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  1. To be fair Lancs today announced a profit of £5m for the year.
  2. Well they can't defend themselves for a start. It upsets those at the time of grieving. It is a massive over simplification of the events. I suspect the man gave ridiculous amounts of time the club. I suspect the man gave a fair chunk of money. I suspect the events caused many sleepless nights. He was one of a team of people running the club
  3. In the last 25 years or so there has been Tarleton ARLFC and Southport but both struggled as most development area teams do.
  4. I know we are not giving up yet but a SL without the Dragons and Toronto, no loop fixtures and no MM would reduce SL to 18 fixtures which would be doable with a start in early July and if we include the games already played and expunge the results of the two sides mentioned. A long way from ideal but would overcome the flights issue and enable the game to get plans together and fulfil Sky obligations.
  5. I would also think 9s may cause more injuries with players making tackles at full stretch more often anxiety the game played at a higher pace.
  6. Really enjoyed that thank you - Dressing room scenes at the end were awesome
  7. I didn't think it was I understood you meant comparatively
  8. I wouldn't comment on the vulnerability or otherwise of clubs but I really can't see many/any clubs having spare cash to spend on transfer fees and then there is the salary cap issues of those big earners coming in. I could only see maybe Wire spending hand over fist again there are the cap issues. As a footnote even those owners with plenty of cash will have seen the businesses hammered, future earnings hammered and their savings in the form of shares and investments hammered.
  9. What he said - I devour every minute of RL on TV but I could take or leave this show. The lighting as well as the sound is awful it looks like it's been done in a college TV studio. How the might of Sky can come up with this when the Rugby AM lads doing it on a shoestring can do what they do baffles me.
  10. Unless of course Sky doesn’t have the income to support their considerable outgoings to Football, boxing, cricket and RL etc
  11. Of course this could have a hugely damaging effect on RL clubs
  12. West Wales Raiders are pleased to announce Aaron Wood as their new coach for 2020. The Raiders have replaced Kim Williams with another Australian coach, Aaron has had plenty of experience both as a player and most recently as a coach with stints at Paramatta Eels & St George Dragons u20s, Toulouse Olympic & France first team
  13. 1st Round w/c Jan 6 2nd Round w/c Jan 20 3rd Round w/c Feb 3 - League 1 entry 4th Round Feb 22-23 - Championship entry 5th Round Mar 15-16 (Last year it was bottom 4 SL) 6th Round Apr 2-5 (Last year it was bottom 4 SL) QF 30th Apr May 1 - 3 SF Jun 6/7 Final Jul 18 Pretty certain the dates may have been tweaked as per the above The above is based on SL and Championship regular rounds dates
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