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  1. Flippin heck... loving these I am now in a worm hole ! I wanted the club crest for the collar of my denim jacket (yes I am that old!)
  2. Classic case of "its been coming" Sad for JD but the results aren't good enough
  3. I know I am being super old school here, but does anyone know of a good place that does RL pin badges as I am after a Catalans one and they are pretty hard to find.
  4. Nice and windy with a bit of rain in the air... will help Cas maybe if its a scrap. But still going Leeds
  5. I dont thinkg Souths have helped themselves here. They did the documentary about him working hard to get back and he featured in all of their pre-season films. This means his every step and touch on the park will be under massive scrutiny. He was bad in Vegas (and if the nighclubbing story is true that would explain it), but positionally and defensively he was wretched last week. He owes the fans and the coaching staff a performance this week for sure. You feel that any new coach that does come in if JD gets the boot will probably look to make an example out of him and drop him.
  6. Does anyone on the forum have any views, ideas or experience in launching coroporate rugby? We see an opportunity to grow our social touch playing pool by running corporate sessions for local businesses and getting them friendlies and in our summer league. This will get them networking and offer team building experience whilst we get the chance to nab the best players and run them through our pathway. Just wanted to understand if this had been tried and what the pitfalls might be.
  7. No match kit yet but some nice looking gear from Dracs
  8. This is on my list as well https://ellisrugby.com/product/redcliffe-dolphins-rugby-league/
  9. I was half tempted by this... https://ellisrugby.com/product/england-rugby-league-1995-polo/ Just not sure if I would look like a football hooligan.
  10. Wasn't too big a fan... Loved this though
  11. Makes sense for their marketing department when then bring out a third kit !!!
  12. Interesting move from England Touch... Seems there are plans to commercialise the game and bring in the business sector. Promoting touch as a team building, social sport might just work. https://www.englandtouch.org.uk/news/posts/2023/august/england-touch-and-in2touch-to-deliver-touch-rugby-to-uk-civil-servants-to-support-mental-and-physical-wellbeing/
  13. I have had a ponder on this before sharing my (irrelevant!) view. They have a difficult job designing an England RL kit now I think. ISC tried the hoops from a retro kit as an England kit and fans moaned it was too Wigan. The natural design would be white with red "V" but that is too St Helens. We had some success with the white with a cross of St George but people see that as a nationalist symbol nowadays and I doubt it will return. The idea of white with a navy "V" seems ok to me and I liked the RLWC kit. I agree with the sponsor positioning being too low, but as a concept I think we should stick with the white and navy to create an identity. The away kit should always be this though... and yes I know thats GB and not England but I dont care !!
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