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  1. Pressure applied by the ref, 5 penalties to Saints on the trot
  2. Just what we need...another Ryan Bailey thread, it must be all of 3 days since the last one
  3. joel tomkins kick

    Was very lucky to not be red carded imo, he didn't kick him hard but there's certain things you just don't do in Rugby League, kicking a player on the ground is one of them. Phil Clarke thought it was ok though.
  4. Hull FC v Hull KR

    Well played HKR, thoroughly deserved the win. For me Hull did nothing at half back, no creation at all. Should be doing a lot better with the players they've got.
  5. Today's RFL Disciplinary Hearing.

    I don't think he'd be doing much winding up with those players around!! The Widnes pack from the late eighties must go down as one of the most formidable packs there's ever been in English RL.
  6. Today's RFL Disciplinary Hearing.

    Rugby league is a hard man's game, the players can take it, we all love a bit of biff don't we?
  7. Radford Wins Appeal

    Love Bailey or loathe him (and I know most people loathe him) he certainly gets people talking about him! I'd personally like to see a few more like him in the game, we all like a good pantomime villian to shout at!
  8. Radford Wins Appeal

    So basically Radford's had his ban quashed for 'fighting like a big girl' To be honest i thought it was sending off sufficient myself, nothing more than that, the fact that he missed a stationary object 3 times must go in his favour
  9. Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos

    Same old usual tosh from the anti Leeds/Bailey posters. If Bailey had done what Radford did there'd be calls on here to bring back the death penalty! So Radford punches a player laying on the floor not in a position to defend himself and you say that's not a sending off offence???
  10. Challenge Cup Final

    Enjoy the glory while it lasts Wendall, it wont last forever, these things tend to go in cycles, so make the most of your moment in the sun but try not to gloat too much!!
  11. Trouble at Warrington end

    Whereas Wigan fans are a bunch of Mother Theresa's
  12. Will Leeds Finish 6th?

    I reckon you should worry about your own team instead of obsessing with Leeds!!!
  13. Wendall, just because your team has won the Challenge Cup for the past 2 seasons doesn't now make it the biggest RL game on the planet!! It falls way behind the SL Grand Final, NRL Grand Final and State of Origin
  14. Hunslet Hawks RLFC *CHAMPIONS*

    It's been an excellent season for Hunslet, a big congratulations to all concerned, let's hope they can be competitive next year and consolidate their place in NL1
  15. Leeds Rhinos v St Helens

    To be fair to Bailey he had a very good game today