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  1. Except of course they are ingrained in American culture. The only hope for minor sports to break through is Olympic status, or in Soccer's case, worldwide dominance.
  2. PRO Rugby is dead seemingly. League is at a huge disadvantage in the USA as it is not an Olympic sport. Rugby Sevens being in the Olympics is a game-changer for that code, except for PRO Rugby which was run by idiots.
  3. Try EHFTv.com. That streams matches from the EHF Champions League (handball's equivalent of the UEFA Champions League), the Spanish league, and the German league. I am unsure if it is geoblocked in the UK, but it certainly works in the USA where I am.
  4. Handball is certainly growing in popularity in France, and the French league is second best in the world, behind only the German league. Never understood why handball hasn't taken the world by storm, such a great game.
  5. There are minimum domestic requirements to play in the RLWC? How does Scotland get in then?
  6. If we aren't ok having heritage guys playing for GB, why are we ok having them play for Scotland, Ireland, or Wales?
  7. The idea that Rugby Union is only popular because its fans don't know any better and just inherited a mediocre sport is a bit ridiculous. Everyone is different and has different tastes. I for one love both Rugby League and Rugby Union and want both to conquer the globe.
  8. What is the best path forward for RL in Serbia? Get more of their players into teams in the UK/France or keep them in Serbia and keep strengthening the domestic league?
  9. I really should subscribe, living in the USA I guess digital is the way to go?
  10. I guess you must be right, I look forward to seeing Cook Islands v Lebanon in front of 80,000 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
  11. Presumably you went to Australia to discover the up and coming Scottish talent?
  12. Although the reasons for Tonga not playing in Tonga are more geographical and financial more than anything. If Tonga did play at home they would get good crowds, Scotland not so much.
  13. Improving Super League and improving the England team and not necessarily achieved by the same actions. The strongest Super League would be to spend millions and bring over lots of Australians, but I am not sure that would help the national team. Being a feeder league to the NRL isn't great for SL, but it may indeed be helping England. We just need some English halfbacks going over to the NRL and dominating, instead of just forwards. The NRL is in a purple patch at the moment but things go in cycles. Soccer is gaining ground fast in Australia, Rugby Union will no doubt get its act together again, so they aren't guaranteed supremacy in their own country for ever.
  14. The current eligibility rules do harm to the smaller nations - if they happen to unearth any good players, heritage or otherwise, they can just be poached by one of the big three. Let's face it, most people in the Anglo realm can find a grandparent from somewhere and in the case of the island players I question how thoroughly researched some of their heritage is, it seems many of them switch between Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, etc at will. In fact I think many of these Island teams are just as bad as Scotland when it comes to how genuine they are. I remember when many NZ players were unhappy with Gary Kemble as coach and they were all talking about jumping ship to Samoa for the 2008 RLWC. Having a bunch of Australians play for Scotland does nothing for the game except create another "competitive" team for the big three to play against. Perhaps that is enough, but to ever claim it as growth of the game is a joke - they don't even play in Scotland, at least Italy play games at home.
  15. I hope the Wolfpack succeed, but Toronto is a tough sports city, unless you are the Maple Leafs (NHL). The Blue Jays only do well when they are winning and the Raptors have taken decades to get people to care. Not sure when the Wolfpack plan on playing games but public transit is a big issue also. Regarding the World Cup in North America, again I hope I am wrong but having monied backers isn't a guarantee of success. The US sports market is already at saturation point and very tough to break into. In October/November the World Cup will have to cut through MLB playoffs, NFL, NHL, NBA, College Football, and the MLS playoffs, unless of course they are planning on expat support only. I would be curious what venues they would plan on using also, MLS venues which seat 20,000 or so perhaps?