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  1. It's like they want to keep the game and the fact we have an England team a secret. The 2013 World Cup opportunity has been totally squandered. How many televised games will England have played between that World Cup and this year's?
  2. How? Super League has had four winners in 20-odd years. One of those clubs has gone bust several times. It failed to even get a sponsor a couple of years back. Another year it's 'sponsor' didn't pay a penny but put pictures on some lorries. It's not producing players who can win internationally. Still there are clubs with crumbling stadiums. The game remains firmly stuck along the M62 with minimal interest or media coverage outside that corridor. Participation isn't growing. We've lost Sport England funding. The only household name in the sport plays in Australia and is famous for his stint in the other code. Our best players go to the NRL/RU. What is there to ruin? See it's easy to be negative
  3. Rugby League people moan and groan, pontificate, come up with reasons we can't do X, Y, Z. There are so many people in the sport who have plenty to say but don't have either the ability or gumption to make anything happen. Perez isn't like that. He had an idea most would have dismissed as crazy and impractical and so far he has delivered. Yet still people who've done nothing think they know better. I've noticed every week now in League Weekly in the letters section people queueing up to say Toronto should do this or that. How about we leave them to it? They'll make mistakes. Not everything will go to plan but I'm sure they can make and learn from mistakes themselves without the interference of people who have collectively failed for decades. Toronto is the most exciting development in the sport since we went to Summer rugby. I can't wait to see what size crowds they attract.
  4. He retired at the end of last season after making over 500 professional appearances. He's on the coaching staff at Swinton now.
  5. To sum these kinds of discussions up: "I agree with moving clubs. As long as it's not my club" Moving out of your community does not work. It never has. Leave clubs in their own towns. If there's demand in another town they can start their own club.
  6. Just want to clarify a point to some of your supporters who were up in arms about a penalty we won at the PTB when our winger put the ball on the back of your player who hadn't rolled away. Last week in the same situation our same player stepped away from the man on the deck so he could play it cleanly and was penalised for stepping off the mark. Fev kicked the two points which put the game beyond us. I posted about this in another thread. They reviewed the video in training this week (we have been penalised a lot at the PTB) and could see what the officials are looking for. Unfortunately that's how the officials are ruling this year. I don't like it but it wasn't the outrageous cheating some spectators around me made out. Well done on the win. We weren't quite smart enough again. We really could have won at least 4/5 games so far and have shot ourselves in the foot on every occasion. Hopefully we'll start seeing it over the line soon.
  7. There was one from the Swinton v Featherstone game at the weekend that we may see more of and that's tacklers not rolling away. The Fev forward lay in the way of the play the ball so the Swinton man stepped over him in order to play it and was penalised for moving off the mark. Presumably the legal move would have been for Swinton to move back in order to play it but why should they lose ground and momentum because of a tackler not rolling away? Maybe it was just poor refereeing though.
  8. Constant drop goals. If the conditions are good and your pack can get you into range from the restart there's no reason you couldn't score repeated drop goals if you have an excellent kicker. You get the ball back and it keeps the opposition defending. O'Brien was inside his own half wasn't he in the MPG? Most teams can reach halfway from a kick off set.
  9. Having seen Swinton play both Bradford and London I think the Bulls have a good chance. London were very lacklustre and the Bulls pack did a lot of damage up the middle. We should have beaten London and if we had better discipline we'd have beaten Bradford too. Fev were good last week though the 14 penalties we gave away (nearly all in the second half) helped them no end. If we don't sort that out then we'll lose at Batley. If we do sort it out I can see us winning. Last year they were flying when we went there but we totally outplayed them. They thought they could just batter us up the middle and had no plan B when that failed. They did rectify it later in the season though. Should be a good game and with a trip to France next week it's a must win for the Lions.
  10. No deal. It was obvious last season you needed to improve your backs. Your forwards were pretty decent and rolled us up the middle in the two games at Crown Flatt but I didn't think much of those behind them. And it doesn't look like that has been addressed. I'm surprised, I thought your slide down the table last year would set alarm bells ringing but to an outsider it doesn't look like the warning has been heeded. Best of luck for the rest of the season, I think it might be a tough one for you unless you can get some decent DR backs in to operate behind the pack.
  11. The RFL seem oblivious at times to how reliant clubs are on volunteers. Often these are enthusiastic fans happy to give their time but who haven't had any formal training in the role they fill and as a consequence through no fault of their own can be a bit amateurish. Obviously the further down you go the more this is the case. What they should be doing is helping clubs to train and upskill volunteers in important roles. If most clubs outside SL paid everyone who works for them they'd not last long. We have this great resource (the goodwill and dedication of supporters) but for some reason we treat them poorly and don't get the most out of them. It would benefit clubs more long term to have a reduced central fund in exchange for the kind of support and training of volunteers that would help get more out of them.
  12. Full time fitness was the only difference today. I'd be worried if I were a London fan. Not in terms of making the top four, that won't be an issue, but in terms of quality I don't think they'll trouble the SL sides in the 8s. Disappointing for Swinton who played really well and will count themselves unlucky not to get the win. I think we'll go well this year and leave the people who had us down as relegation fodder looking rather silly.
  13. Given the seemingly relentless clamour for 9s, is it time we looked at cutting the number of players on a side? It would allow us to pay players more by reducing squad sizes. This could help stem the flow to the NRL and Union. And with participation falling, it may help amateur and junior clubs continue to exist if they don't have to find as many players to field a full team. I don't understand the appeal myself but if it's as good as people make out then instead of being a sideshow it could be the main event.
  14. Who is paying the travel costs? It's not uncommon for Championship sides to reach the stage you suggest an open draw with NRL clubs involved. Who will pay for Swinton to go to Australia to be (in all likelihood) thrashed? On the flip side, we struggle to get NRL big guns to come and play our best teams in the WCC. Do we really think they'll fancy coming all the way up here to go and play at say Workington (no offence to Worky)? If such a concept brings a big TV deal that covers the costs I'm not against it but I don't think we can expect semi-pro clubs to go to Australia for a one-off game they have zero chance of winning and will probably have a negative impact on their subsequent league fixture. It has potential to make mockery of the Challenge Cup which is a competition I don't think we should be messing with.
  15. Are people slowly coming round to the idea of Canadian teams? I sense a bit less dissent than a few months ago. Or have the naysayers just accepted it and shut up