins (I was in the dragon costume) and I have no idea why he didn't give it. Clearly grounded
  5. Great first half attacking for Cats, defence held up well in the 2nd. The game was pretty brutal, lots of injuries and concussions. Not sure which 13 will be fit to play on Weds. Much needed win though
  6. One of the problems is that, as many ppl on here have shown, we all have different combos we like.I hate NFL yet others sould only buy the RL channel if NFL was included. I would pay for RL and Football League (unless Bolton get back in the Prem.). I would no longer pay for a boxing channel given that any half decent fight is now PPV. For me, paying £25 a month to watch approx 10 live RL games is decent value, but I do begrudge paying for Prem football wages. Since I have been working for Catalan, I often miss the Friday game, so suddenly it is less attractive paying £25 for 5 or 6 games a month. If they did a significant price rise, I'd cancel
  7. Catalan in real danger of relegation. Got to change the coach
  8. People waiting for the rich guy to turn Wakey into Warrington will be waiting a long time. A huge shame if this city lost top class rugby status, but they are simply treading water in a sinking stadium. Maybe it is time to lay it to rest
  9. That was pretty poor. Defense bad. Attack very one dimensional. Sad to see them give up too.
  10. One of the bidders who lost out in the race to launch a rugby league club in Bradford following the demise of Bradford Bulls has described the Rugby Football League’s handling of the affair as “amateurish”, saying he is yet to hear from the sport’s governing body as to why his bid failed. Richard Lamb, the chief executive of the Championship rugby union side Rotherham, says he was prepared to invest a million pounds of his own money in a new rugby league club in the city following the liquidation of the four-times Super League champions this month. The RFL instead opted for a bid believed to be led by the former New Zealand Rugby League chairman Andrew Chalmers, who will lay out his vision for the club this week. In response Lamb has been highly critical of how the process was handled by those at the top of the sport. “The whole thing has been an absolute shambles,” he told the Guardian. “I was going to invest a million pounds of my own money into a rugby club and they haven’t even got the courtesy or decency to ring me until after it’s been leaked? They are morally bankrupt as an organisation. “On Friday I had an experience of two different governing bodies; the RFU were ultra-professional in a meeting I had and seemed to genuinely care – but the other, who I’m about to spend a million pounds with, can’t even be bothered to ring me and talk to me. You wonder why participation is going through the floor in rugby league – it’s symptomatic of the problems the sport has.” Lamb’s proposal, which involved a fans’ trust owning a majority stake in the new club, was overlooked in favour of Chalmers’ bid – but he says he was not asked once about how he planned to put a squad together to start the new season in just a matter of weeks. “We had coaches, staff and everything ready to go and we were sourcing players – we were going to bring Todd Carney in,” Lamb said. “On reflection, it feels like they knew who they wanted all along – it was just lip service saying they were entertaining bids. I’ve never come across an organisation as amateurish in my entire life and this is a sad indictment of a governing body which is out of date and out of touch with how to run a sport. They should hang their heads in shame. They still won’t tell me why our bid wasn’t the winning one, I’ve just been palmed off with talk of how close we came. It doesn’t sit right. “They asked for no paperwork whatsoever in regards to a fit and proper person’s test and the way fans and players have been kept in the dark is disgusting. I believed they were operating in an open manner but they clearly weren’t.” Sour grapes or a real issue?
  11. Toronto claiming that they want to step up to take the place of Bradford. Interesting they also claim that Barrow would like to step up too. If this is true, it is shocking that the door is being held open for Bradford.
  12. That's the only time I get on telly
  13. Whilst this could be exciting there is also a real danger of some of the weaker clubs being replaced e.g and then the flash in the plan clubs to burst when the investor gets bored and we are just with fewer SL capable clubs. Gamble worth taking in my view