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  1. Help wanted

  2. Help wanted

    If only you had worded your reply better to TMF. Oh well.....Stick to trying to getting as many likes as poss on facebook
  3. Help wanted

    You were doing so, you weren't. 2/10, must do better
  4. Help wanted

    Now now Vet! Problem is am even busier than Sir Murphy so would not have the time, will still donate a quid to his course though if required
  5. Help wanted

    Much better, 9/10
  6. Help wanted

    And yet again, a wonderful way to talk to the supporters. Mr Sharpe needs to send you on a 'how to speak nicely' course. I will donate a quid towards it.
  7. Pop Concert

    Ha! Post of the pish scrumhalf! Hats off to you!
  8. Pop Concert

    Absolutely Vet! Even Murphy is posting, can life get any better?!
  9. Pop Concert

    Thought you did not have time in your life Sir Pete? Murphy for Mayor I say!
  10. Pop Concert

    Goes from bad to worse , dear oh dear......
  11. Pop Concert

    Indeed Mr Murphy, i wonder why that is.......
  12. Pop Concert

    25 replies and 557 views, Forum is up and running again, well done Sir Pete (to be honest myself and The Vet should take the plaudits though, wheres my pal Holty..??) #banter
  13. Pop Concert

    Heard you are doing a duet with Katie Price!!
  14. Pop Concert

    Come on Vet it's the tone of the answer (again) from Sir Pete. No need at all, but as he says he hasn't got the time in his life. Ha!
  15. Pop Concert

    Not fishing at all. Not the first time you have come across like that on here Mr Commercial Manager.