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  1. M.O.M. Rovers V York

    For me : 1. Farrell 2. Rydiard 3. Cooper Very cold at match today. Both sets did well in conditions.
  2. Match thread versus York

    Think Hardo best in club under high ball. Not the pace for wing so fullback or centre for me.
  3. Hock

    Been able to get white German wine in the clubhouse for ages!
  4. Tommy Smales

    Sad news.
  5. Best Part Time Club.

    Says it all really. Made up!
  6. Andy Bostock retires

    Great for us - set an example in the forwards for years. Good luck for the future.
  7. M.O.M. Rovers V Warrington

    1. Cooper 2. Tagg 3. Moore How much space did we give them? Where were the team who played in France law week?
  8. When fixtures came out this is the one I've been looking forward to. Should be a good crowd. Hoping for decent weather!
  9. M.o.M. Rovers V Catalans

    For me: 1. Thackeray 2. Lockwood 3. Wildie
  10. M.O.M Rovers V Hull KR (8's)

    Couldn't fault the effort today - 2 or 3 mistakes really cost us. For me: 1 Hardman 2. Hardcastle 3. Brooks
  11. M.O.M. Rovers V Leigh

    1. Misi 2.Briggs 3. Farell - good signing!
  12. Looking forward to all. Competitive in 3 of the 7 last year. Confident we will be competitive in more this time round. If had to pick one, looking forward to Wire at home the most.
  13. Good game by the sound of Joanne and Joe's comentary. Just pipped at the post. UTR.
  14. Michael Knowles??

    Agree Phil. Think a good signing for the Rams. Value bet to do well in the Plate?
  15. Jon sharp sacked

    Agree. One fixture Saturday and the other Sunday will help Toulouse put a bit of extra pressure on too!