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  1. HKR try clearly offside not sure how the officials missed it. Came off tacklers head.
  2. This young man looks highly impressive. The offload near the tryline is normally something you see from experienced older players.
  3. Reg Bowden he won the lot domestically
  4. It was The Vehicle & General Insurance Group they have their adverts on the back cover of the Final programme
  5. Tony Lazenby sold outside different grounds for years and he majored on Leeds. Nice bloke in my experience.
  6. Not French league but replays (for us RL tragics0 for the reserve grade and junior games the following links is for Souths Manly but I think they are all on that page https://www.facebook.com/NSWRL/videos/208186584379754
  7. In the spirit of the question:- Batley Whitehaven Barrow Swinton Obviously the trips to Catalans, Toulouse and London are great for the trip value and of those Catalans for the match day experience.
  8. Neil Holding also played for Widnes for a brief spell
  9. Not questioning you Dunbar as you are quoting figures but the fact basketball is up comparable with Cricket tells us all we need to know on the veracity of the figures from other sports.
  10. The Aude Derby game is a belter with the lead changing hands several times its 20/22 now
  11. Direct to follow in less than an hour: ➡ Limoux - Carcassonne: https://bit.ly/3qu3dII ➡ Toulouse - Albi: https://bit.ly/38RIh8J ➡ Avignon - Saint-Est èveve: https://bit.ly/2KnN0Wh ➡ Villeneuve - Saint-Gaudens: https://bit.ly/3bZOa5R
  12. 2pm today and you can get on them via the club’s Facebook pages or sometimes their YouTube channel Facebook pages xiii Limoux Carcassonne xiii FFR xiii - Federation.... if you search that you should hit the French League page
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