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  1. I think the game at Blackpool was a game Leigh lost as opposed to Toronto winning so only got themselves to blame. I think the games vs Barrow at there place & Toulouse at the LSV Have been more damaging..
  2. IM sure v Toulouse will go all out next week to win and secure 4 home games in the qualifiers
  3. No idea what why theyre doing it but i just smell some rotten politics going on at championship clubs with regards to Toronto
  4. Rochdale 22.32 Leigh i can live with horror perfomances if i thought points difference would be irrelevant at the end of the season
  5. hahahahahahahahah bag of ssshhhiiittteee rochdale in again rochdale 22.16 Leigh
  6. Ah well early optimism of a large win for Leigh diminish as Rochdale prove to be equal to Leigh. 16.10
  7. 12 .0 to Leigh about 8 minutes gone
  8. It seemed to me at the time, SL clubs werent being judged at all,only clubs outside the clique were being judged,all based on £90k central funding
  9. Toronto by 52 Leigh by 58 Sheffield by 10 Featherstone by 26 London by 8 Toulouse by 18
  10. jpmc

    London sign Eloi Pellisier

    Had his moment for Leigh in the SL but overall i wasnt that impressed with him,this is the championship tho so I suspect if he's kept his fitness levels up he might be able to get London over the finish line in games that are tight. Overall id say good decision.
  11. Strangely if betts was still in charge at Widnes id say thay'll stay up but not sure now. HKR will bore all the other teams into submission and will stay up. With all thats gone on/going on at Salford i think the team could be a bit fragile if put under pressure so definitely a game to target for the others. As for the fourth team,ive got no idea at all
  12. RL people in boadrooms & on forums like this dont really do exciting,its all about woolly blankets for over your knees knitted by the misses,a small flask of tea and a butty for halftime.