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  1. http://freeteams.com/EnglishDragons/news.html?story=155454 Let me know if you have any questions..
  2. 2015 Kits

    No news as yet...
  3. New Kits 2015

    I can't see the Wigan training kit?
  4. 2015 Kits

    Sneaky pic... http://media.prorl.co.uk/images/imagesource.php?image=13526.jpg&maxwidth=280
  5. New Kits 2015

    New supplier for Thunder... will keep an eye out for the designs... http://www.thunderrugby.com/article/41210/thunder-aiming-to-make-an
  6. 2015 Kits

    will be made by a new supplier - Impact Rugby http://www.thunderrugby.com/article/41210/thunder-aiming-to-make-an
  7. New Kits 2015

    And the much loved Stag Sports mentioned earlier in the thread get a break.
  8. With the magic weekend coming to Newcastle next May I was wondering how Thunder could involve themselves in the party. My best solution is that Thunder commission a "Magic Weekend" promotional jersey for 2015 season. Black and purple in colour with half moons, stars and whatever else to make it look all mystical and magical. Hopefully sell a few to people coming up for the event from other clubs (if its done right and promoted well), as well as trying to get them sold outside the ground over the two days. Could be a money spinner, thoughts?
  9. new signings

    It was a really positive end of season and that will hopefully help convince some players that joining Thunder is a positive move.