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  1. eal

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    I bet this Bob Jowett is just bitter that the TWP haven't hired him. He is stuck running a largely dormant Canadian Rugby League while the Wolfpack are jetting off to the bright lights of Workington and Leigh.
  2. eal

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Toronto is a unique market in RL. While getting some lads from the local housing estate playing RL in a field behind the local supermarket may work in spreading the game in smaller northern towns in England, it won't work in Toronto. Toronto is an international city with lots of competition for peoples time and money. What will grow RL in Canada is a competitive professional franchise playing in a top competition. Development will come in time, an audience and market need to be built first. North American pro-sport fans are used to supporting teams with players not from the place they are representing.
  3. Is anyone broadcasting this match in the USA? Not listed on Fox or WatchNRL.
  4. eal

    85000 at Wembley

    I always find it odd that many on this forum feel that the only reason other sports get crowds, money, and sponsors is all just because of hype and a few celebrity endorsements - people don't even care about sport and are just showing up to be seen, etc. Most people go to sporting events because they actually like the sport being played. RL isn't the only entertaining game out there and is not somehow inherently superior to all other sports. It is just one sport of hundreds that some of us like more than other sports. Treating fans of other sports as mindless drones who are easily fooled probably isn't the best way to attract new fans.
  5. eal

    85000 at Wembley

    Great stuff. I am an organist and choir director from NZ currently working in the USA.
  6. eal

    85000 at Wembley

    Choral Evensong! Another church musician on here.
  7. eal

    2025 World Cup

    If the international game needs to abandon Australia to hold a successful tournament we really are doomed.
  8. Vichy is always credited with killing of RL in France, but French RL was at its strongest in the 30 years after WWII. It seems they really lost the plot in the 1980s.
  9. We should play it in Denver.
  10. When you look back at the record of the French national team from 1950-1980 it is quite impressive, they were clearly a world power. What exactly happened in the 1980s to cause the game to fall off a cliff? We hear a lot about the Vichy government, but that was before the 1980s and must surely have played a peripheral role by the time the tough times really hit.
  11. eal

    New league structure revealed

    A closed SL with franchises is the way forward. New teams can apply to join if they have the funding and SL feels the player-base makes expansion viable. The football multi-division model doesn't work and isn't working in a sport with a footprint the size of RL.
  12. A SL with Toronto, London, and Toulouse would be fantastic. Instead we will be stuck with teams that bring nothing to the game like Leeds.
  13. eal

    Denver test is dead

    Getting Australians to turn out for international RL is like getting Americans to support international basketball. It just isn't a high priority as the NRL is the pinnacle of RL in the world. RL needs to work hard to build more competitive international sides, and not by the method of putting Australians in them.
  14. I was of course joking. Just surprised Leigh didn't get a game as it usually seems to.
  15. I like the Middle 8s. The Top 8s not so much.