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  1. mergers

    Mergers LOL,We're now talking about the strong likelihood of a Northern Hemisphere league happening sooner rather than later with cashed up North American clubs dominating, and people think a load of merged town teams can combat it LOL
  2. Salford Transfer complete

    Cant they just buy Peel Holdings share in the stadium ?
  3. Bradford Rumors

    I would be very surprised if Koukash is going anywhere before the end of the season at least. Everything he's put on twitter in the last few weeks suggests he's still heavily linked with Salford through sponsorships and being a shoulder to lean on should they need him.
  4. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Mata'utia looks like he's got a bit of fire in him,good job he missed with that head shot at the start of the second half
  5. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Scored as well didnt he?
  6. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    I think we'll be a slow starting team again harry like 2016 and the loss to Batley in the opening game,i wouldnt mind following the same path this season. Put Toronto in their place and then lose to Batley,i could live with that
  7. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    No,I think this team will be as good if not better than 2016 team and this team has youth on its side. Thought Richards did well too,last season he looked out of his depth
  8. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    Leigh a work in progress i think which bodes well for Toronto if they come with all guns blazing,a few players carrying a bit to much timber or maybe thats just the shape of them ?Big French lad Looks like he could be a hand full when he's up to speed and Thompson looked good.All in all very happy with that for a first hit out
  9. Stick your winter rugby where the sun dont shine,it'll take me all night to thaw out
  10. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    can this be updated and made a sticky at the top of the forum
  11. Its that horrible out there that im in danger of talking myself out of going to todays game.
  12. What a geat read this thread has been. Is this another area wer we've allowed ourselves to die off because we want to be big somewhere else ?
  13. Toronto

    Blimy pat coronation would be right down your road you nosey get
  14. Why do RL clubs fold?

    Just my opinion mucker doesnt mean its anywhere near correct. Small example would be,in 2015 when Leigh finished bottom of the middles 8s DB promised to continue to finance a full time club regardless,other clubs that got alot more than leigh that season opted to pay off director loans rather than invest in becoming full time clubs and that ###### off a lot of superleague club owners as they were continuing to put in director loans.Its all there on video.
  15. 2018 Admission prices

    The Huddersfield of Southern hemisphere rugby league