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  1. Are people slowly coming round to the idea of Canadian teams? I sense a bit less dissent than a few months ago. Or have the naysayers just accepted it and shut up
  2. Wasn't Rohan Smith supposed to be this experienced super coach? Bradford were third with a game in hand when he took over. They finished fifth. Maybe a fresh start with younger faces is the way to go? It'd be a gamble but if they are prepared to give Paul time and support then it might not be as crazy as it seems.
  3. I don't get the whole 'doomed by the 12 point deduction' line. In a league as wide open as the Championship it's not outrageous to suggest they will not only overturn it but could even challenge for the top four. If they are given special dispensation to bring in loads of quality loans and remain full-time as they seem to be planning, they ought to win a big majority of games. It'll be a great effort if they do it but not impossible. I'd be amazed if they went down because of the deduction. Even with a depleted squad they will comfortably overturn it.
  4. This could all have been sorted professionally and behind closed doors if they'd only made the decision to allow a new Bradford club to enter in 2018. If would have given time for thorough due diligence to take place and allow the recruitment of a proper squad appropriate to the level of rugby and finance they'd be playing with. Crucially it would also allow the RFL to conduct a full investigation into what has gone wrong and what should be done to safeguard against a repeat be it at Bradford or any other club. I fear that rushing things will only lead to the same mistakes being made again. I appreciate the RFL are damned whatever they do but it looks like they've just been crossing their fingers hoping a white knight would come along and save the day. Edit: Seems a deal has been announced while I was posting. Interestingly they appear to plan on remaining full time. Having failed to finish above part-timers last season, and being so late in the day, I question how they will sign better players this season.
  5. Can't say I have much sympathy for Sheens after he walked out on them for their rivals just days before the MPG.
  6. Lions stopped playing at 70 minutes again. Need to get that 80 mins performance in before the league season. Two convincing wins in pre-season but we've flattered the opposition both times by dropping off at the end and allowing soft points. I know we have improved a lot over the last two years but Cru, who looked pretty good against us in 2015, look like they've gone backwards since then. They looked a very small team too which is a contrast from the power they had two years ago. I expected them to go up two years ago but they really faded midway through the season and it doesn't look like they have recovered.
  7. The worst game I went to last season was very close, the outcome decided by a single score a few minutes before full time. The preceding 75 minutes were an error strewn bore-fest on a bog of a pitch with the wingers barely seeing the ball and one man drives the order of the day. As I remarked at the time, if anyone was unfortunate enough for it to be their first experience of RL they wouldn't be coming back. You seem keen on the idea of conditions as a leveller but restricting skill for the sake of close games doesn't benefit spectators. Even if a game is one sided it can be entertaining if there are good skills and expansive rugby on show. Besides, early in the season we still have poor conditions. We don't have the whole season in perfect conditions.
  8. Winter rugby means one up play becomes even more prevalent. Seeing forwards trundle up the middle for five tackles then kicking deep for the opposing pack to do the same is dull dull dull. Drier tracks and warmer conditions makes the sport a better spectacle as teams open out a bit more. Moving to summer was a good move for many reasons, not least the above.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted but has the RFL set a deadline whereby the new Bradford has to be established and up and running, able to field a team and looking capable of fulfilling a full season of fixtures? I have visions of days before the season starts nobody knowing what is going on.
  10. Can't read too much into a first game of pre-season but your lads looked a bit rusty today. Kicked out on the full three or four times (and not just by a little bit either) and set completion must have been really poor from you. We defended well and totally dominated the first half, 10-0 was a good score for you at that stage given the balance of play. Chuffed with how good Swinton looked but won't get carried away. I'm sure you'll improve over the next few weeks.
  11. I believe we'll stick with it until the two 10-team Super Leagues are possible.
  12. The only thing that will grab the general public's attention is England winning the World Cup. Non-rl fans don't care about any of the other options.
  13. Is anyone on here actually looking forward to this season? All I see is doom and gloom. Bradford is overshadowing any chinks of positivity. Instead of wallowing in self-pity why don't we make an effort to big up our game? I'm bored of all the hand-wringing. Can't wait for the season. Swinton have the first friendly against Oldham Sunday and it can't come soon enough. Really like the look of our team and the league is right open below Hull KR and London. Plus Toronto coming in is exciting for everyone (except the flat cap brigade who are desperate to see them fail). Bring on the season!
  14. The best solution is to play an 11 team Championship and cancel the Summer Bash or have it as a 9s tournament. Give whatever central funding Bradford were due to the other clubs to cushion the blow of lost income. Relegate one team and promote two at the end of the season. If Bradford can get their act together allow them into League One for 2018. It's too close to the season to start messing around with promoting/relegating sides. The solution they have come up with falls apart if they can't fulfil the first fixture of the season. This has gone on far too long. Just kick them out and let us get on with what should be an exciting season in the Championship. At least then we all know where we stand. Rushing to cobble things together for this year will only result in more mistakes and poorly laid foundations for a new club. Give them the time they need and welcome them back in 2018 with the goodwill of everyone.
  15. If they held Magic weekend on a weekend with no Championship/League one fixtures the crowd would grow. The Challenge Cup final is well attended by non-SL fans. I see no reason why Magic would be different if these fans weren't watching their own clubs. If the games had more riding on them it would make it more of an event. As it is they are a fixture midway through a bloated league season with very little resting on the results. Perhaps moving it later in the year would help.