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  1. Pre-season finished after a win at our home friendly against Coventry Bears on Saturday (9th February). so now we move into the League 1 games proper.... There will be a Supporters bus travelling to Workington for the first League 1 game of the season... and we want to fill it..so much that we are trying a new pricing structure to encourage you to come and to make sure friends and family take advantage. The more that travel the cheaper the price per place!.... We are playing Workington on Sunday 23rd February, (3pm kick off). We will leave Wrexham from our usual pick up point, The Turf Hotel, Mold Road at 09:15am. We will leave for the return journey 45 minutes after the game. Now the price per person will be a maximum of £22 if 30 people travel, BUT if we get more the price reduces as follows: 32 on bard = £20.20, 34 = £19, 36 =£18, 38 = £17 and 40 people on board = £16. Book now at crufans@gmail.com
  2. gogledd

    League 1 predictions

    North Wales Crusaders are in partnership with Widnes Vikings - call it Dual Reg if you like, but its to our advantage to have training facilities and medical support for our players. We will have a few of their young players basically on a season loan but we are unlikely to have any of the Vikings first string as they will all be needed for their campaign to get out of the Championship.
  3. gogledd

    League 1 predictions

    I'm hoping (and praying) that North Wales Crusaders get themselves into the top 5 - then there is everychance they could win a playoff! Lets hope I haven't jinxed them! Its going to be a very tough season for all clubs. Only 11 home fixtures (after Bradford going up a league and Hemel going into L1 South) against some very competitive teams, but on a reduced income as there are less teams Other than the Challenge Cup, theres the 1895 Cup, which we aren't participating in as the RFL, in their wisdom have give another opportunity to Championship Clubs to have even more games and a chance to play at Wembley - and expect L1 teams to play on Wednesday evenings between league games - thats going to disrupt one or two L1 teams and potentially add to their injury list. I sincerely hope that Keighley can sort out their off-field problems - we have always been made very welcome by their fans when we have visited, a real shame a club with a tremendous history has fallen on hard times. Good luck to all teams in League 1 and we look forward to seeing you at Queensway Stadium during the season.
  4. gogledd

    Who is your 2nd team?

    I try to make every game (home and away) with North Wales Crusaders. But if possible I will be at a few Catalans Dragons each year. Always enjoy the St. Helens v Catalans game but try to get to Salford, Warrington, Leeds and Huddersfield too. This year I'm homing to get to Barcelona (vs. Wigan) and Prepignon (vs. London Broncos)
  5. A great test for 22 playes last Sunday at Swinton. Some shoring up needed in defence - particularly on the left side, which Swinton exploited to their benefit. We got close a couple of times but Swintons defence was well organised andwe didn't quite have enough to get past them. Hopefully the two injured Swinton players make a swift recovery Another tough test this week as we face our partner club Widnes Vikings. I'm sure Anthony Murray will be wanting to improve in a couple of areas but he will get a great test against Widnes this week. Crusaders Supporters bus is running again. Only £10 per place. WE leave from the Turf, Mold Road, Wrexham at 13:15. Book your place at crufans@gmail.com
  6. North Wales Crusaders travel to Haywood Road Swinton for the first of two pre-season friendlies on the road. Kick off is at 3pm The Supporters away travel leaves from the Turf Hotel, Mold Road, Wrexham at 13:00 Cost per place is £12. We will return from Swinton 45 minutes after the end of the game. Why not invest in one of our new woolie hats? keep out the cold and look stylish at the same time! They at available now in the Club shop in Ty Pawb Market Street Wrexham - only £12:50 each
  7. Same choices.... Cru pushed Doncaster really hard at the Keepmoat..we have 3 good wins on the trot, we're building for next season to push for a play-off place. Let's start putting things in place with a win again Donny.
  8. gogledd

    Match programme required

    No idea who Ian is but I'm happy to help!! Mark
  9. gogledd

    Private equity in sport

    So would you be happy if a PE firm came in bought SuperLeague, kept all the media rights and promoted just 12 clubs? What the future for anyone outside that? The RFL would have sold the intellectual rights to the game and effectively given up on Chapionship and League 1. By the way, I am NOT a Bradford Bulls fan
  10. gogledd

    Private equity in sport

    An excellent and well observed article by Andrew Chambers. Lets hope the Championship and League 1 Clubs stick together and reject the SL/RFL proposal at the EGM
  11. gogledd

    Match programme required

    I've sent a message to the CEO to see if we have any stashed away somewhere. If we have any I will be happy to send 3 out to you. Mark
  12. Two excellent results at Hemel (away) and at home to West Wales Raiders; some great rugby leading to some super tries, both convincing wins but also very pleasing, clean sheets for the defence. I think Coventry will be a much harder prospect. They have targeted us as a winnable game in the past, and have been successful, but we need to win this game as part of the preparation for 2019. We are very unlikely to finish higher than 10s so no improvement on last year, so we need to concentrate on inproving our play against teams close to us. There is Supporters Away Travel available. £14 per person; the bus leaves from outside the Turf, Mold Road at 11:30 Book your place by emailing crufans@gmail.com
  13. gogledd

    Match programme required

    I can't remember if we actually produced a programme for the game. I will make enquiries and let you know.
  14. Good win by North Wales Crusaders yesterday in very blustery conditions...kicks bouncing all over the place!! Some good play to set up tries but coach Murray must be even more pleased with the defensive effort. Hemel troubled the try line quite regularly but couldn't get past our defence. It was a very happy bus home. 26 on the Supporters coach plus a few independent travellers and our Directors would have taken our travelling support to over 30. Looking forward to the Welsh Derby on 2nd September.
  15. Bradford, North Wales Crusaders, Oldham, Coventry, Doncaster, York. North Wales need to get a good win on Sunday, then at home against West Wales the following week in preperation for a real battle at Coventry... with Doncaster to follow. We are low on players with a long list of injuries - probably most teams going through that now but really sad to see James Dandy stretchered off last week and needing CT and MRI scan following a head and neck injury against Bradford Bulls.
  16. North Wales Crusaders Wheelchair Rugby League play Hereford Harriers in the final of the Challenge Cup plate competition. Hereford are divisional champions this season and so we will find ourselves facing tough opposition, some of whom are ex-Crusaders players who we know well. Friendship will be put on hold for 80 minute and hopefully we can improve on the mid- season game where we lost by 7 points. The game take place in Bradford on Saturday 18th August. 10:30 kick off.
  17. I've been a bit quiet on the forum lately but its all down to not being at a computer for a few weeks. On Sunday 19th August we travel to Hemel Stags - we have away an coach leaving at 09:00 for a 14:00 kick off. Places available for £18. As usual book at crufans@gmail.com Lets hope after playing the two strongest teams in the league the lads can put a few wins back to make a respectable end to the season.
  18. Just a quick reminder that North Wales Crusaders play at Queensway Stadium Queensway Wrexham LL13 8UH local beers and food available at the stadium. Kick off is at 2:30pm. So come along and sample some of our fine Welsh Ales and Wrexham Lager. Croeso' cynes i bawb.
  19. Add me to the list of doubters who got proved wrong. Sorry Steve...and thank you for resurecting a superb team.
  20. gogledd

    R20 Tricky Crusaders

    I hope you do get a good attendance at the game on Sunday. I'm fuming that the RFL have put the Challenge Cup double header on a weekend where other games are expected to compete with two enormous games. Why not have the CC semi on a weekend with no other RL games on, so that clubs don't lose out and those who'd like to go and watch the CC games can do so? Our away travel is struggling to get to our break-even figure of 30 people on our bus to York on Saturday and I know a fair few of our regulars are going to watch the CC semi. It means our away travel fun will lose money, less people will be at York so your income will be down a little too. I hope Crusaders can put on their best performance against York - we will need to.
  21. After a best forgotten game at Oldham we move back to the Queensway to try to restore some pride and a better performance. As usual kick off is at 2:30pm. And this week we are trailing Mo's Beach Bar in preparation for the visit by Bradfor Bull - its a bottle and Sangria bar on the far side of the pitch by the palm trees!! Lets get a good home crown ready for the visit from our Cumbrian friends
  22. STATEMENT: North Wales Crusders CEO Andy Moulsdale has called on the Rugby Football League to review the decision of the last minute drop-goal awarded to Hunslet during Sunday’s match which had clearly fallen 3-4 feet beneath the bar. The drop-goal meant that Hunslet came away with a 19-18 victory from the Queensway Stadium. Moulsdale said: “We feel as a club that we owe it to the game as a whole, our fans and especially our players to call on the RFL to review the incident. “The result has not only had an effect on ourselves but also on the race for the play-off places. “I've been involved with rugby league a long time and I understand that referees have a very difficult job, certain decisions are open to interpretation and opinions and are they are never going to get everything right. “However, what was witnessed on Sunday is not open to interpretation. People will argue that games are won on lost on calls every week which they are and always will be. But the magnitude of this incident is completely different in my opinion. “This is in no way anything against Hunslet and their fans who where as bemused as us about the situation, but we have to protect our club and the game.”
  23. Croeso cynes i pawb/ A warm welcome to all travelling Workington fans, Just a reminder we are no longer at the Racecourse but at Queensway Stadium Queensway Wrexham LL13 8UH We have a pre-League 1 game before the main event - North Wales Origin v Devon Sharks which means the bars at the stadium will be open from 11am onwards. There are burgers and dogs available at the ground and usually an ice cream tricycle as well! Or you could try our very reasonable hospitality package (see the website for details) There is a local diner and chip shop but the nearest pub is some considerable distance way, certainly not walking distance. Welach chi i gyd ddydd Sul/ See you all on Sunday
  24. Not really. Ganson saw the evidence and admitted the ref got it wrong....BUT then quoted the laws fo the game which says the refs decision is final and so the result stands. Worse than that the head of referees told our CEO that "we wouldn't be expected to beat Hunslet" - even though we beat them in the same fixture (at home) last season!! Makes you wonder how objective referees are when their supervisor says things like that. To be fair the Hunslet player DID tell the ref it went under and so did his linesman. Referee Andy Sweet arrogantly decided to ignore both of them and award the drop goal. Oh and Andy Sweet missed on weeks officiating and was back the following week as 4th official at a Super League game. Some punishment eh?
  25. gogledd

    North Wales Crusaders

    Well deserved win by Oldham. Not sure why but we looked a totally different team at Newcastle the week before. Our coach Murray is NOT very happy and has told the lads that was not acceptable. I thought your no 23 (Nelmes?) was awsome. He drew 4 tackles every time and left spaces for other players to exploit.