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  1. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Hi all, Some good suggestions on this thread. My personal opinion is that the Toronto home match is a huge opportunity for us to post one of the biggest crowds of the year, and not 'another game with no away support' where we just hope for the best. Due to the nature of the media team, we tend to have to focus on what's directly in front of us, and right now that's selling season tickets, selling merchandise, launching the away shirt and promoting the Bulls friendly and opener against Sheffield. Now that there are four of us in the media team, it may be that we can afford to allocate this project to one person, while the rest of us manage the usual ongoing media output. I think it's probably too early to start promoting the match, but it certainly isn't too early for us to have conversations with various parties to find out what's possible. Thanks, Tom
  2. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Thanks. Will speak to supplier to find out what the issue is. I've received your contact form through. Let me know if you don't hear anything back.
  3. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Agreed. Trying my best to improve platforms for communication and contribution.
  4. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Hi HirstyRam, Sorry that you've had issues. The merchandise, beyond replica shirts and a small selection of lesuirewear, is produced and supplied externally. The 2018 leisurewear range was placed on sale by our supplier at the start of December and there was a deadline of 12th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Did you order from here or directly from the club? Sorry as well that the delivery of the season ticket has been delayed. Usually, season tickets are available to buy and collect in person. Did you order over the phone? Can you let me know what was discussed in terms of delivery dates, so I can discuss it with the relevant people at the club? The office opening times are on the official website here. There's also a form on that page for you to contact the club if it's out of hours or nobody is available to answer the phone. In instances when you can't make contact, I'd recommend filling out the form, as it sends email copies to office staff, other club staff and myself. I can then give the relevant person a nudge to contact you if there's a delay. Thanks, Tom
  5. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Billy Hayes, Jordan Crowther and Jared Simpson didn't play on Boxing Day.
  6. Thanks

    Thanks Nick. A dodgy microphone, a varied and packed agenda and players with long journeys home to make after training made it a difficult one for the club to organise and deliver, but it was a very successful night.
  7. 2018 Kits

    Dewsbury Rams home shirt
  8. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Interviews: Billy Hayes - Rob Spicer - Rob Worrincy - Kyle Trout - Tom Halliday - Aaron Brown - Sam Day - ...more to come. And there's a box on the website where you can type in your email address to receive news stories direct to your inbox as they are published, so you never lose contact!
  9. The Dewsbury Faithful Latest

    If somebody would like to donate using PayPal then they can 'PayPal' me and I will make a donation on their behalf, which will appear under their name.
  10. The Dewsbury Faithful Latest

    I don't think there's a PayPal function. You donate by adding your card number, expiration date and security code.
  11. The Dewsbury Faithful Latest

    We do have a war chest for 2018: Fans can contribute whenever they feel like it, including after a win, when we will be heavily marketing the page. In return for each £5 donation, fans will receive one virtual 'raffle ticket'. Every £250, a draw is made, and everybody who has donated at least £5 has an equal chance of winning a small spot prize, such as a scarf, polo shirt etc. Every £1,000, a different draw is made, and the more you have donated, the better your chance of winning. If you have donated £5, you receive one ticket, £10 is two, £25 is five etc. The prize here is much bigger. It could be a signed shirt, a hospitality box etc. At the £1,000 point, the money is withdrawn and donated to Squadbuilder. If I can find somebody to do the post-match interviews in 2018 then I will also collect 'offline' payments - i.e. people that want to chuck some money into a box. These donations will also be recorded on the website. People can donate anonymously if they wish, and choose to hide their name, the amount, or both.
  12. New Website

    Thanks Rambo - we've worked hard on it. Comments, feedback etc. welcome.
  13. 2018 fixtures released.

    As reported previously, the club is in the process of building a new website. I'm hoping that this will launch on 13th November, when the players return to for pre-season training. All of the content is in place. It's just a case of re-mapping the domain name, exporting the site to our own host and finalising the online shopping elements. The merchandise online shop will be handled by our kit supplier, but we are carefully considering the best options for online Squadbuilder contributions and season ticket sales. It will also make it easier for us to add news. So, sorry for the lack of updates recently, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that will ensure updates are more regular in the weeks and months ahead.
  14. Feedback required

    Just for clarity, what I'm proposing isn't the introduction of a new scheme. I'm just trying to create an online extension to Squadbuilder, which has been going since 2003.
  15. Feedback required

    The money would be withdrawn when a pre-determined goal is reached and donated to the Squadbuilder pot.