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  1. And if possible, some real pace in the side.
  2. 1st - Cozza 2nd - Wildie 3rd - Gale imho,the teams improving under James FORD.....
  3. 1st - Moors 2nd- Hankinson 3rd - Kheirallah
  4. 1st - Briscoe 2nd - Longstaff 3rd - Springer
  5. IMHO Long has the best squad in the championship to choose from. Him being a multi-decorated super league halfback, i've yet to see his lauded skill and experience displayed in the teams performances. Jonny Ford gets injured after 6mins v Toulouse and there's no plan B from what i watched. No 40/20 attempts this season to my knowledge. Our halfbacks just shift the ball along ,no flare, nous or encouragement to open the opposition up.This is what i'd expected Longs team to display.Instead we rely on forward power.... a coach should have a plan B to alter the game.... IMHO.
  6. 1st - Cozza 2nd - Khierallah 3rd - Briscoe
  7. 1st - Lacans 2nd - Bussey 3rd - Briscoe
  8. 1st - Lockwood 2nd - Wildie 3rd - Hardcastle
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