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  1. Warrington - Predictive type issue
  2. I really enjoy the programme and appreciate the guys attempts to get another RL TV programme going, Sad to see it go.
  3. Limoux V St Esteve from last weekend - Kick off at 1hr 12mins
  4. I think it will be 11 teams in 2021 and then promote one club. This gives SL more money in 2021 plus those clubs in financial trouble won’t need to spend money they haven’t got trying to stay up.
  5. This is a massively important issue for the pro game in this country as we know it. On this particular matter I wouldn't care who was raining in fact a Tory would be better. If non league football can get funding then RL should (as opposed to the loan we got). RL fans should be pressing their MPs to support this issue. As I understand it the adjournment debate will in effect raise the profile of an issue and hopefully pressurise the Government into taking affirmative action. From the Government website "There is a half-hour adjournment debate at the end of each day's sitting. They are an opportunity for an individual backbench MP to raise an issue and receive a response from the relevant Minister."
  6. Why locked this will only stifle a very important debate
  7. Shame Sunday’s game is not on Sky. It’s a sort of must win for Trinity in terms of dignity
  8. Just in case anyone fancied going - I had Manchester to Carcassonne flights booked for Millennium Magic but got an email today from Ryanair saying they were cancelling both flights.
  9. Any news on the Magic Weekend?
  10. Assuming clubs spend around £1.5m on players salaries based on a squad of 25 the avg is around £55k (Employers NI is inc in the spend) with top 20 taking the lions share. Was Brierley’s HKR contract boosted by Toronto payments ( or should have been) ?
  11. Genuine question - What are the plans?
  12. He introduced the subject on the Sky interview.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53990068 People being sent long distances for testing Not sure how an RL Club getting routine tests would sit with that
  14. Running at full cap......and paying for testing on top, and with less if any supporters and almost certainly less commercial income.
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