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  1. Conceivably, how high up the table could a side finish and be relegated? If the bottom clubs are all Cat A and exempt, could a side finish in the play-offs and be relegated?
  2. Looking forward to them announcing another review, consultation and meeting to be held at an as yet undecided time and location.
  3. My point is, the timing of any cut off of clubs could mean being promoted this season is something of a poisoned chalice. If a cut off happens at the end of 2023, teams may feel they'd have a better chance being promoted next year than going up this year and staying up.
  4. I just hope the structure doesn't unfairly treat whoever is relegated next season closing a door behind them while a team being promoted after a year of putting 50+ points on the likes of Cornwall and West Wales gets in and is secured at the higher level.
  5. I think Rochdale will win. Not sure what the issue with Doncaster is but they didn't play well against Swinton and I think they were at full strength. Why has Boas been relegated to change hooker?
  6. Was expecting the 1982 Kangaroos to roll up to Heywood Road today the way Rene has been going on. I expect we'll be hosting Rochdale in the final.
  7. Cru's season seemed to derail once the coach announced he was leaving. Is that fair or injuries the main thing?
  8. The problem with no relegation is teams that are playing at the wrong level can consistently lose by 80+ points without any consequences. They're in the wrong league and their presence doesn't do anyone any good including themselves.
  9. You can have proper P&R alongside strictly upheld minimum standards. Problem is, you'd have to set a low bar on the standards or you'd have a very small league with loop fixtures galore.
  10. Fairly apparent they have no interest in clubs outside SL or the two tens. Not one question about those clubs who are unlikely to be part of that top level and what structure people want to see at that level.
  11. You can get better players being a higher paying PT side than the lower paying FT side. There's not much value going FT unless you're really pushing the boat out like Fev and Leigh and have serious ambition to be promoted. Newcastle have probably realised that and are sensibly changing course.
  12. Presumably to access funding for marketing, permission to use the RLWC name and logo etc it has to be hosted in England. Also a possibility that this was originally planned to be played at Colwyn Bay but had to be re-arranged, Swinton's away league fixture against North Wales in September has been moved because the ground is unavailable.
  13. It's quite telling that losing at home 0-38 against by far the weakest of the heartland teams is seen as a positive after a few years. They ought to be picking up wins in games like that by now.
  14. Fair enough that's what Keighley have done and it has paid off for them but there are teams in the league performing better than Oldham who haven't got big forwards and SL experience.
  15. That's pretty much how I saw it. The initial high tackle was nothing, it was pulling his head that was the dangerous play and I suspect may have been picked up on review even if it didn't blow up.
  16. Surprised to see people saying Miloudi did nothing wrong. He's got his arm round Worthington's head trying to pull him down in a very dangerous manner, then tries to stick the nut on him too. He should have had a red card and can probably expect a ban from the disciplinary for it. Worthington got what you get for retaliating these days but I don't blame him.
  17. I would love to know how Doncaster arrived at that figure because there wasn't anywhere near that many people in the ground today. Makes you wonder how accurate any of the numbers given actually are.
  18. No disrespect meant to WWR but as an outsider it feels like they are going through the motions putting a team out but with no real plan to compete. No improvement after a few seasons now and no clear plan in place to improve things. They'll struggle selling it to locals when they ship a point a minute every week.
  19. I don't think people should get carried away either way based on that result. Need to give them time to develop. You wouldn't guess they shipped 60 points the way some are reacting. Not the disastrous start that might have been expected which hopefully bodes well for the season.
  20. One month, served outside the league season? Are the bans set by UK Anti-Doping or the RFL? For a sport which, according to recent reports from Jamie Acton, has a problem with drugs, it doesn't send much of a message out.
  21. Chris Atkin and Mike Butt played as students and have been two of Swinton's best players in recent history. Atkin obviously has gone on to make a career at Super League level with Hull KR and Salford while Butt has been an excellent winger at Championship level for a number of years and played internationally for Wales. It's definitely a potential source of players for the Championship and League One where rugby can be combined with a fledgling career outside sport. I doubt we could ever see something like a US draft system but the facilities and resources at universities outstrip both amateur and lower level professional RL clubs and should be utilised more by the sport
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