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  1. I wish Leigh were back in the championship I love this league
  2. Could be worse, imagine if they had voted in half-baked London Broncos.
  3. I can honestly see more COVID restrictions, this new Indian variant will sweep across Europe no doubt. I can see relegation being removed and promotion remaining in some way shape or form. Teams can talk to players (officially) from next week making it even more urgent to confirm the strategy for this year & next. A team like Leigh 3 games into SL could potentially lose their best players before the league has even got to fans being allowed back in.
  4. Leigh to start slow and concede points, go 18-24 behind before making the score look respectable but ultimately losing again. Duffy to come out and say we didn’t stick to the game plan and we can’t afford to give teams a head start. Salford 32- Leigh 12
  5. Let’s say Leigh were told no relegation this year but funding for next year was based on finishing position in the league. SL have decided to got to 13/14/15/16 teams, Derek could invest as much or as little as he liked into Leigh’s academy licence application and he could also start to offer deals to players for next year. Let’s just say he also wanted to tip in 1M per year of his own money into the squad pot, it’s not unrealistic to think Leigh could start to attract some quality additions on longer than a 1 year deal, now let’s say that happens again the following year, slowly but sure
  6. This!!! A larger league, more competition, more choice for sky, more subscriptions may possibly deliver a better TV deal? Teams need to up their revenue streams internally. Underpinned with a mandatory reserve team that travels with the first team home and away as curtain raiser.
  7. I see the Toulouse v Featherstone game has been postponed, at this rate Toulouse won’t be able to complete the season, this new Indian variant seems to be causing some concerns. I could actually see a re-structure happening due to COVID again this year.
  8. I thought it had already been announced that the RFL/SL had confirmed relegation?
  9. This is clearly Leigh’s fault somehow I just know It.
  10. They were excellent yesterday when they clicked. I think on yesterday’s showing they beat everyone with a performance like that. It’s wether they can remain that consistent.
  11. Why do you keep saying “facts” are you Nathan Peat? If your not Nathan Peats then stop typing the word “facts”, because the fact is your facts aren’t actually that factual.
  12. Toulouse Fev York London Widnes Bradford Halifax Sheffield Batley Dewsbury Newcastle Swinton Whitehaven Oldham
  13. I’m not sure what level this is equivalent too I think these teams would struggle in the Championship. Nice to see some live rugby though.
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