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  1. Just play the game in Auckland, very simple really. Auckland is essentially the capital of Tonga and is easy to get to for the players.
  2. I think Qatari billions should be focused on the Bradford Bulls.
  3. 16 teams in 2021 World Cup

    With four pools of equal strength what group games would we exactly be looking forward to? Maybe a game featuring two pacific nations or something?
  4. If we end up just having every national team filled by Australians what are people actually cheering for? A blue shirt that says Scotland?
  5. I assume all the matches will be played in Leigh.
  6. Elite 1 follow-up

    FFRXIII has a Dailymotion page which broadcast many matches from last season, I guess they will use that again at some point this season?
  7. Why is this game being referred to as a one-off Origin match? Isn't it just an international?
  8. World rugby league

    It shows the weakness of the RLIF that a group of muppets with a cheap website could actually pose a threat.
  9. World rugby league

    Baseball and Softball are now recognized as the same sport by the IOC I believe.
  10. I bet this new World Rugby League organisation is working on Iran and Iraq teams as we speak.
  11. Fittler named as NSW coach for 2018/19 SOO

    Well to be fair, winning an Origin series is much harder than winning a World Cup if you are Australian.
  12. What about Georgefield? Combination of George Hotel and Huddersfield. Or Northern Rules Football - NRF.
  13. I believe the Tunisian thought Rugby League was a sub-sport of Union, a bit like the different cricket formats. He asked "can rugby union players in the rugby league?" Now English is not his first language and we were typing back-and-forth, but the use of the word League means something different for the most of the world than it does to RL fans.
  14. None. Domestic Rugby League is a non-entity in New Zealand and always will be. A second NZ team in the NRL or NSW Cup is the best thing to aim for. To be honest the cursed Warriors have done a lot of damage to the code in NZ, and the Kiwis now being ###### and mismanaged isn't going help. Rugby League in NZ will always have the stigma that it is the game for thick Maoris and Islanders who couldn't hack Union, and the Warriors haven't exactly helped eradicate this stigma. Younger NZers may not feel this way, but my parents generation certainly do.
  15. The name Rugby League really does present some problems. The founders effectively called the game "Rugby Competition". I was trying to explain that there are two codes of Rugby to a Tunisian friend of mine and he got confused by the name Rugby League. He thought is was League tournament for Rugby Union, like the Premier League. After about 20 minutes I think he understood that Rugby League is the name of a sport, and not a competition. Not really sure what the name should be changed to, in New Zealand where I am from originally everyone used to just call the game League.