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  1. I am going to buy something else, bored waiting now...
  2. Coventry Bears new Podcast

    Even if you havent read out my email yet...
  3. Coventry Bears new Podcast

    Loving this show and would urge anyone, who hasn't already, to give it a listen.
  4. Kyle Eastmond

    Would you have felt that about Charnley as well?
  5. Lol Whilst we are on touch... am I ok to post this link admin? http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/yaxleyyaks/news/yaxley-yaks-and-prufc-launch-srg-summer-league-2267935.html Let me know if you would like it removing. (or if you would like to enter a team)
  6. As someone using touch to get people playing 6 tackles away from the league heartlands, this is a no-brainer. The codes appear similar and we have used knowledge and experience in league to coach and fill in to play for us. The funding comes from O2 and England RU but the game is close to RL.
  7. York City Knights vs Catalans Dragons

    I am fearing for Dracs, I have to say.
  8. Catalans sign a NRL player

    Could be the guy from Roosters based on the Trent Robinson connection.
  9. Sam Tomkins to Catalans?

    Aint that the truth...
  10. Which could well have decided the outcome to be fair... Despite being a man down Dragons were in a good position and could well have scored. To lose that call before being pinged wrongly straight after leading to a try was the big moment.
  11. Dear God... I must be some people on here's worst nightmare. A Southerner with no history in RL who got interested in the last ten years having seen Catalan's on holiday. Should I get lost with Bernard? Or should we all be adult and try and make the sport better?
  12. Lucas Albert dropped

    There are a few doing well in Elite 1 who might have got a chance by now if we'd been in a better position in the table.
  13. Lucas Albert dropped

    To be fair Langi has been ok the last couple of matches. But yes, I would be putting Lucas in as much as possible.
  14. Elite 1

    I am really pleased for Elima. I watched the stream of Palau vs St Esteve the other week and they have improved really quickly.
  15. Can Stade still get relegated?