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  1. 1st - Welham 2nd - Holmes 3rd - Gale
  2. 1st - Hardcastle 2nd - Harrison 3rd - Nu Brown
  3. 1st - Hardcastle 2nd - Chisholm 3rd - Halton
  4. 1st - Leak 2nd - Walshaw 3rd - Ward well played Batley. Cheers.
  5. 1st - Bussey 2nd - Brown 3rd - Harrison
  6. Hull fc great of the 1950s, sadly passed early this morning aged 92.. Born in Fitzwilliam then lived in Havercroft . Bernard was a stand off/centre, a hard man also a Gentleman.
  7. hi Hullfan,, we too had a package deal but with Virgin, they cancelled flight and holiday. We paid with credit card .Virgin informed us we would be reimbursed within 45 days. After this lapsed we got in touch with credit card (Santander fraud department), they are going to reimburse us and contest the deal as we are insured with credit card. So Hullfan if you've booked the package via a credit card try them.
  8. Parata injured his foot/ankle v Barrow in 1st half and played on. Plays well above his weight too. My view he was injured.
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