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  1. rooster2003

    Wigan 26th Jan

    Tiger Woods at Barrow Golf Club on 2nd March Vet. He is not there for golf, just a game of snooker and then off to Holker Old Boys.
  2. rooster2003

    Kids go free

    Zzzzz. Thanks for the offer but will come back when I want
  3. rooster2003

    Kids go free

    Gone viral. Well done (again) Not another personal post actually. Bit touchy (again) I stand by what I say. Let's see if we get 52,000 through the gate (paying) in April/May.
  4. rooster2003

    Kids go free

    Murphy. He is embarrassing. Trying to prove a point as usual. Can't take any criticism. For a Director it's embarrasing
  5. rooster2003

    Kids go free

    Bore off Murphy you clown. It's embarrassing
  6. rooster2003

    Season Ticket.... underwhelming

    You fool Vet, dont you know the Rugby Shop shuts at 11pm on a Wednesday!
  7. rooster2003

    2019 Away Shirt

    @facts 🤣🤣
  8. rooster2003

    2019 Away Shirt

    Thanks for bringing the facts Mr Murphy, always welcome
  9. rooster2003

    Steve Neale NWEM

    Get Holty back on Vet, we would be upto 9, feel the love Holty, the good old days of the forum 😂
  10. rooster2003

    Pre Season Matches

    Bet Campeze is absolutely dying to get involved here..!!
  11. rooster2003

    Barrow Afc

    Yes agreed, its good to see the forum being used Michael.
  12. rooster2003

    Barrow Afc

    Know where you are coming from
  13. rooster2003

    Barrow Afc

    Which comments are you saying are rubbish Michael? I find it interesting as on numerous times you have said 'Can't believe nobody has commented today or 'this forum is quiet' and now when a stream gets going you complain of rubbish comments. Can't have it all ways mucka.
  14. rooster2003

    Barrow Afc

    Dream on Dave
  15. rooster2003

    Barrow Afc

    Know exactly what you are saying Vet..but it did get people interested and through the gate, attendances we can only dream of now, and will probably never get again