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  1. jacobus

    Tour de France 2018

    Today or tomorrow is nailed on for Warren Barguil. Maybe Alp D'Huez.
  2. jacobus

    New online England store

    My package has arrived and I got a free scarf.
  3. jacobus

    New online England store

    Has anyone received anything as yet?
  4. jacobus

    Gadwin Springer

    I'd take him back in a heartbeat.
  5. jacobus

    Well done Avignon!!

    A nice end to the season after the semi final controversy.
  6. Doesn't worry me too much as Catalans aren't old enough for time to mist up their establishment date
  7. jacobus

    RL in Primary schools

    The schools wishes.
  8. jacobus

    2018 Kits

    Still no England kit news... Sad as now would be a good time to launch and take advantage of the lull in other sports.
  9. jacobus

    RL in Primary schools

    My club has a coach in a primary school but we work on touch. Its non code specific (but is 6 tackles thankfully) and we are looking to get players to their teens before they need to decide on football or either rugby. There are only 2 league clubs in our vicinity and both are volunteer run so it would be hard to get them involved and contributing to entice the players. We have a couple of really decent players though so I want to find a home for them.
  10. jacobus

    Elite 1 Round 17

    I got my Palau Broncos kit over the weekend so I am taking credit for their bonus point.
  11. jacobus

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Welcome to Dracs M. Wane
  12. jacobus

    Magic Weekend in New York

    That would by typcial now my children are big enough to go along and enjoy it !
  13. I am going to buy something else, bored waiting now...
  14. jacobus

    Coventry Bears new Podcast

    Even if you havent read out my email yet...