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  1. Haha, another ref bashing. Well Mr Hewer you have been overtaken by Mr Child.
  2. Roasted by the Vet there!!
  3. Dallimore was again today. Bobbins
  4. Careful red square. The forum police will be on you
  5. Referees fault. I blame Hewer.
  6. Its had a sense of humour bypass on here for years!
  7. Should never have signed him anyway Vet imo.
  8. Bang on, complete joke of a signing.
  9. I was being sarcastic. The ref normally gets the blame on here!
  10. No 'well done' or 'well deserved' just concentrate on the tickets.
  11. Big congratulations to The Vet on getting into the Hall Of Fame. Well deserved pal
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