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  1. I’m a Leigh fan and I think the man can be an absolute Phukwit, how he expects to bring players in with this nonsense is beyond me, HOWEVER, if he is talking Ben Flower & Blake Wallace who have refused to play whilst taking a wage then I support his rant.
  2. Don’t worry, haven’t you heard, once the saviours of RL Toulouse get to SL the whole of France is going to take notice of English Rugby League. Bein sports will then come to the Super League table with a massive french TV deal to share out amongst English clubs and London will be quids in!
  3. Other than the dramatic drop in attendances in Wigan the biggest worry for me would be the clubs production line. Historically Wigan have produced superb game breaking athletes, players that you just have to clap when they come up with match winning plays, more recently it seems they are producing clones of slightly too small over aggressive middles with high fitness levels and the skill coached out of them. Not quite props not quite back rows but a long line of grafters. These players don’t strike fear into the opposition like they used too.
  4. So did the owners of York, London, Fev, Toulouse & Bradford all let their egos get the better of them or just the one you don’t like?
  5. Literally no Fev or Leigh fans are saying that.
  6. Even though they are my team, I’m not of an IQ that means I don’t appreciate other teams and the features & benefits they may bring to the top table. What irks me is that people like yourself don’t understand that Leigh did SL a favour by agreeing to step in and fulfill a fixture list on less money than everyone else and agreed to be whipping boys for a season so not to jeopardise the Sky TV funding for the other SL teams, so on that respect they were “SL ready” ie full time, stadium that can take a TV camera and a crowd and not be embarrassing on TV etc etc. Secondly, since that point more than a few posters, You, Man of Kent, Sir Kevin Sinfield just to name a few have all stated on multiple occasions that Leigh was the wrong choice, that York, Toulouse or London offer MORE to SL than Leigh, that the game was corrupt for putting Leigh in and it was all favouritism and back handlers and that the inclusion of Leigh is “insular” and it’s no wonder sky have reduced funding. So therefore, by default by promoting one of Toulouse, York or London by whichever format ( selection or promotion) is by you’re own definition going to make them saviours of SL and a huge new TV package will be forthcoming. Its in writing, In black & white over the last 9 months with other posters confirming what I’m saying, go and re-visit it rather than sit here denying it and changing your tune now you’re called out on it like an Internet forum Boris Johnson.
  7. Shock. Same culprits who claimed Toronto were the new saviours of SL and then Toulouse are all disappearing into the shadows or pulling the handbrakes up sharpish now that it looks like Toulouse will actually do it. Same people with the who said we can’t put Leigh or Featherstone in because they’re small northern pit villages. For the good of SL and it’s credibility it has to be Toulouse or York they’re so cultural and offer so much more to SL. I can’t wait to see what they bring.
  8. They really do and you’re just trying to be hard work. ”Toulouse bring miles more to SL” ”Toulouse bring a major culture capital to SL” ”Toulouse will bring revenue & sponsorship to SL” ”Sky will love another french team in the league and derby with Catalan” “How we can we sell the rights for more money by bringing in Leigh over a major french city” Now stop being a #### and go and have look back through the hundreds of pages of comments about how Toulouse are going to revolutionise SL Europe and help get this massive TV deal that Sky are with holding because we don’t have a league full of major UK & European cities.
  9. No they weren’t? They failed to fulfill their fixtures as they failed to pay their players. They kicked themselves out.
  10. Good luck to Toulouse next year I hope they get that spot in SL. Be interesting to see if they are the saviours of SL that everybody is guaranteeing on here. Same as when Toronto arrived and were going to shake up SL and win the comp within 3 years. Let’s see how many of the posters on here are still banging the drum when Toulouse are rock bottom and presented with the same sobering problems faced by Leigh currently.
  11. This season is already a write off, there has been more disruption so far this year than in all of 2020. The sooner the elite get round a table and decide what the future looks like the better ala yesterday’s RU announcement. Wether the RFU have it right or wrong they have at least made a decision allowing a clear action plan.
  12. I’ve got a feeling there is something more to this with Salford’s rumoured money issues.
  13. The James Ford bubble has well and truly burst!! I have said it before and I will say it again thank god Leigh got the nod for that 12th spot. York have carried on their 2020 form & lost 7 from 11
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