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  1. Keep heads up after Easter, we should have got something from the Wigan game. Keep our heads up and keep at it we might get a result. Up the Trin
  2. Keep our heads up & take confidence from our 2nd half performance on Friday and keep playing like we have all season (apart from Leeds away) and we can get a result. Up the Trin
  3. Go on the Trinity forum there's a link for the reply from the trust. If a council was getting a community stadium in return for a big development on green belt land you would have hoped the council would be doing their upmost to make sure the stadium was built.
  4. Did what we had to without having to get out of first gear which was a good unusual experience as a Wakefield fan.
  5. That's what they're trying to make it look like until facts get in the way.
  6. A good article and accurate in Wakefield councils handling and attitude to the project.
  7. Well as a Wakefield Trinity RLFC fan I'm happy teams doing well youths doing better than ever, brilliant chairman running the club better than ever only stadium holding us back but you never know we may get a positive outcome after all. Up the Trin
  8. We were told by York Court that they were buying Belle Vue and the club not to put an offer in, then they didn't buy it someone else did. Talks still ongoing I reckon something will be sorted.
  9. New stadium and we become a bigger more attractive club. Everything else about the club is going well. Love this Club Love this City
  10. They say "if you what to build on green belt land in Wakefield,just promise to build a community stadium to enable you to get past planning, then we will get around the secretary of states ruling and help you build massive units to make you millions with out having to build the stadium that got you planning in the first place"
  11. Good enough reason not to move there then. Up the Trin