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    Well that wasn't supposed to happen. Well done to everyone involved.
  2. Swinton Predictions

    Well done to everyone at Batley. Now wouldn't it be great if you do a Leicester.
  3. Swinton Predictions

    Well done to everyone at Batley. Now wouldn't it be great if you do a Leicester.
  4. New Horizons

    What should the RFL do. Its simple, distribute central funding more fairly. Any traditional team that falls from the championship to C1 is on borrowed time, see the Workington site for the next club in trouble. Central funding is halved, gate receipts plummet due to too many development clubs allowed in at once, no home and away fixtures make it a mickey mouse league and supporters have stayed away. Teams like York and Hunslet have to try and charge supporters £15+ for games against opposition that the local amateur teams would put away. We should forget about the Aussies and get back to building the northern game. Really hope you get though this. Great city, great supporters and a great club. Good luck.
  5. The New Shirt

    Just seen a picture on Facebook of the 1998 kit with a massive hawks head on, so this is definitely not the worst kit ever. I'm in the traditional camp but on the basis you need to do something different from time to time then this one certainly fits the bill. It's also got us all talking. Like it or not it is great to see local youngsters getting involved with the club.
  6. Your favourite Hunslet players

    Thanks Gabby. That confirms my memory of things. There were a lot of verbals (from Jack) but Muscroft just stuck to his task and came away with a brace. I remember being scared for him.
  7. Your favourite Hunslet players

    Can't believe I missed Peter Muscroft. Sterling and Plange were great but have we ever had a player who had the crowd on their feet every time he touched the ball. As a kid I remember him chipping the ball over the defence and always winning the foot race to the ball. I was ball boy on his debut at the Greyhound Stadium when he scored 2 tries. I think he was up against Jack Austin that day but can't be sure. Top top player.
  8. Your favourite Hunslet players

    Jimmy Crampton- Hunslet's greatest ever tackler closely followed by Kingy. Cult hero was Stuart Smith - the mad farmer
  9. blocked fans

    Unfortunately £75k is all we'll be getting next year. Hang in there Geoff, we need all the support we can get. The meeting on the 6th will provide the opportunity to question the board face to face. It's not been the best of seasons on and off the pitch. We need to learn our lessons and come back stronger.
  10. Kingstone press fan of the year

    Well done, thoroughly deserved. A Hunslet double would be very nice.
  11. And so we shall again

    Found this clip on Utube. Looking forward to the 27th already.
  12. Make a Difference

    Next Friday (16 Nov) sees the Season Launch night in the Phoenix. I anticipate the chairman and coach will be on their feet saying what they are planning to do to make next season better than 2012. As supporters/owners of the club maybe we should be doing the same. What are each of us going to make a difference next year ? Two things I'll commit to now are: 1. Man the membership table in the bar prior to home games to collect much needed funds. 2. Buy the family Hunslet scarves for Christmas (whether they want them or not)! Whose next to commit ?
  13. Hawks Thank Volunteer Workers

    Just a quick thanks to those organising last night's event. It was an enjoyable evening, though my brain is still hurting with the Peter's scoring system for the quiz.