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  1. Great lads are winning 82-0 but come on, no entertainment in this tin pot league, Scrumhalf is right, get out asap. Even Holty could still play in this league!
  2. Not another 'oh no its Gareth Hewer again' thread....zzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. I think you mean Poll......
  4. Thinking of Mike Sunderland you know an anagram of Soss is............Soss.....
  5. All the best Alba! Well it has been a bit quiet!
  6. Correct, it wont be long...
  7. Best thread for a while. I take all credit for starting it!
  8. Don't think so no. Just that's it's ###### now
  9. What a shocking result. We used to batter teams like this back in 2009. Those days and attendances will never come back. Gash
  10. Another defeat for Raiders. 22-12
  11. Steady on, you cant even slightly praise DJ on this forum, The lynch mob will be out
  12. D Holt is still good enough now. In fact am surprised he is not playing Super League. What a machine.
  13. 6-22 Crowd - 900 MOM - D Holt
  14. Roland Rat
  15. Yannick Noah