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  1. Good game by the sound of Joanne and Joe's comentary. Just pipped at the post. UTR.
  2. Agree Phil. Think a good signing for the Rams. Value bet to do well in the Plate?
  3. Agree. One fixture Saturday and the other Sunday will help Toulouse put a bit of extra pressure on too!
  4. More of a John Squires hair doo than Denis the menace Pikey.
  5. 1. Hardcasrle 2. Bostock 3. Don't know. How many mistakes?
  6. Really sad news. Thoughts with Dave and the family. Legend!
  7. A bit scrappy, but, to be fair Oldham keep going, and, had a couple of players who caused us a few problems. Their centre (number 3) looked good. Also, the tall kid who put those 'bombs' up, they came down with snow on. His kicking to touch made 40 plus yards each time too. Defence stood up well.
  8. A bit scrappy. Some good performances - for me: 1. Baldwinson 2. Hardcastle 3. Thackeray
  9. For me: 1. Thackeray 2. Misi 3. Ormondroyd
  10. 1. Carlile 2. Thackeray 3. Wildie
  11. 1. Aston - credit where it is due. 2. Misi 3. Hardcastle Thought Kyran had a good game too. Hope Cooper is ok.
  12. Says he is visiting 4 or 5 clubs in West York's.
  13. 1. Briggs 2. Ormondroyd 3. Hardcastle
  14. 1. Misi 2. Moore 3. Ormondroyd
  15. Watched game again this morning - often see things missed first time round. London very good, pace and power giving platform for their halves. They had great line speed and only made a couple of errors all game. 2nd best! We move on. Highlight - few hour spent in Castle pub, full of cappers, and a DJ who should be in the telly (defo after 9.00pm mind!!!)