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  1. Can't see Catalan beating St Helens bit its a shame they started the season so badly as right now I'd put them as one of the best 4 teams in the comp. Top 4 just a little too far out of reach
  2. Why here AGAIN? Places such as Rochdale surely deserve another international game
  3. Think Cats will win this, they looked excellent against Hudd and were robbed of a great victory by some very strange referee calls. Hoping to get to this one
  4. Just seen the highlights. Fair enough on the Sam moa pen. The knock on, hard to tell, maybe. But how on earth Bird didn't get a penalty at the end. Feel robbed
  5. Catalan have to look at some poor defending that cost them, and some silly decisions. The nonsense pass to set up McGilivray, not going for a drop goal just before Huddersfield scored. But ultimately, they did enough to win and were robbed by a very poor decision from the ref. Never a penalty. Not sure about the try at the end, too far away to see. Looks like middle 8 now, but still have a feeling that Leeds might drop into it
  6. Good to see BBC website keeping up. Still 6-12 on there
  7. I'm made up. Going to get to Mascot at the home of my beloved Bolton Wanderers
  8. Getting bored with this. Every kick on the last ends up in a penalty now if the attacking side contest it and breathe in the defender. In improving safety, the sport is becoming sterile
  9. Seriously, video ref is ruining televised games. Bentham got it wrong on the Wakey try, but why does the ref not just make a bloody decision. Every try goes upstairs, might as well let the video ref run the game and save money on having on field officials
  10. Last year went to both. Blackpool was like a ghost stadium, no fans there for most games and a pain to get the train back. At magic, I think I watched one game last year, spent most of it in the pub. Felt really flat. For me, it needs to move around, Newcastle is not the cheapest place to get to. Enjoyed the pubs more than the rugby
  11. My mistake, saw the squad and presumed it was team and subs. If Gigot did start, it proves how much need Catalans are in
  12. I'm not really sure that any of this tinkering addresses the real issue. The game has become stale. A lot of the safety rules have sanatised the game. I'm not saying they should not have happened, but the consequences are not good. We banned the biff as we were told it was putting kids off the game. Numbers still drop. We banned the shoulder charge, but I'm not sure it has seen any decrease in injuries. We banned any sort of contact on high kicks so that most at of six now end with either a penalty or an uncontested turnover. Add all of this to the constant penalties for incorrect play the balls and the penalisation of good kicks with the foot over the line rule, the game has become less and less appealing
  13. Gigot on the bench. Broughton was good until a series of injuries. Hope he isn't injured again. Catalan just keep signing players who can't hold onto the ball. Think they are heading for bottom spot, but what does it matter since the new format should keep them in the top flight
  14. BBR

    SKY Deal

    We are not football. We are not so much in demand that we have waiting lists for tickets. Rugby fans will sit at home and watch on the telly. Clubs will die. We do need more exposure but putting all games on TV is the end. Getting games on free to air is more important
  15. BBR

    SKY Deal

    Best way to kill of attendances and hammer the final nail in the coffin.