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  1. Are both games going to played at the respective clubs home grounds? I’m hoping to do the game at Toulouse
  2. Belveze v VARL XIII this week - it could get messy Edit - 4/32 not a bad effort
  3. Given Oldham and Swinton are signing players they intend to make the start line. Are there any clubs looking like they won’t make it?
  4. I only counted 13 warming up and didn’t notice any subs so probably yes
  5. Did the Belveze game today. About 100 watching, decent game and Belveze had a good selection of souvenirs. Cracking day out in the Sun. Belveze lost 4/32 but had a couple of good players MOM was the prop number 8 with the 6 looking lively
  6. Not sure who’s picked the Our League 4 MOM candidates????
  7. Even the Dragons club shop is closed. I reckon about 5,000 in the ground approaching KO
  8. I’m in Perpignan now and I’ve seen two fans with shirts on in the usual gathering areas. Pretty disappointing. Still think with no COVID and a fixed date very good numbers would come from the UK. To be fair there has been radio advertising.
  9. Got the draw but looking for kick off times
  10. I think it’s cup weekend for the lower teams. From the draw Razes near Limoux are at home a game I am hoping to attend. Again anyone got a website link for match days and times? Used to have one with ref appointments on.
  11. Three of us going in block 3 Guasch stand. Plenty of 25 euro tickets in that stand that are still fairly central
  12. The stewarding was really poor near us which caused antisocial behaviour to turn into a fight on the terraces due to pathetic inaction.
  13. What a game it was a cracker without that finish. FWIW I thought the double movement was a try as the first tackler completely fell off the ball carrier
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