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  1. https://www.eliteprosports.co.uk/news/?fbclid=IwAR0INR6MDW2d1z4ZsWSuX2LExV6aVlxUSHTvOM9FNDRkfOoK0cAurTkF1TU some of you lot will be suspected !
  2. Interesting table of squad budgets on TM https://treizemondial.fr/les-budgets-des-clubs-delite-1-pour-la-saison-2022-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2-AA8wb51E9k4FXNCGAAQetIP-MIpTCBvOlzSgGlYUesmd_11zDyJmWEg
  3. Thats a good point you make there. I find inter club competitions much better as the ball is chucked around and there is not so much structure in terms of running channels and high press defence (as we aren't fit enough to do it!) Some of the other stuff I have seen and been part of has been less fun based on really tactical and teams just mark each other out of the game. This leads to limited breaks of the line and low scoring.
  4. interesting development https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/f21841c8-3f5d-11ed-b24d-96120f17513d?shareToken=aed78b7252baee484fd89c6ed71380ee Rugby Union clearly now feels that touch is a credible way to generate resource and is looking to take some of the momentum out of the RFL and England Touch joint partnership from earlier this year. The Touch Union having separate rules from FIT is going to be something that needs resolving down the line (as the piece says to be fair), but it will be interesting to see how this goes down at our club. We are a touch section that plays as part of a union club paying our subs into them. Will the club be looking to move more players our way
  5. I am glad you asked as I was looking back through emails and trying to log on to the website to see where mine were.
  6. Try being a Weymouth FC fan we are on our 6th shirt in just over a year due to sponsors and suppliers changing. We even have O'Neills now and have turned into Warrington on the pitch. i.e. are rubbish.
  7. Incredible that the RLWC2021 range on the official website has a better England shirt than the actual one https://shop.rlwc2021.com/collections/nations/products/rlwc2021-england-ornella-t-shirt-adults
  8. He might have more cash to chuck at more sports if Liz does lift the fracking ban... Marathon Running Cycling Football with OGC Nice Lots of allegations he is our version of sportswashing. However, one swish of his pen on a chequebook and he could make a real difference to our game.
  9. Our town was quieter than in lockdown last night (which might say more about peoples views on Covid than the Monarch), but I see things slowly getting back in the next day or so.
  10. Well done Salford and all the best for the remainder of the season. If Dracs do end up missing out then I think Bernard needs to weald the Cleaver.
  11. Whilst gutted Leeds won, this was a game for the ages and something to show what the game could be. The poster above saying what a positive experience it was, please could you forward that to... Mr K Davy John Smiths Huddersfield ... I would be most grateful
  12. So you want the two clubs first teams to play summer in superleague and winter in Elite 1 to make it up to a standard you find acceptable Sure. I will get them on it right away !
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