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  1. We played the system well, that season we had debts to pay off so concentrated on paying our debts running with a small cheap squad and hoped we'd sneak through the middle 8s. As fans it was a horrible season but it enabled us to still have a club, pay off debts and then build the team, we fell lucky the new structure had just come in but wasn't fun to watch.
  2. Either way Bradford will still have a club, the latter might just put them back a year
  3. My other City of Wakefield community stadium to finally happen be it at Belle Vue, Newmarket or elsewhere in the City. Up the Trin
  4. Belle Vue overrated? It's not been rated since the 60s can be a good atmosphere in the North stand and the pitch has always been one of the best in RL but that's about it. As a loyal Wakefield fan I see Belle Vue as a dump that held us back for years. But don't slack the pitch off.Up the Trin
  5. If Wakefield cas & Fev had to merge then so would most clubs in Rugby League. As a Wakefield fan I'm more optimistic about our future than I have been in years, M Carters doing a great job, just the little thing that's the ground situation holding us back but that will be sorted. Cas & Fev seem happy with their own progress so no need to worry and start an annual merger thread.
  6. Who do you speak for? Wakey cas and fev don't like each other and have no affiliation with each other's club or town/City
  7. if any of the 3 went under they'd most probably give up RL and watch LUFC
  8. It's only a couple of junctions up the M1, presume it's only short term as Trinity will be out of Belle Vue soon if nothing happens regarding its development.
  9. Good to see us helping out fellow M1 club Up the Trin
  10. Glad we've got our name and badge back. We are the famous Wakefield Trinity RLFC
  11. Proper tour like they used to be including the touring team playing our top 6/8 clubs. Trouble is if the tour is the traditional Oct/Nov time it rules out club matches
  12. Yes, that away kit
  13. is it just a case of Caddicks land that he knew would never get planning for due to it being on green belt unless he "gifted" it to his Rugby club and got it through planning that way?
  14. Good to see clubs returning to their traditional badges
  15. Dewsbury waived the right for promotion to SL a few years ago didn't they? around same time Hunslet decided or were told not to bother.