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  1. I think you mean Poll......
  2. Thinking of Mike Sunderland you know an anagram of Soss is............Soss.....
  3. All the best Alba! Well it has been a bit quiet!
  4. Correct, it wont be long...
  5. Best thread for a while. I take all credit for starting it!
  6. Don't think so no. Just that's it's ###### now
  7. What a shocking result. We used to batter teams like this back in 2009. Those days and attendances will never come back. Gash
  8. Another defeat for Raiders. 22-12
  9. Steady on, you cant even slightly praise DJ on this forum, The lynch mob will be out
  10. D Holt is still good enough now. In fact am surprised he is not playing Super League. What a machine.
  11. 6-22 Crowd - 900 MOM - D Holt
  12. Roland Rat
  13. Yannick Noah
  14. Ricky Tomlinson
  15. Gary Lineker