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  1. Great all round in tricky conditions, especially first half. 1. Tom Holmes - took us round park well and good strength to get his try. 2. Brad day - good go forward and one of the reason why defence was so good. 3. Ash Golding - solid! Lots of other good performances.
  2. Agree, Think should give it a go at Headingley. Perhaps alternate between Headingley and Blackpool?
  3. Really good performance. Thought out pack laid platform for Chisholm and Holmes. For me: 1. Chisholm 2. Holmes 3. Day / Hardcastle
  4. 1. Chisholm. 2. King. 3. Brad Day or Locky. If I had to pick between the 2, Brad. Lots of good performances. Agree Golding went well.
  5. Think we got an initial 500 tickets which are sold. 100 more tickets delivered. 60 left.
  6. Can't fault the effort. 1 Bussey - excellent all game. 2. Hardcastle - a lot of hard yards won today. 3. Chisholm - looked like carrying a knock most of 2nd half? Top player.
  7. Some very good performances. For me: 1. Chisholm- looks class. 2. Render - excellent today. 3. Hardcastle - last try was top draw. Looking forward to Monday.
  8. This is difficult. 1. A. Golding 2. B. Reynolds 3. Don't know.
  9. Conditions a leveller today. Need to work on discipline. For me: 1. Goulding 2. Briscoe 3. Wheeldon.
  10. Lion's at home too v Doncaster. A double header?
  11. Not the conditions for fast flowwing rugby. Forwards having to do a lot of work. For me: 1. Bussey 2. Locky 3. Turner
  12. Agree Robin, Sheff are in good nick. We have had nowt but constant changes with our line up's too. Good line up today tho'..............what price a draw lol.
  13. Should be a good game if weather ok. Think bookies got it about right - Fev by 8. Will be good to see Thack's again - good for us and respected. Must be watched closely today!
  14. Everyone went well. 1. W Boas 2. Brad Day 3. Harry Newman Though Turner had a good game at Fullback in difficult conditions.
  15. 1. W Boas 2. Briscoe 3. King / Turner
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