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  1. We play this in touch and it makes it more of a passing game than using a middle to just trundle up the park. You have to throw the ball around and even with only 5 metres drop for the offside line, you can still start to play.
  2. https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/yaxleyyaks/teams/167184/match-centre/0-4625535
  3. Stamford do play 6 tackle touch and pass out of the union club though. Thanks though, training is all well and good but we need some games !
  4. If anyone plays touch or would like to get a team together for a friendly and social, please let me know... https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/yaxleyyaks/news/fancy-a-friendly-2466682.html Our ages range from teens to 50 plus and we are purely playing for fun.
  5. As someone who has enjoyed rugby league at Boston Buccaneers this summer, this is terrible news. Thoughts with family, friends and all at the club.
  6. I used to watch it as a kid on Grandstand, not really understanding. But then I started travelling to Catalunya with my wife and her family (they had a home there) and starting following the Dragons.
  7. https://ukcatalansdragons.blogspot.com/2019/05/dragons-fans-wanted-in-midlands.html Please drop me a PM if you are local or in the area on a specific Friday and fancy a game. We'd need 6 players.
  8. https://ukcatalansdragons.blogspot.com/2019/04/dragons-camp-nou-kit-leaked.html Its gonna be a belter !!!!!!!
  9. Dragons first and then Palau Broncos, Newcastle Thunder and Cov Bears after that. Souths and Manly in the NRL. Do I need one more?
  10. I have to say there are some beautys this year. Souths away and Catalans away my faves.
  11. For me the RFL has missed a trick here. They could have just tipped the refs the wink as they have in previous seasons when we were doing well.
  12. I would imagine they will be looking to launch their own as opposed to it being part of the RFL's website along with the Championship and England team pages.
  13. Call me a cynic but this feels to me like the RFL making a play for some if not all of the Nou Camp gate money.
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