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  1. Lol. I have to say that contrary to opinion on here I love playing touch, don't care that we have to be part of a union set up and think the voluntary tackle/touch is actually is a key element to a quick re-start and getting the ball moving. Or I am always tired and just reach from some one to get me so I can stop running.
  2. That's my only move... dont take that out of the game.
  3. For nostalgia I am really loving Eddie and Stevo at the moment. It's bringing back memories and they show that they still know the game.
  4. With a sponsor that is still to launch their product... and sponsors half the clubs in the league.
  5. Let's hope we have some kit to look at soon !
  6. If I am honest I think the Lincoln club should be Peterborough way instead. This would keep Boston and St Ives in their own space with bigger player pools.
  7. The RFL are advertising for an Exiles coach... https://www.rugby-league.com/the_rfl/careers I might apply
  8. Are there any disenfranchised employees or former employees of the RFL with the passwords? Crazy.
  9. There are plenty in that squad who have done well in Elite 1, not just Le Cam. However if the question is whether there is a centre in the team playing domestic league for Catalans who could replace Folau and Mead then the answer is no. Does anyone else think Gigot will be back again for a short spell to fill in there?
  10. Was good this week. Loved Whippets and Flat Caps, but have no clue how before lockdown I had 2 hours a week to listen to it!
  11. Then for him Catalans will have served a purpose. Although I think his family issue (which I wish him well with) has caused him to have to look closer to home for a contract maybe.
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