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  1. We could go back to the 1920s when Swinton won "all four cups" in the 1927-28 season but I doubt anyone in here is old enough to remember that team. In the 1960s the club won back-to-back championships so as you say, that team would dominate an all-time 13 but I will stick to players I saw play.
  2. Swinton 1994-present (none of these players make an all-time team) FB: Ritchie Hawkyard W: Simon Ashcroft C: Mick Nanyn C: Gavin Price-Jones W: Marlon Billy SH: Ian Watson SO: Chris Atkin P: Mike Morrison H: Andy Ackers P: Lee Hansen SR: Paul Smith SR: Andy Coley LF: Lee Marsh Decent team that and I think it could compete at the top end of the Championship. Plenty of power and some speed in the backs.
  3. The clubs have too much power. They will all vote for what is in their own short-term interest. Problem is, I don't see anyone who people would trust to take charge of the situation and make decisions in the wider interests of the sport. Whatever decisions are made, some clubs will suffer. And whoever is making the decisions will get abuse and insults from fans and journalists. There's very little thought given to the bigger picture and the result is short term fixes with no consistency of structure. The game is at a crossroads but I don't expect us to go decisively in one direction or another. We'll be back here again in a few years time.
  4. That's not even close to being true. Manchester Rangers record attendance is stated as 358 on their official website. Swinton's average attendance this season is double that.
  5. Given the constant moaning from SL coaches about fatigue and injuries, a week off can be seen as a positive.
  6. Super League is the problem not England. They could have had the training camp and midseason international without changing the SL season fixtures. You have players away on international duty? Tough. You should be proud and honoured they have been selected. I agree the season is too long as a general point though.
  7. From a Swinton point of view, Oldham have always been tough opponents the last few years because they have run hard and play an aggressive game. That aggression wasn't there today for some reason. To be fair, your forwards did lay a decent platform. You had a lot of good position yet somehow never threatened to score. It was like you had forwards who could make metres up the middle but when they got you there nobody had a clue what to do next. Who is to blame for that? Coach? Half backs not good enough or just on an off day? The thing with that style of one man rugby is, it's fine when you are winning but people won't put up with it for long when things turn sour.
  8. It's something the players enjoy and it can be exciting for supporters if the matches are right. As an extra fixture it raises questions of fairness. Situated where it is in the season it is always in danger of being full of pretty meaningless games. The obvious solution is in the much criticised 8s. Teams have seven fixtures at the end of the season. Why not have three at home, three away and one round (penultimate one?) as the Summer Bash? This way you are sure the teams will be reasonably well matched having finished in a similar league position. The games are more likely to have some significance attached with relegation or progression to the Shield at stake. Would be two games a day which isn't too much for people to sit through and at the back end of the season results in other games could be decisive for your own prospects of survival.
  9. The season is too long and this contributes to supporter apathy. I'd scrap it. League One cup can take place at Magic, that will be great for them. I like the idea of taking a round of fixtures to one venue but in its current guise it just doesn't work. That's not the fault of the venue.
  10. How have I ostracised any club? And it isn't us v them. It is misleading though to say NWC pull bigger crowds than Swinton who have hit four figures for three home games this season. I haven't done the maths because I couldn't find a full list of NWC attendances, only three games, one being a friendly and the other the novelty factor of Toronto so I selected the league game against Doncaster. I am a big expansionist and back all the L1 expansion clubs to do well. I don't know where you get the idea that I'm somehow playing down these clubs. I was merely sticking up for my own club.
  11. I was intrigued by this statement so looked into it. Selecting a random average home game for NW Crusaders showed an attendance of 305 against Doncaster. I can't speak for Hunslet or Workington but Swinton's average attendance is double that.
  12. They persist on holding regular Championship fixtures on the same weekend for some strange reason. There are a lot of fans at that level who go to the Challenge Cup final, SL Grand Final, internationals and generally support the game at all levels. But if their team is playing, they won't go to Magic (obviously). If we want it to be a big occasion for the whole sport and not just Super League, we should not be playing Championship games at the same time. I'd perhaps make an exception for the local side who could have a game at the weekend. Newcastle v Toronto would have been ideal. The 9s thing is laughable. We wouldn't sell 10,000 tickets.
  13. 42-58! Were they playing basketball? For a relatively even game that's a massive score. Anyone know the record number of points in a game with a winning margin under 20? You see big scores in one sided games but it's not often both teams will score so many.
  14. I realise that. But if you worked for a shop, lost your job and were owed money then the next week you walk past the same shop, with the same name, same sign, selling the same stuff and paying people to work there would you care who owned it?
  15. Have they announced who will coach the Lions team? Will it be the England coach and stick to the same structures and plans as the England team? Or will our top players have to play a different way. If it's the former it's essentially a name change for the England team. If it's the latter it's a dent in our chances of winning things as England.