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  1. Well now you’re hardcore of 50 fans can cling onto their season tickets & shirts safe in the knowledge they got their way. Swinton had emerged from the shadows in the last 2 years to become a real exciting young team and and had tied down some excellent young talent on the park. Next year I believed you would have kicked on and had a real exciting season For the first time not be considered relegation fodder. Things were looking good. Well done.
  2. From what I understand the Air-Transat sponsorship was a contra deal, i.e free flights for their logo on merchandise and no money actually changed hands, that deal has ended and will not be renewed. The RFL want confirmation of financial planning & budgeting for next year including assurances on SL team travel, stadium and fixture setting before granting a SL place if secured. Due diligence & RFL don't usually go hand in hand.
  3. Rowley would still be at Leigh & Toronto if he wasn’t such a snake, only a matter of time at Salford.
  4. I think in principle its a great idea, Some of these players will never set foot on that ground any other way, I think the £5k prize money is laughable and the RFL need to seriously into that and the KO time. Widnes have loaded all their eggs into this basket and therefore I think they will just nick it, we saw how much they raised their game for the semi at Leigh. most of their players are leaving at the end of the season. I'm led to believe Widnes players have had to dig into their own pocket for hotel accommodation & transfers after the game as these were not covered by the RFL or Widnes and they have no after match party arranged until they get back to Widnes.
  5. I think Leigh will put Widnes to the sword convincingly this time the week before Wembley and a bit of payback.
  6. Let’s not forget Featherstone did the same thing aswell, Widnes did the same thing behind closed doors (albeit nearly went bust shortly after) Hull KR did it when they came down as did Bradford and you can bet your bottom dollar whoever comes down this time will do it. The fact is other than Evans & Larroyer all players accepted a severance payment and were helped to find another club, Evans & Larroyer held out for more money which I can respect. Players are happy to return because what Derek did has been happening for years in Rugby League and although it appears cut throat at least he gave them a large pay off each rather than just telling them they were unemployed like Widnes did with Albert, Inu, Tangata etc
  7. See a loss for Leigh today unfortunately, Fev away is tough enough but coming off the back of 3 games in 7 days I think it will be 1 game too many.
  8. Leeds have received some good feedback from Leeds DR players regarding Carr, this is the start of an unofficial trial that suits both parties. If all goes well he will go to Leeds FT.
  9. Spot on that, you can see the Fev trouble makers a mile off, they are always at the back of the stand when you come to Leigh, ###### out of shape and hardly any teeth.
  10. Leeds have basically moved a coach and his family around the world only to give him a few months in the job, they have also told players they are not wanted even though they have also moved their families and relocated. Garbutt found out he wasn't wanted via a tweet, Purcell has been frozen out, Watkins has been suffering with depression over the way Leeds have treated him and now Lolohea has been told he is surplus to requirements and all this before July!!! Do the RFL not have a duty of care to these employees of Rugby League?
  11. Bang on! Same old people crawl out of the woodwork when anything positive happens when Leigh are concerned. He got the last 2 years wrong, he admitted it, he can do your head in at times but show me any team in Rugby League that seem to be happy with the way their club is run or who runs it other than Saints/Warrington. Not racially abused anyone has he? not sacked his coach after 4 months has he? not signed a load of overpaid imports who haven't performed has he.......oh hang on a minute. I'm pretty sure he did what Leeds are doing right about now!
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