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  1. See a loss for Leigh today unfortunately, Fev away is tough enough but coming off the back of 3 games in 7 days I think it will be 1 game too many.
  2. Leeds have received some good feedback from Leeds DR players regarding Carr, this is the start of an unofficial trial that suits both parties. If all goes well he will go to Leeds FT.
  3. Spot on that, you can see the Fev trouble makers a mile off, they are always at the back of the stand when you come to Leigh, ###### out of shape and hardly any teeth.
  4. Leeds have basically moved a coach and his family around the world only to give him a few months in the job, they have also told players they are not wanted even though they have also moved their families and relocated. Garbutt found out he wasn't wanted via a tweet, Purcell has been frozen out, Watkins has been suffering with depression over the way Leeds have treated him and now Lolohea has been told he is surplus to requirements and all this before July!!! Do the RFL not have a duty of care to these employees of Rugby League?
  5. Bang on! Same old people crawl out of the woodwork when anything positive happens when Leigh are concerned. He got the last 2 years wrong, he admitted it, he can do your head in at times but show me any team in Rugby League that seem to be happy with the way their club is run or who runs it other than Saints/Warrington. Not racially abused anyone has he? not sacked his coach after 4 months has he? not signed a load of overpaid imports who haven't performed has he.......oh hang on a minute. I'm pretty sure he did what Leeds are doing right about now!
  6. Have we really? was the next big thing him in 2017.
  7. Some tough games in there, Toronto 54- Dewsbury -10 Toulouse 44 Swinton -12 Barrow 24 Fax-18 Batley 24 Sheffield-20 Featherstone -26 Widnes-18 Leigh 28 Bradford-16 York 42 Rochdale 8
  8. Obviously it's Fax fans prerogative to defend their player and say Wood was acting.........
  9. Linesman on field, like I said clear view 4 yard away. Tangata stood over Wood.
  10. Late, 2 feet off the ground, ball long gone and no control, could be a ban this.
  11. Ref played on Leigh advantage as we were in Attack and we actually scored but the linesman came onto the field and advised the ref to pull it back for foul play, should have been no more than a penalty for Leigh for a late challenge until Fleming starting throwing bombs.
  12. Bradford are a funny one, the have spent Top 4 money yet dont seem to be hitting this heights on the pitch, it almost seems like a strange thing to say after watching them beat my team easily (Leigh) and Leeds but they now seem to be on a downward spiral. Most teams seem to be finding some mid-season form yet Sheffield & Bradford look the opposite. I honestly see Sheffield, Bradford & maybe York falling away as the season progresses whilst Fev, Fax, Leigh & Batley seem to be holding their own as seasoned championship campaigners.
  13. Good game guys Workington played much better than some of the championship sides I have watched at the LSV today. Leigh played very clinically and would guess nearly 90% completion rate which is difficult to play against. You were very professional and played some good shape although rarely troubled the defence, the first try bounced of 2/3 pairs if legs before being grounded, however the second try was a great piece of play. I would suggest on that showing you would trouble the bottom 6 teams in the championship. Good luck!
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