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  1. Barrow v dewsbury postponed game

    Wonder who the ref is!
  2. Raiders v Toronto

    5 mins of slating the officials. Do us a favour Livo don't share it! We got beat,Get over it. It's done.
  3. Raiders v Toronto

    Think your keyboard is broken Alba lad
  4. Raiders v Toronto

    Are you ok Alba. Bad day?. Get an early night, might do you good old bean
  5. Raiders v Toronto

    Am sure the usual suspects will be on soon Michael. Blaming the ref no doubt.
  6. April 2nd

    I blame Des, or perhaps Holty, was going to say Sir P Murphy but will leave it!
  7. Challenge Cup results.

  8. Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    Superb Post, post of year so far, absolutely brilliant....................
  9. This is what happened Sunday.

    Hahaha. What a whopper you really are Murphy.
  10. Today’s game with Leigh

    You talking about the fans and the ref Vet or perhaps Murph? #banter
  11. Toronto

    Come on TMF. I can't name them on here can I?...........can I?!
  12. Toronto

    If you are talking weapons, i can think of a couple...........
  13. Toronto

    Oh Jeez, here we go again with another moan about Gareth Hewer, it never ends....
  14. Help wanted

  15. Help wanted

    If only you had worded your reply better to TMF. Oh well.....Stick to trying to getting as many likes as poss on facebook