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  1. For me: 1. Wilde 2. Hardman 3. Tagg
  2. Let's not forget it's Ian's testimonial, a great servant to the club - hoping it keeps dry and we get a good attendance.
  3. Love it! I'm officially posh - living on the South side of Ponte and all that. I'll have to change my favourite tipple accordingly, no more bitter for me - wonder if the Blue Lagoon sell G & T? Our lass - 'I said I fancy Canapes for tea tonight not a can of peas!' Heathen!
  4. Very hard to say in friendlies, but would agree Turner played well - great break to send Hardman racing away in first half! 1. Turner 2. Thack's 3. Griffin If Kyran keeps kicking goals like he did in 2nd half will he be an automatic pick on the wing? Do we have another goal kicker? (assuming Brigg's is injured)
  5. Would their players make it in RL? Doubt it - never get away with them forrad passes!!!
  6. When Powell brought him here a few years ago think he played at centre? Would make an impact in this league out wide.
  7. For me, Duckworth steadily improving as he got more game time with us. Aye, there was a 'knock on' which people will remember, but hey, how many 'stand outs' did we have in the play off's? I'll back JS judgement and expect a good season form the lad next time round.
  8. Agree. Also do a decent job at centre.
  9. Agree. Cooper one to watch next year or two.
  10. Way out was the bloke with that quote, not comparing apples with apples either. Last time in top flight, correct me if I'm wrong, we finished mid table, got to the semi final of the challenge cup and averaged crowds of over 3,500. Think only time you see 'hundreds' down Fev is in pre season friendlies. Do you think he would ever say the same about London? 600 there when we played them other week - we took circa 100 and there was free admission for all the ladies. 600!!! Wonder if he will give special mention to Dewsbury at the weekend - hope so - doubt it.
  11. Think his defence is pretty good - another one who tackles above his weight. In his sole game for us a couple of seasons ago he played fullback and pretty much ran the show, directing operations from 20 yard back. This season, when key people have been injured, we have lacked a bit of direction. Hope we land him.
  12. Good team performance. For me. 1. Thacks 2. Baldwinson 3. Sam Day Misii great again narrowly missing out - I'm sure he will get plenty of nominations. Just a mentions for Steve Snitch who also played well - may have played his last home match for us?
  13. Agree Rob. I too couldn't go yesterday - packing my son off to Bolton University. I find it disappointing that a few are happy to have a go at the team, it's only a few weeks ago, after the Bradford match, when our halves had finally had a decent run of matches that the posts were a little different. Do I want to go on about injuries and a couple of suspensions? Nah! Anyway, final home match of the season on Sunday. Another opportunity to see the lads play SL opposition. Really looking forward to seeing Sam Day, Brad Tagg and Luke Cooper step up yet again. Hope the weather is good, plenty of people turn up and the club gets the best out of the opportunity. Win, lose or draw will be clapping the lads off.
  14. Not easy to pick. 1. Griffin 2. Cooper 3. Duckworth
  15. Reflecting on today, we made too many errors and made poor decisions at key times. Lots of effort, poor application. Having said that Batley made quite a few errors also. If Briggs had played and Brambani missed think we would probably have won by 1 point. Not hard to see where the missing pieces of the jigsaw are!