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  1. Oh change the record. It's been shocking. Am not doubting one bit Crarey loves the club, but it's time for a change. Fresh ideas needed, we have to bounce back up next season. Simple
  2. 14 gone? Jesus wept. Vet, you could have got your boots on with my mate Holty!
  3. Just for that one more guess.........Genghis Khan?
  4. Course you did POA. Haha, brilliant.
  5. Give up. Erm......Donald Trump?
  6. Eggs, wardrobes and hedges. Thought I would throw some random words into this thread
  7. What a great forum. Full of fantastic comments
  8. Thanks for your input. Very valuable.
  9. Oh you cant say that on here pal. The rose tinted brigade will have it in for you!
  10. Correct Tec. Cas away was probably my favourite. Oh yes am sure he would have done things differently for sure!
  11. Yes! Best times. Looking forward to it.
  12. Nice one Murph. As much as you think everybody wants to listen to you, I didn't, sorry about that old chap. I was creosoting my fence. Hey, Stay Classy young man.
  13. Oh dear Sir Murph, won't be happy about that, and you cant blame me this time. Bet he is dying to bite to all these!
  14. Ok here goes. Carney - Think he is ok to be fair Wells - Yes like him Tez & Baz - I know a lot dont like them, I think they are ok. Frasier Dainton - Pay him double, triple to keep Austin Powers off, she is shocking. Bill - Keeps getting players mixed up, obviously learnt it from Eddie On a side note, thought Sean Long was good
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