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  1. if you take time to look at other sports and the problems some of their clubs have youll see we're not really a laughing stock
  2. giants and hkr play each other so only one of them can get ten points
  3. LOL after watching that rubbish tonight in front of 3k fans and watching half a dozen or more games from the sl this season, your probably right,they may just fit in nicely.
  4. Theres a difference between wanting a club punished for breaking the rules of the sport and wanting a club to fail
  5. i think it would have to be a united hull team for them to reach 20k.leeds are the only other team that could ever dream of consistantley averaging 20k .
  6. I think sky pay for the summer bash and the play offs so if they want to cover other games they need to find space in their calender and pay for them,seem obvious they dont want to do either
  7. What is there to say that hasnt already been said on this subject ? There is no originality on this subject,its just a vehicle to beat up on the rfl again. Beat up on Leigh all you want the club has become stronger than its ever been in the last 30yrs
  8. Oh dear ive entered the twilight zone again or is it groundhog day? One things for sure the copy & paste function is getting some hammer
  9. MEH you southern softies dont like a bit of rough & tumble thats your problem
  10. The guy who owns Leigh And tells the rfl how things will be was on holiday.
  11. Ta for that,not sure why i missed that bit
  12. Two mentions of union by the same poster to the same poster,talk about trying to goad someone
  13. If planning is a necessity "which I'M hoping it is" then theres not much i can do until they have put the plans and i can see what they want to do in is there ?
  14. First of all do you have to have planning permission? I own a property with a back yard, unfortunately two other properties have access across the yard & can use it for bin storage & a washing line & maintenance. One of the properties has just been sold and i believe they want to turn it into flats,so here is my problem,if this property is turned into say four flats they're going to need access across my back yard and store their bins. I dont mind one flat having access as that would be in keeping with things as they are now but i have no interest in allowing the other flats access to the yard. Does anyone know were i stand before i go to the solicitor?