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  1. 1. Holmes 2. Davies 3. Gale
  2. RIP Big Jeff, A fine servant to Fev and Rugby League
  3. Well done to all concerned, it will certainly settle some arguments over a pint or two (when we can finally have one)
  4. It’s official, good news, UTR
  5. Well, they’ve picked a small ex mining town surrounded by super league teams just not us, at least they’re out of our way, thoughts?
  6. Remember it well Owen Simpson After every conversion “Straight between the middle”
  7. 1. Chisholm 2. McLelland 3 Susino
  8. Our first floodlights came from Hull KR in 1983 if my memory serves me correct, paid for by our Wembley win. Does that mean that recycling started at Featherstone Rovers ??? btw I couldn’t be more proud of our club at the moment UTR UTR UTR UTR UTR UTR
  9. Cheers ? Congratulations on a fantastic season btw Tim Spears - class act applauding all the Fev fans - top bloke
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