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  1. 1. Turner - got through a lot of work today. 2. Cooper 3. Ulugia
  2. Could pick five or six today. for me:- 1. Bostock - by a mile. 2. Davies 3. Aston We look a better side with Thacks and Aston in the halves.
  3. From here on in would imagine there will always be one or two carrying knocks and the odd suspension. Getting Misi back will enable JS to 'shuffle the pack' - no pun intended.
  4. Few good performances today. 1. Davies 2. Thackeray 3. Handley / Aston.
  5. Credit where it is due. Played well and can kick goals From all over!
  6. 1. Walters 2. Hardman 3. Briscoe Hard to pick!
  7. Best side won. If managed to pull off 2nd halffight back would have been tough on Toulouse. Much to work on!
  8. Agree. Did Knowles get a knock v Sheffield?
  9. Belle Vue - or whatever solicitors stadium. Quite surprised just how bad the old place has got. Sad really.
  10. For me: 1. Thacks - getting better and better. 2. Carlisle - organised troops 3. Walton / Handley - looked dangerous all game What on earth has happened to Belle Vue?
  11. Most of my favourites listed above. From recent times, Stuart Dickens.
  12. Agree. 1.Thacks 2. Lockwood - went well were that lay off. 3. Hardman
  13. A couple of contenders in 83 cup run. Saints away and Bradford in semi final.
  14. Sounds like the Wakey playing surface is in a bit of state too and could do with a bit of a rest - more sand than Blackpool beach!
  15. 1. Davies 2. Thacks - Happy Birthday, top performance. 3. Baldwinson.