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  1. Yes some people do, you only have to look at some of the comments on here to realise that. Moreover the wider media reporting causes us more damage to our credibility as an international sport. Nation swapping is detrimental, certainly at the free for all status that currently exists
  2. The integrity of the sport should be paramount and far more relevant than if a country with minimal genuine development loses by an extra 10-15 points in a World Cup
  3. Don't think so, there's a thread on here about them
  4. South London Silverbacks have recently setup in Bromley. Greenwich used to have a team as I think that's where Tony Clubb started out but not sure if anything is still going
  5. Ah, small town mentality 😁
  6. Couldn't agree more. You're always going to have players missing through injury anyway. Personally I'd rather fewer SL games so it allows some rest but we are where we are. It makes it all the more baffling that someone like Liam Farrell wasn't selected
  7. Wouldn't have thought so, as Wigan's season will be over by then
  8. Exactly because you know come World Cup time there will be a number of players who will be selected for 2 squads. Really embarrassing and amateurish
  9. Not great options, wonder whether Hodkinson might get a call
  10. Surely that should be a cherry flare? 😉
  11. How is that even possible???!!! Must be a first!!!
  12. Can any Hull fans advise what has happened to Jack Logan? He looked a really promising player, can understand if he can't get in the team but he is surely good enough to play for someone in SL even if on loan? I see Lancaster has been allowed to leave, I wonder if anyone will snap him up.
  13. You'll be a long time waiting