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  1. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Yep very happy with that for his first hit out with Leigh,carrying a bit of unwanted weight but that wont take long to sort out. Strangely i didnt realise how big he is,he seemed dwarfed Acton and Hanson.
  2. League One's Future

    You've missed out Toronto
  3. League One's Future

    Do you not think it worked last season with Toronto ?
  4. Deeply embarrassing for the superleague. If Parksider is to be believed the aussie/Canadian owned Toronto WP arent wanted in the sl and now we've got a sl club standing in the way of progressive Bradford Bulls who are owned by New Zealanders. Bunch o Luddites with the sounds of it
  5. Leigh to sign ryan bailey

    Well i called him a chump when Toronto let him go with the other two so fingers crossed he proves me wrong
  6. hopefully its just me but he actually sounded like he was holding back out of politeness to the sport which doesnt bode well for the future as far as tv revenue is concerned. The championships would do well to listened to that interview and start making alternative arrangement for when this tv deal ends
  7. Perez.

    The novelty of playing town teams that have got some history but cant grow the sport here in England would soon wear off for the North Americans.It would soon be replaced by anger that these small clubs are holding our clubs back leading to calls that we should ditch them, and they'd be right to do so. Why even risk holding the sport back here in England just to pacify a couple of clubs. Small sport for small minded people,the sooner Perez is back on the scene with information on the next steps forward in North America the better
  8. Not pretty is it when your chasing,everyone a cup final.Even if we come through with 5 or 6 wins we're still hoping other falter.
  9. Not even sure we'll make the top 4 tbh,May is going to be one heck of a month for Leigh.
  10. Just a bit sad

    Interesting how Leigh would go on with that as both Miners & East have womens teams
  11. Disappointed i only picked Batley by 10
  12. London by 24 Batley by 10 Featherstone by 14 Toronto by 16 Halifax by 22 Leigh by 28
  13. Dont know if Bergal is leaving or not but at the moment it looks like Ricky Bailey is in front of him when injuries occur