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  1. They'll have the football World Cup games to deal with..................
  2. Limoux won 56 - 10 didn’t see that margin coming
  3. I’m normally not particularly nationalistic for England teams and ordinarily wouldn’t be bothered if PNG won but I would really love to see us win a World Cup or even an Aussie Ashes series. I was gutted when Sinfield dashed out of the line when we were the better team in the semi v NZ and that ankle tap in Brisbane.
  4. Not sure why Carcassonne’s ground needs work? New good sized stand on one side and a large stand on the other in a decent state of repair that was upgraded not that long ago. Albi’s ground for the international games has fairly big covered stands up each touchline. l’d say both grounds are better than at least two in SL
  5. I went to the games at St Esteve and Carcassonne and I’d put them both around 500 to 600. On the plus side I thought the standard had gone up (Haven’t caught an Elite 1 since covid started). Limoux looked organised and strong. Hard to judge ASC and Albi as it was one of those games with a lot of dropped ball, ASC with the more settled performance and with more strike hence the win.
  6. Two stands completely closed and empty. I think the team they have built deserves better.
  7. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but I wonder if anything will come of the contact with the TJ after the tip tackle melee
  8. With tram system to neighbouring towns to Manchester you could widen your net for the accommodation which may give you more choice.
  9. Same for me and the wife - Up the Stanley
  10. It definitely went through Jon Was the programme a hard copy thing or an online ecition Jon?
  11. Second weekend of the season and the two Perpignan teams are at home anybody know the likely match days? Also is there a way of finding the fixtures by day and KO time on a week by week basis (FFR have previously listed games with refs and officials)
  12. I’ve been to plenty of French games where the quoted gate is exaggerated, I went tonight and I’d say there certainly looked as there was at least 9,000 there. Shades of what might of been. in regards to the game it looked like the Dragons didn’t get out of 2nd gear. Final observation that watching live Tomkins is a class above anything else on the two sides.
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