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  1. 5 tries all season, never had the impact we thought he would, so its no real loss and cant see how he gets in their team.
  2. Can't wait for this, what date are you planning on doing it?
  3. Still stick by this, yesterday proved we can beat the best teams in this league.
  4. If we play to our best we are a top 5 team no doubt about it! Just need to be consistent.
  5. Jimmy needs to pull his finger out or Walker will be in at Full Back.
  6. Chappell playing tomorrow will be good for him to get some game time, class act on his day, proven try scorer at Championship level.
  7. Tom Ashton was the best player on the pitch when he came on on Sunday.
  8. After watching Sunday, i dont think it will be high enough to give us a chance of going up. We need to improve big time.
  9. I would take top 4 finish now, it’s a very difficult league this year with some really good sides across the board. Everyone has improved, including ourselves, we have got to make the South Leeds Stadium a hard place to come this year and try and nick some wins on the road. Won’t be easy but I’m confident we have the right coach and have a competitive squad to compete at the top end for change. I don’t see Bradford getting it all their own way, i think they will find it hard. I fancy York Kingston Rovers to upset them first game of the season. That will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons.
  10. Baghdad Bulldogs, its all about expansion! oh and York Baby Whinos!
  11. Thought it was excellent, great for my club (Hunslet) to get some good publicity for our achievement this season. i thought Stephen Ball was a credit to Hunslet and the RFL for his work with the benevolent fund!!
  12. Well said Steve, bring back the good old days when you were judged on how good your team was over a league season! Like i always, say if its good enough for the English football Premiership its god enough for Rugby League, Blackpool FC would have never have been given the chance they have this season if they were playing our sport and that cant be right, look at there first league game at Wigan, they went there and won 3-0, they might not win an other game but they have been given the opportunity and the club and its supporters lived the dream for that one day! That will never happen to any of us and it makes me sick and drives the average fan away from the clubs and the sport! Why shouldn't Fev, Hunslet or any other club in our sport be given that same opportunity of living the dream for one season and maybe going to Headingley or the Jungle and pulling off an upset? YOU KILL THE DREAM , YOU KILL THE CLUBS!
  13. Yes we will offer more than both Keighley and Whitehaven, 1 Local Derby for you 2 We will bring 300 to post office road like we always have 3 Our ground has some of the best facilities in the division 4 Our History 5 The fact we WON our league 5 The fact we DESERVE to be in the Championship next season I wonder how you will respond when Cas and Wakey ask the same questions about Fev?
  14. A big shout out to Hunslet for winning Championship One!!!! "We've swept the seas before boys, and so we shall again"
  15. Leeds looked 20% fitter than saints for me, and Graham had a shocker!
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