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  1. rooster2003

    Officials for Sunday V London Broncos

    Never. Officials never get a hard time here. Whatever you do Ben, don't shake any hands. They don't like that here!
  2. rooster2003


    Now now Woody, calm down, you cant talk sense on here about referees!
  3. rooster2003


    Gareth Hewer, you can sleep tonight. I know this will be unbelievable but there is a new Scapegoat in Curtly.
  4. rooster2003

    Club Statement

    I called it earlier, Murph for Mayor and the return of the one and only Holty, he's coming home, he's coming home..........
  5. rooster2003

    Over 12 or under 4 directors

    Murph will be leaving soon, Mayor of Barrow awaits, long live Murph
  6. rooster2003


    Only 1 man for it Morty......
  7. rooster2003


    Why does that sadden you. It's the world cup final, slightly more interesting than watching Toulouse. And if you don't like my post about signing more players that's your opinion, like I dont agree with half the stuff you post.
  8. rooster2003

    Team for Toronto

    It won't go down well but........unless the board spend some serious money (and they don't have to) this will always happen We Will never beat or get near the likes of Toronto so unless someone comes in with a load of money shut up and get with on it. Like him or loathe him Des had the right idea but unfortunately got caught. Wigan same year should have. The hard-core won't like this and fair enough,it's their opinion like mine. But we are a championship 1 side at best.
  9. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Yes was not sure on that one to be honest. But fair play to him, good game he had.
  10. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Hicks actually had a cracking game today!
  11. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Jesus wept!
  12. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Well I know what you are saying and i don't like slating any refs but Robert Hicks is....erm......Not great!
  13. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Here we go......did not think it would take long
  14. rooster2003

    What a good referee

    Just watching Warrington v Hull and Gareth Hewer who nearly everybody hates on here (but that's nearly every referee to a lot of people on here) is having a great game. Who would have thought it?
  15. rooster2003

    This weeks Ref

    Yesssssss, get in there, everybody will be happy.........well probably not